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  1. So, any idea on when that Red Rising game is going to happen? I really don't want to miss it >.>

    1. Amanuensis


      Actually, it looks like I am up next on the MR list, as everyone else before me is on hiatus. I'll have to confirm with the mods, though.

    2. Bugsy


      Sweet! Can't wait :D

  2. Heisenberg, Ohm, and Schröder are in a car when a cop pulls them over. The cop asks Heisenberg, the driver, if he knew how fast he as going.
    "No, but I know exactly where I am" Heisenberg replies.
     "You were doing 87 in a 55." 
    "Great! Now I'm lost!" Heisenberg responds, exasperated 
    The cop is suspicious of this odd behavior and decides to search the car. He looks in the trunk first and says "Hey, you guys have a dead cat back here!"
    "We do now, jerk!" shouts Schröder.
    The cop tries to arrest them for animal cruelty and reckless driving. Ohm resists the charges.

  3. Watching the football game in the Eiffel Tower. Europe is pretty cool :P


  4. So, I apparently have a litter of feral kittens in my back yard, and my dog is very interested in them. This could get bad really quickly

  5. Word to the wise: don't wait until the day before your Spanish test to memorize all of the irregular preterite verbs, all of their modifications, and 90 other vocab words. It's not smart and hurts your head

  6. Somewhat eagerly awaiting the reply on my submission to beta test Pokemon Go. I mean, I was a level 8 Ingress player, so I'm really hoping they weigh that when determining who gets in

  7. May the 4th be with you!

    1. WayneSpren


      May the 4th be with you too! Always.

  8. Think I might move to Canada soon; with Cruz dropping out of the presidential race, we're just about guaranteed to have a Trump nomination

  9. I think you might have the highest upvote:post of any Sharder on the site XD

    1. Young Bard

      Young Bard

      Not compared to Brandon. 62 posts ---> more than 5000 upvotes.