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  1. Yep. That's not necessarily a guarantee you're telling the truth, because you could just say I'm roleless and say I must have been smoked if I disagreed, but you responded quickly enough I doubt it. I suppose you could have played the odds, since most players are probably roleless. Still, makes me more likely to believe you
  2. I'm starting to belive you. If you really scanned me, what's my role? I'm ok with you revealing it in the thread.
  3. Interesting. Why'd you choose to scan me, out of curiosity? It seems like scanning Dalinar would have helped, or maybe a more active player, considering I haven't signed on recently. Your scan targets seem a bit convenient, but in all likelihood you'll be killed tonight for your claim and your 'scans' will either be hard cleared or invalidated. I'm willing to postpone for one night. Rae
  4. Rae, I've been mildly suspicious of you from the start, and recent developments have only encouraged this suspicion. While I've been unable to closely follow the thread, I've developed a suspicion of you above and beyond what I have for everyone but Dalinar in this game. Your only defense is an IKYK, which is notorious for how well it can be manipulated. The only defense you could possibly use, in my opinion, is the Wilson kill, and even that wouldn't be particularly effective assuming the elims have a lurcher, as you could have easily done a kill-protect.
  5. Hello! Welcome to the forums! Hope you enjoy your time here! A few quick questions: Which Sanderson books have you read so far? Which were your favorite? If you could be a twinborn, what type would you be? What if you couldn't use the same metal twice? Why is meaningless text sufficient as your autobiography? Oh, and if you're offered any cookies, run. They tend to Ruin both appetites and souls Edit: Nicely done, @KnightRadiant! I'm not ninja'd often
  6. Villagers who would protect Dalinar over a proven Elim target, Wilson? As far as I can tell, no villager would force today's lynch into a waste to temporarily postpone Dalinar's death
  7. Gah. I really don't want to do this, but Dalinar. I'm honestly not convinced Dalinar is bad. I feel like I have to vote on him anyways, though. More important than this particular lynch is the precedent we would set by letting Daliar live. We'd open a door to a new eliminator strategy in a game where they already have a sizeable advantage. If Dalinar is lynched and is not a thug, I feel like we can conclude that the Eliminators definitely have a lurcher. This is information we need. 2 things come to mind that this information would help us with: 1) If the Elims have a lurcher, they could very well be responsible for both Wilson's near death and survival. I don't think she pulled a WGG, but my best guess is that she's innocent and they tried to get us to do the dirty work for them 2) If the Elims have a lurcher, we shouldn't give the coinshot blatant instructions, for fear of a repeat of this. Oh, and should anyone I've had a PM with want to contact me, use the first 3 sentences of our PM as a key without spaces or punctuation. Remember that you have to write it out by hand. If any of you know Python, write an automated version; it's not horribly difficult, and it's definitely more fun than pencil and paper translation. I'm not sending because I don't really have anything to say at this point, but I'd be happy to read what you send me. The eliminators currently have a significant information and communication advantage over us, and we have to try to make it up.
  8. Hello! Welcome to the forums! What books have you read by Brandon so far? Which are your favorites? You may be offered cookies during your time here. If you are, run. I hope you enjoy your stay! It's always great to see an new face
  9. Ok, thank you! I disagree, myself, but I can definitely see that point of view I have to go for awhile for homework and all, but I should be back tomorrow afternoon. If anyone has anything urgent, PM me and I'll get an email notification, but short of that I'll be off for ~16 hours.
  10. Wait, when and where did this happen? Anyone have the links? I want to read it
  11. If you'll look at my post, I realized almost immediately that I was wrong, and edited my post to express that I recognized that I had been tunneling. I left the idea, in case it helped jog someone else's thought process, but recanted my views as soon as I realized how illogical it was. Furthermore, I never implied that you meant to post such a message. I did say that it seemed in line with a potentially productive eliminator strategy of protecting against vig kills to derail village lynches and possibly reveal the coinshot's identity, however. Again, in the greater context of your post, it doesn't make sense. Also, I'm not really loving this pathos. Seems a bit like a guilt trip I agree. Wilson has a rep that would essentially guarantee suspicion of a WGG, and her being targeted would therefore give her no real advantage in trust. This also robbed the eliminators of the initiative, giving the villagers an opportunity to draw first blood with the lynch. An early kill is too valuable to loose, and a failed kill on Wilson gives us what I'd argue is substantially more information than a kill on a legitimately random player. As for those voting on El, might I ask why? She is, in my opinion, very unlikely to have opened with the kill target we've just seen. The votes on her likewise have no substantial grounding in suspicion that I've seen, though I may have missed it.
  12. Interesting, I was the opposite way. I was happy I had made the list of people who wouldn't want to fear kill There are lots of votes going around. I'm going to wait until later to vote, and see if any more solid suspicions present themselves, but as it stands Rae is the most suspicious to me. I agree that she might have intended to say the other thing, but I'm also somewhat suspicious that she just copy/pasted advice from the Elim doc. I mean, it seems like she was giving advice on misdirecting village efforts by protecting from Vig kills on inactives. I guess it's probably confirmation bias on my part, but it seems like more than we get on usual D1 lynches. The only reason I'm not voting on her yet is because I don't want to lynch someone that active on such little evidence Edit: Yep, reread the post. Definitely confirmation bias. Ignore me
  13. This wouldn't be secure. It's possible to construct an encoded message given a key that will decode to whatever the Elims want, or a key that can decode a given encoded message. Tineyes, if you do decide to do this, make sure you have a relatively short key, looping the key multiple times in the message, and tell us a smal range containing the length. Make the range plaintext, preferably. The eliminator will have more difficulty making a key that fits a ciphertext if they must reuse it multiple times. I'd also suggest avoiding loops in your actual message; don't repeat when you don't need to. Also, put filler text unique to you, if possible. I, for instance, could write about Red Rising in mine. That will make it even harder for them, because they'd be forced to find a key that decodes legibly for more letters than they would otherwise. Finally, make sure you spell everything right. The elims could try to construct a key that fits in general with liberal grammatical and spelling errors, and that could be pretty bad. We don't want an elim impersonating a Tineye. I'll be suspicious if I see this if and when you reveal your key, and I don't want to unnecessarily suspect an innocent Edit: Didn't want to double post, but I just reread the thread. Honestly, I'm a bit suspicious of Rae. Many of her proposed strategies involve characters with roles revealing their existence with no clear benefit to the village. The Elims begin every game with an information advantage, and the little they're missing will be largely reduced if her advice is followed. Elims will also frequently put posts of advice as it makes them appear to help the village, and gives them a position of authority/trust. The post by Rae was largely basic information, and while a refresher is always useful and appreciated, I worry that this advice could be a conduit for more nefarious goals. The aspects she elaborated on, such as encouraging anonymous reveals and encoded messages seemed almost more beneficial to the eliminators than to us. It's not strong enough to go on, yet, but I'm planning on watching to see how this develops
  14. Welcome to the forums! Glad to have you here Extesian pretty much covered all of the bases. I can grab the links to the free online editions of Emperor's Soul and Warbreaker, if you like. I'd reccomend Mistborn, though. As you read the rest of his books, watch out for someone named Hoid. You'd know him as Wit from SA. Warbreaker is important to read to understand the full impact of a reveal in WoR, so I'd reccomend reading through that before your reread. Hope this helped!
  15. At a sudden call of his name, Annix shook himself out of his reverie, blinking quickly to clear his mind. Interesting, he thought. I swear I was just thinking of something, but now I can’t remember what. It was a feeling he was at least somewhat accustomed to -- as a keeper, he frequently lost memories in exchange for their long term storage -- but it was not an especially pleasant one. Nor was he expecting it, for as far as he knew, he hadn’t stored anything in the last few minutes. The voice called out again. "It is good to see another Terrisman in this place. Please, come into the lounge and rest yourself. My master will not mind. Might I get you something to quench your thirst? Some cool water, or fine wine, perhaps? Or if cool is not to your liking, there is a kettle for tea already heated.” Knowing the hospitality that all Terris had been trained to provide, Annix new without a doubt that his countryman would soon offer food in addition to the cursory refreshments. Annix had just eaten, but to avoid being rude he began to store his excess calories in a metalmind, readying his appetite. It wouldn’t do to refuse an offer such as this one; there were limited enough opportunities to converse with his countrymen as it was. “Thank you for your generous offer, my fellow person of Terris. I can’t possibly allow you to wait on me, however. I am, after all, your guest. Please, sit down. I will bring whatever refreshments you desire. Tea, perhaps?” The 2 conversed in the typical measured behavior of those of Terris decent, but beneath the calmer exterior Annix grew more and more absorbed with the conversation. His host, who had introduced himself as Herwynbe, seemed to have inadvertently let slip something about a cycle or loop that left Annix intrigued. He had learned of religions that believed in a cycle of rebirth, but this seemed more than that. His host had mentioned it only in passing, however, and Annix felt it would be rude to probe too deeply into the beliefs of another. This was especially true because he would be compelled to record these beliefs for posterity, yet could not with good conscience do so. To do so morally would require Herwynbe’s consent, and he could not afford to reveal the truth for long enough to gain it; hiding from the Inquisitors after the assault on the Synod was hard as it was, and he did not want to risk them learning the location of one of the sole surviving Feruchemists. It was difficult to believe his own countryman would turn against him, but logic still demanded prudence. Not long later, a villager bounded up to the mansion. “Come quickly! There’s an emergency! Help is needed rapidly!” “What’s happened?” asked Annix, trying to make sense of the warnings “Some man. He’s hurt. It’s bad. They need help, and herbs.” Annix turned to Herwynbe. “What do you know of medicine?” he asked. When Herwynbe responded with a brief "enough", he asked him to run down to the village as quickly as he could. Herwynbe agreed, and when Annix offered to help however he could, Herwynbe asked him to gather a list of herbs that could be of use. After confirming that Annix was familiar with them, the Terrisman ran off. Packing a bag of the requested medicines, relying on some of his stored information, Annix prepared to run. He slipped on a steel ring, and slinging the pack across his shoulders, tapped the metalmind, running down the slope to the village below. He didn’t have much steel, but it was enough to arrive shortly after Herwynbe did. It was still too late. Herwynbe appeared to have just finished speaking. Annix felt compelled to speak up as well. “Every human life is worth the same, and worth saving” he said, quoting the wise words of a long forgotten author. “That said, we must at all costs discover the parties responsible for this terrible injustice, and we must right it. If we must resort to violence to protect the future safety of our village, we must do what is required of us.” Sorry about the delay for my post! I wound up scrapping my introductory RP but realized I hadn't contributed any yet, so I threw this together as quickly as I could. @Herowannabe, I tried to the best of my abilities to avoid putting words in your mouth, but I was forced to make some inferences. For example, I assumed your character had basic medical knowledge, as otherwise rushing to the scene of the accident would be essentially pointless. If you want me to change anything, though, just let me know
  16. I've taken this test multilple times and gotten INTP and INTJ equal amounts. I tried answering in context of mentally stimulating conversation rather than standard social interaction for my most recent, and reached ENTP. I'd say INTP is me most often, with ENTP when I'm in a class discussion/political debate/MUN meeting, and INTJ in subjects like math/physics.
  17. Hey! My 2 cents is that these 2 things, while possibly correlated, aren't necessarily part of a causal system. It could be that there's a common cause for each, but you can still embrace the benifits while still trying to fix the more negative ramifications. It doesn't have to be a package deal. That said, you really have to make the choice about which path you think you'll like best. I've faced many similar things, and while I feel confident my choice was the right one for me, there are days I regret it. I don't want to force my situation on you, so I won't specify what I did, but know that it's not going to get easier without putting effort into it, whichever path you take
  18. Hey, @Claincy and @Emerald101! While you're on this thread, might as well sign up for the fun! It's not like we bite (frequently )
  19. Hey! I'll sign up as Annix, a Scholarly Terrisman whose hobby is collecting and sharing whatever information he can. (I can alternate between which trait I express in each post, right? If not, I might need to cut one :P)
  20. It worked relatively well. We wound up stalemating (not enough pieces to check the kings with increased move ranges), but that happens fairly regularly, as we're relative equals
  21. I tried this out today, but we weren't able to finish the game because of time restraints. I did wind up with one more question, though; can the kings pass through check in the course of their movement so long as they don't ultimately wind up in check? We weren't sure if it followed the same basis of castling (that the king can not voluntarily enter check even if it immediately leaves) since it wasn't specifically addressed. Edit: Also, does soothing affect 1 piece in the range or all? We played 1, since that appeared to be the intent, but weren't sure
  22. Hey! I've only started reading the rules, and I have to go before I can finish, but my thought for right now is that Atium is significantly OP. I'd suggest making it one-time-use, rather than refreshing. Another change I'd suggest is prohibiting the player using Atium from capturing on the same turn. Otherwise, the queen could (for example) attack B7 without worrying about C8, then take A8 the next turn. It hugely devalues all other pieces in comparison because it essentially prohibits protecting any piece against a queen and makes traps (other than forking) all but impossible Edit: As for black's alt king, is the movement capability a running tally or is it an extra movement for each piece captured that turn?
  23. Hello! Welcome to the forums! What Sanderson books have you read so far? Which are your favorites? If you could be a twinborn of your choice, which would you be? How about if you couldn't compound? How much do you know about the Cosmere? Oh, and I'd reccomend avoiding the baked goods around here. They're dangerous. I'm sure you'd survive and all, but it still wouldn't be pleasant
  24. Hey! Welcome to the forums! Have an upvote! Which Sanderson books are your favorites? If you could have one feruchemical power and one allomantic, which would you choose? As Bleeder said, avoid the cookies. They're spiked Edit: I usually call people by their username, even when I know their real name, but I'm making an exception in your case. We already have an @I_am_a_Stick, so if I don't, it might be a bit confusing. I hope you don't mind