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  1. Whoops. The issue with relying on email notifications is that when you don't get them, you don't think to check the thread. I just realized that the new cycle had started, so sorry for my inactivity So the Jondesu lynch didn't work out. That's annoying. I had a feeling he was being framed, somehow, but with such obvious evidence against him any defense would have to be an IKYK, and would set a dangerous precedent. In the same situation, with the knowledge I had at the time, I'd have done the same thing again. That said, it's unfortunate that that didn't play out in the village's favor. I'm not too sure about the DA lynch, myself. While the PM certainly didn't help the village, I see no way it helped the eliminators. In fact, assuming DA was an elim, it would only hurt them by drawing attention to himself and enabling a stream of consciousness gameplay style that makes slip ups more likely. That said, his offer to create PMs between any 2 players for free was suspicious to me, because that could be an information-fishing method. All in all, I'm ambivalent. If necessary, I'll strengthen the lynch to avoid vote manipulation, but short of that and/or another target presenting themselves, I'm not going to vote this cycle
  2. An extra life is way too valuable to throw away like that, IMO. You were dying anyways, so making a tie would just have hurt me for slightly more trust. Were I an elim, I'd definitely have saved my life for either a WGG later (which I still wouldn't have liked to do) or to protect me from a trigger happy coinshot. Having a thug is the equivalent of having 2 roleless eliminators, more or less. I don't think any elim team would sacrifice a player C1 to minorly clear a second. That just doesn't make sense to me.
  3. I find that somewhat difficult to belive. It seems unlikely to me that Joe used role madness, and as a result I doubt there's more than 1 village soother. We know stick's vote was soothed somehow, and I further doubt that this soothing would have been done by an eliminator; they'd want to hide their capabilities as much as possible. To me, it appears the soother who helped you was likely an eliminator. This is compounded by the fact that you soothing alone wouldn't have even done anything without the rioter's help, which it appears you were expecting. Overall, I'm still suspicious of you. I am, however, somewhat less so following your explanation. If another suspicious target presents themselves, I'll change my vote
  4. Jondesu. If the eliminators wanted to, they could have manipulated the vote into a tie and killed us both. That they didn't indicates that they wanted to protect him for some reason.
  5. Hey! Welcome to the forums! It's always great to see new people around here I belive you can access The Enperor's Soul for free online, if you like. It's one of the ones in AU, so I figure there's a chance you haven't read it yet How'd you find out about the Cosmere? Which books are your favorite? If you could be a twinborn, which 2 metals would you use? What about if you couldn't compound? I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time here, so long as you avoid the cookies. Cookies tend to Ruin your appetite
  6. You didn't save anyone, you're just killing me and Jon both now. Or, rather, you would be. I'm a thug, so I'm going to survive this, but lose my extra life, which is not ideal. It'll be losing a sizeable asset for the village. I wasn't going to say that, but the information is coming out in a bit anyways
  7. Jondesu and I are currently tied for first (excluding Joe), and I'm very tempted to vote on him to ensure I'm not killed if Joe somehow dodges the lynch. I mean, as it stands we'd both die, and it affects the village in no way it would not already to let me live and only lose Jondesu, regardless of his alignment. I am, after all, village. Strategically, it's a sound move. That said, I'm sticking to what I said earlier about voting on those neglecting to remove from the chain. Ultimatums lose effect if you don't stick to them Stick, you were just online recently. Why haven't you responded to my ultimatum? I'll remove my vote if and when you reply. (To help stick see this in time: @_Stick_)
  8. Heh. That was a fun game. Interesting one, too. I doubt the GM is targetable in this one, but I suppose you can try. In all seriousness, coinshots won't be the most useful this game because they don't reveal alignment. I'd refrain from attacking N1 unless you have any suspicions, because it won't get us any information like it usually does. Or, alternately, follow straw's advice, and we can see what happens
  9. *sigh* If you look at the AG, the very first turn I was suspicious of Rae for doing the same. As such, I can't really blame you for arguing that same point. At the same time, I'd have to be a pretty stupid elim to pull that gambit after I just called it out last game. I agree that a last minute change could stand out, but it wouldn't even have to be last minute to cause a 2 vote swing, and that argument holds no weight against the fact that someone could 'forget' and leave their vote on the person they chained on. I also don't expect any commendations (although I would appreciate them ). In fact, I'd even settle for hostility/suspicion sans death You claim it's a method to see who's active and what people think of it. I've told you what I think of it, and you know I'm active enough to respond to it. It's succeeded in its intent. I see no reason I should be lynched for merely reacting to it, something you expected to happen. I also still disagree that it's innocent. There is a danger, however slight, and I truly feel that people should withdraw from it. I suppose I did, didn't I? This wasn't exactly what I had in mind That said, I'm mildly more suspicious of you. You've been quick to go with the crowd, and I know my alignment, so to me it looks like you're trying to kill a villager. It's not much of an increase in suspension, mind you, but it's there.
  10. *is afraid to post* That said, I feel like these votes, as they currently stand, are risky. By voting like this, we're letting the elims hide their votes more easily. They can just 'forget' to switch off of someone, or switch on to someone else for a 2 vote swing. I dislike this, and feel like it's dangerous to allow, so I plan to vote on anyone who doesn't revoke a vote made in that vote chain unless they're able to provide reasoning.
  11. Hey! Welcome to the forums! Is there a big fandom on Tumblr? I don't think I've met anyone from there yet. Oh, and if you're offered cookies, turn them down. I can't tell you why without giving spoilers for Hero of Ages (Mistborn 3), but I'm sure you'll get that far soon enough. I hope you enjoy your stay here!
  12. As the previous posters have said, no such luck regarding Rithmatist 2. He has given it a title (The Aztlanian), but confirmed just 2 days ago that there are no solid plans for a release anytime soon. That said, Brandon is a prolific author and has surprised us before. There's a chance, however fleeting, that it might come sooner than expected. In the mean time, I'd hugely reccomend the remainder of Sanderson's books, either for you or the kids you teach (depending on their age, of course). Also, you're already a cool teacher if you're willing to make an account here just to try and find a book for one of your students. You don't have to worry so much, but it's great that you do
  13. Heh, lots of us here are Hamilton nerds. Your references will not go unnoticed
  14. When I said a "shardblade wound", I meant the spiritweb damage. I belive it was confirmed by WoB that TLR/Miles/Marsh could heal that damage with enough healing compounding, so they should be able to burn the blade and restore their spirit web if it came down to it. I forget, but are metalminds harder to burn? I seem to remember something of the sort when Vin tested it with one of Sazed's, but I'm not certain. If they are, that could spell problems for burning the blade, since it'd obviously be heavily invested
  15. Ok, cool! Well, my second point was largely invalidated, but I'm unsure if it'd work due to the first. I'm obviously no expert on recent relmatic theory (Sanderson Elimination has consumed much of my forums life ), though, so it's a distinct possibility I'm missing something. We do know a gold compounder can heal a shardblade wound with their feruchemy, so it's definitely possible that someone like TLR or Marsh could do that, in theory.
  16. Hey, welcome to the forums! Great to see a new face here! Hope you have fun lurking, and don't be too scared to post. It's not like we bite or anything
  17. Interesting. I'll have to look into that. I must have missed it when I read the story.
  18. Hello! Welcome to the forums! I'd say that would likely work, except for two notable extenuating circumstances. The first is that investiture interferes with other investiture. The shardblade severs the 'soul' by cutting through a person's spiritual aspect, which is also the source of their powers. It's likely the shardblade would destroy the ability to burn metal (in that part of the body, at least) before the blade could be burned. The other thing is that shardblades aren't necessarily made of metal, and may not be burnable. I'd elaborate, but I'm afraid I'd spoil SA inadvertently. What Cosmere books have you read, so I know if I can continue? Whoops, ninja'd. Nice catch on the section you're posting in, and it's a good habit to get in to, but I'm sure people would give you a pass on this one considering the fact that you're new and all. Another thing to keep in mind is that it's ideal to edit your post if there's no post in the thread following it but you want to add information. It's just generally a good way to avoid clutter. That said, there's no issue with it happing right now, since you didn't know. Just something to keep in mind
  19. ...gah. I wasn't going to sign up for this. I had thought I'd take a hiatus after the AG. I can't pass up one of Joe's games, though. I'll be Ayden Kahler
  20. I've been quiet, but that's been because finals are this week. I haven't kept up very well, but should be able to read the backlog when my finals end tomorrow. I don't have enough to go on for a vote right now, but I'd likely follow Rae's lead if it comes down to my vote. She's been active enough this game I think she could have gotten better reads than me, and following the death of Nyali (who 'suspected' her, IIRC) and the scan that showed her as village, I'm willing to suspend suspicion of her.
  21. Assassin, look at my posts for this game. I've voiced suspicion for Rae multiple times, and IIRC was the first to call her out for giving advice that could help the eliminators. Would I bring that much attention to a teammate C1 for no reason? Would I have revealed the hypothetical ploy if I wanted people to fall for it? Would I then vote on the same teammate this cycle when I could easily justify a village vote? You say the eliminators are faking a seeker to bring pressure off of Rae, and that very well could be true, but were I an elim would I have put that pressure on her in the first place? That'd just be stupid of me. I personally don't see how that new conspiracy theory is even in the realm of plausibility, but I'm growing more suspicious of you throwing accusations everywhere