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  1. The dead guy is running something called an 'MR'? Jelwynd scratched his head in confusion. This must be more of that allomancy talk. Unless he was missing something. He had spent most of the past cycle sleeping off the thug-sized dose of whatever they'd used to get everyone here. He'd only caught pieces of what was said, but was determined to catch up. "What did I miss?" he asked the nearest person blearily Sorry everyone, real life has been getting in the way of my ability to dedicate enough attention to this game. Teachers apparently assign a lot of homework and exams in the week leading up to spring break so they have the extra time to grade them and can submit the grades in time for the semi-semester progress reports. On the bright side, 2 of the 3 projects due this week and 4 of the 7 tests have already happened, so I should have more time coming up. I'm going to read the backlog as soon as possible to catch up as much as I can
  2. You clearly know that this game is essentially a rerun of LG2, yet you apparently didn't read the rules of that game (despite them having been mentioned multiple times in thread, I might add). I'm confused as to why that would be. Care to clarify, @Elenion? I'm slightly suspicious of you, as it currently stands. @Amanuensis, I'm on mobile and too tired to reformat your earlier post to quote the section I want to answer, but I feel as if the Inquisitor will be primarily focused on getting roleclaims in PMs to try and find good converts, and will try to avoid attention in-thread by posting infrequently or with medium frequency
  3. Jelwynd awoke, groggy. His head pounded. Where was he? He looked around, and found himself in a small, windowless room with ornate decor. A potted plant, different from the usual brown, sat nearby. It must have been cultivated especially for decoration. For some reason, his mind locked onto the plant until he felt as if he had to look closer. He lurched up from the cot he had been laid on, hobbled over to the plant, and promptly threw up all over it with the exertion. What was happening to him? This thought echoed in his brain for awhile as it shook off the cobwebs that came with a prolonged slumber and searing headache. I must have been drugged, he eventually concluded. This suspicion was only confirmed when he discovered a note in the room speaking of his kidnapping by Tekiel. Why would the man do this? He was headed here anyways. A better question, why would the man use such painful dosages of drugs on the 'guests' he had invited if he wanted them to be able to compete in any way? A brief flash of pain entered his mind along with this new question, but he eventually found the answer with the help of some tapped zinc. Rusts, he thought. They gave me a thug's dose. His head continued to throb in pain as he laid back down. I'm going to need to sleep this off
  4. Hopefully I can help with that. When you see something in High Imperial, it will begin with either "Ising" or "Wasing". This is a tense indicator, the former of which indicates present tense and the latter of which indicates past tense. Once that word appears, another "-ing" word (gerund) will indicate what verb is actually occurring in the sentence. The subject is the most difficult aspect of High Imperial to grasp, as it is difficult to place in a sentence naturally. Rather, it's usually conveyed by context or gestures. To provide some examples, "Ising the being of fast" would mean "[Subject] is being fast", while responding to a question such as "What are you doing?" with "Ising the being of running" would mean "I am running". "Wasing the wanting of this", a line used by Spook in the first book, would mean "[Subject] wanted this". The subject, TLR, was indicated in this passage through his gestures at Kedrik Shaw. I'm going to let people know up front that my internet connection will be limited beginning Thursday, and I won't be able to check on regularly at any point in the following 10 days as things currently stand. I'll try to get on occasionally, but I can't guarantee I'll make every cycle
  5. Dear Jelwynd You have been invited to Fadrex, by the will of Lord Tekiel. And to refuse such an offer would be unprecedented. So First, I shall inform you that anyone reading this letter has a certain quality that we find extraordinary, and we wish to only grow your potential. Whether that be the will to survive these turbulent times, or a certain affinity for anything pointed, we have considered everything. However, we cannot accept everyone that has been invited, so we must first run a simple entrance test. Anyone that passes this test will be allowed in to Fadrex, and if you fail the test, well, we won’t have to worry about that. You will find enclosed within the letter all the information that you need to know before the test starts. We hope to see you next week. Sincerely, The Court Fool Jelwynd finished reading the note, and scratched his head in confusion. What extraordinary quality did they believe him to possess? He was unremarkable in nearly every way. Unless... No. They had no way of knowing of his feruchemical powers. He'd carefully hidden his Terris ancestry since his birth to avoid the carefully regimented breeding programs and feruchemy extermination campaigns undergone periodically by The Lord Ruler; while he hesitated to oppose the man who claimed to be God himself, he also didn't particularly want to become a eunuch. That sort of operation doubtlessly hurt, and with his knowledge of past medical procedures and the comparative archaism of modern techniques, he hesitated to let any of the Lord Ruler's doctors near him. Hopefully, with that tyrant's recent demise, the worst of his policies had died with him. So, then, what could be the reason for this mysterious note appearing in his room in the middle of the night? Suddenly, he alighted on the answer. A few weeks back, he'd been forced to guard himself against a group of robbers, and had needed to tap his pewtermind to ensure victory. As he left, he warned the incapacitated robbers not to continue their disreputable line of work, as the next 'allomancer' they encountered would not be so kind as to let them live. He'd thought that would be enough to cover his tracks; few men who picked fights with allomancers would admit it for fear of persecution by Obligators, and those who did would rarely be believed. Still, though, he figured that one of these men must have given his description to another and so on until the news reached Lord Tekiel. He sighed. This would mean he'd have to attend, simply because he did not wish to draw yet more attention. While there, he'd have to masquerade as a Thug, too, just in case his suspicion was right. He certainly hoped he could pull it off. Now, if only he could remember which metal that particular type of allomancer burned, he'd be set
  6. mistborn

    I'm not entirely sure about how it would be perceived, but I can't say I'd recomend it. As far as I know, it would be permissible to release it as a nonprofit project and make a notice screen that informs anyone who uses it that the rights go to DMG and Brandon Sanderson, but you may want to check what type of copyright liscense it was filed under and make sure.
  7. Hm. Depends. I mean, you can be poisoned by consuming certain metals. What type of spike did this one have again?
  8. Apologies! You're quite right. That was a mistake on my part
  9. Hello! Welcome to the forums! We're happy to have you here I have, fortunately, just finished typing up a a reply to another thread that is applicable to your curiosity here, so I'll repost it with some alterations:
  10. Hey! Welcome to the forums! I'll give it my best shot. If you need any more clarification, I'd be happy to provide it. I hope you enjoy your time here, and if you're offered cookies, I'd decline. They're a bit dangerous
  11. It's interesting to note that Threnody (home to "the Evil") is the same general shade as the stars in the Scar. Also, looking at SFSitFoH, it appears that the Scar is referred to as the "starbelt" there, and is helpful for navigation. This paints something of a contrast to the negative image 'Scar' promotes. I'm not sure what the ultimate conclusion of this should be, but I felt it worth noting. Edit: I just noticed this was mentioned earlier. Whoops. Sorry, all
  12. I believe he is referring to symbiosis between creatures such as the larger greatshells, such as the chasmfiends. Symbiosis in the sense of the KR was almost certainly modeled after the heralds, but other forms of symbiosis do exist I very much like how you organized this, with thourghough documentation of each point you make. While it makes it minorly more difficult to read, it makes it much easier to comprehend your points. One thing I would like to mention; the fact that gravity and time exist in the Cosmere suggests that space-time warping occurs, but a recent WoB I received from Brandon says that while investiture does warp space time, it does not do so on the physical realm. As such, I would contest the claim that investiture makes up everything. My understanding is that while investiture is a fundamental part of the Cosmere, it exists in the same capacity as do mass and energy in our world. In the Cosmere, rather than a pair, these would form a trifecta. Investiture, mass, and energy can all be transformed into one another. I was planning to wait to post this WoB until I had more time to evaluate it, but I felt it might be relevant here and would be worth sharing. This would not violate your theory, nor would it violate the quotes you provide; similarly to how mass can be said to be composed of energy in our world, mass could be said to be composed of investiture in the Cosmere. This does not mean that everything is investiture, though, just like how I would consider a book matter and not energy.
  13. Good question. I'm similarly confused; I see no reason it would help them, since it had no effect on the lynch. Perhaps it wasn't he Elims, or they were trying to move it closer to a tie? I belive we've seen a role that can move votes, and if that role had moved one to me, Drought and I both would have died. It also could be that they sent in the order early and forgot to check. There are too many possibilities to really draw conclusions from it, IMO. So, gut read? Hmm. I'd feel more in support of it if someone could offer backup to the idea. This seems horrifyingly possible Stick I belive I've solved this problem now I don't love the reasoning here. A tie would kill both of us, and it would have the negative side effect of letting a single elim riot tonight dictate the entire lynch tomorrow, as we couldn't very well ignore whichever lynchee they saved. In all likelihood, Elims have vote manipulation. Do we really want to let them have this much power?
  14. mistborn

    Also, how legal would that be? >> I'd be willing to donate, if it's allowed
  15. mistborn

    This is quite frankly awesome. Take all of my upvotes I'm very curious how you'll encorporate the way tin allows you to see in the distance. From what I understand, it doesn't narrow but zoom your field of vision, but rather allows you to see farther and more in detail within the original field. Technological limitations may mean zooming (plus increasing ambient brightness/sound) might be your best option, though. Another question is how to select what object you want to push if there are multiple in the area. I have limited experience in this field, but I'd assume that'd be rather challenging both from a design and UI perspective. I'd be happy to see any updates you might have. This looks absolutely amazing
  16. I don't really see the basis for the Drought lynch, but I hesitate to risk vote manipulation after C1. If another target presents itself, I'll vote there, but for now I'd rather keep the lynch strong and targeted.
  17. I'll redirect you to my post here. I maintain that an extra life is significantly more valuable than a marginal clearance. Being kinda-sorta soft cleared on such a flimsy basis is unlikely to ever change someone's mind regarding suspicion against me, but an extra life could help significantly. It would, for example, protect me from a stray coinshot or random lynch, and could also serve to let me pull a WGG, which would "clear" me much more strongly than what happened. If you look at my posts, you'll see I never used what happened to me as a defense or argument for my innocence. I did use it to argue the guilt of another player, but that wouldn't have helped elim!Me because that player would have been lynched C1 anyways. All I would have hypothetically accomplished with this is leading a lynch on someone who would ultimately be innocent, implicating only myself. I see no reason to do that The first time I "tried to get him lynched", I simply broke the tie. He would have died anyways, but I would have as well. I fail to see how that sort of self preservation is in any way suspicious. The second time, I did actively try to get him lynched, because there were 3 vote manipulations in his favor. To me, that was more than a little suspicious. You can see my reasoning for all of the other lynches I've participated in through my posts. Note that while you accuse me of being suspicious for participating in a lynch on a villager, we haven't lynched an elim yet. In fact, by the logic you use to implicate me, the plurality of voters every round so far is automatically subject of suspicion their participation in the lynch. Voting patterns are important, true, but what you accuse me of is nothing others have not done. Edit: Not sure what happened to that quote. Also not sure fixing it is worth it on mobile. Here's the link to the post: http://www.17thshard.com/forum/topic/58241-mr20-c6-failure-to-act-as-one/?do=findComment&comment=539997
  18. I don't. Just to clarify what you're asking, would this redirect an existing action or force the target to use it on someone even if they hadn't sent in an order? Either would be interesting. Did you riot a vote on me C1? If you did, I feel as if that was perhaps trying to obtain a tie and double lynch, which I find somewhat suspicious. I'd also concur with most of Lopen's points. Seonid
  19. Ah. In that case, Silverblade contacted me as well on the same cycle. He asked for a role claim, and after said that he wouldn't share it unless he had reason to belive I was an elim, which he said he didn't at the time.
  20. You're neglecting the context of the situation entirely. Seonid said himself that he thought we should leave DA alive because he was the only confirmed tineye, and when pressed on the issue said that DA was the only tineye he knew of, at least, because it was the only PM he had. This was, of course, obviously untrue. I voted on Seonid for attempting to protect someone I was significantly suspicious of on the basis of a complete falsehood, and what I perceived as an intentional lie. Even then, I didn't vote to lynch. Once Seonid clarified, which was obviously the intent of my post based on the fact that I tagged him in it, I withdrew and voted on DA instead. The inconsistency of his claim went far beyond wording. He claimed to have been attacked and to have survived it. He caught some heat for that, because it wasn't mentioned in the writeup. At that time, he then said the spear had been used on him, but he hadn't necessarily been attacked. This claim and subsequent backoff looked like he was trying to garner sympathy from a failed attack but failed and subsequently backed off the claim to reduce suspicion. When someone appears to lie outright about something like this, it makes me suspicious, and I maintain that it is for good reason. Did I miss a roleclaim by Silverblade? Why'd you reveal his role?
  21. Agreed. It seems like most items so far are useless in term of actual effect. We know there's a koloss stalker, which had no noticeable effect. We know there's the survivor's spear, which keeps failing. We know there's a colorful rock, which sounds completely powerless. I wouldn't be surprised if no otems did anything. Then again, I could definitely see the spear only work on a specific role, or the rock doing something super powerful. I have no real suspicions right now. I'm going to reread the thread tonight for a refresher.
  22. Hello! Welcome to the forums! It's always great to see a new face here Which Cosmere book was your favorite? Why? Would you be a Mistborn or a Feruchemist if you had to chose? What sort of twinborn would you be? I look forward to seeing you around! PS: Avoid the cookies
  23. Hello! Welcome to the forums! Is your friend here as well? Mistborn was my favorite series of Sanderson's. If you could be an allomancer or feruchemist, which would you pick? I look forward to seeing any theories you may introduce, although I'd be wary of spoilers if I was you; I'd recommend keeping largely to the sub forums for each individual series you've read until you finish some of the rest. For your next read, I'd reccomend Warbreaker; it may make a scene from the end of WoR make more sense. Oh, don't take the cookies! While they help with meeting your daily iron intake, they tend to Ruin your life
  24. Yeah, no. Seonid DA Edit: I read that as "All I said was...", but I'm still suspicious. You're being rather inconsistent