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  1. If their power source was limitless then they never could have died as the Stormlight will quickly and efficiently heal any wound, as we know, that hasn't been the case and heralds have died many times before.
  2. I would hardly call pre-2006 the dark ages of fantasy, we still had ASOIAF, Wheel of time, Farseer Trilogy et cetera I was also at age 15 when i had the ability to read and understand books like ASOIAF or SA. I can't imagine reading SA at 12, it would thesame for me as trying to read Chinese poetry written in Mandarin
  3. This is the most important post on this thread, I think Brandon has written himself into a corner where he cannot provide a satisfying reason for the recreance, I saw a poster warning about this some months ago. Seriously if the KR thought Surgebinding would destroy Roshar then they should just stop practicing it and never draw Stormlight or ask the spren to cut off the bond since they're able to do that as syl suggested. The reason for the recreance is very underwhelming, I thought it must be some super catastrophic reason that would make all but one order abandon their oaths and kill their best friends. There's not even opposition from some members of the other orders, ALL of them agreed to betray their vows.
  4. We know that each order has some unique ability that only they have from the combination of their surges, well it seems the windrunners unique ability is having squires, in my opinion that sounds boring as I expected it to be an ability related to power or making something interesting especially given how the Windrunners second surge of Adhesion isn't very useful I was rather hoping that the combination of windrunners surges will create something powerful and strong that will compensate for the weakness of Adhesion. Adhesion offcourse is one of the weakest surges especially when using it to fight other Surgebinder or Voidbringers, the Skybreakers have Division (the surge of destruction and decay) in addition to gravitation for God's sake. So back to the side effect of combining powers I was expecting something more related to individual power for example there are blatant hints in the books that combining the surges of Dustbringers which are Abrasion and Division can create fire, it also seems that a combination of Truthwatchers surges is what allows them to see the future as there isn't any surge that will simply allow you to see the future, so I was expecting something along these lines for the Windrunners as well and simply having squires sounds boring and not as cool as having another important Surgebinding ability. And here's the WoB that indicates that the side effects of windrunners powers is really just having squires.
  5. I agree that Adhesion is mostly useless especially against Radiants. The Skybreakers have the signature surge of the Windrunners aka Gravitation but also have a far more destructive second surge than Windrunners', the surge of destruction and decay, they're not named skyBREAKERS for no reason.
  6. Offcourse Nalan's minions aren't radiants,no one said they were,and I don't think Szeth is just going to be one of his minions,that seems cheap,I mean he gave him nightblood! And he's now personally training him,I think he's grooming him for something big. As to him becoming a skybreaker I've been thinking maybe if the herald of an order intervenes and vouch for szeth to the highspren maybe they'll form a bond with him - this is just my opinion off course,we know nothing of this sort yet,buy just maybe. I understand what you mean when you are trying to show how Szeth broke some laws and I really don't have answers for them,BUT I'll stick with the belief that if the things that szeth did before will not allow him to join the skybreakers then there's no way the order's patron will approach and invite Szeth to the order,Nale could've stopped Szeth anytime he wanted,he knew that Szeth had an jezrien's honorblade,he allowed Szeth to kill gavilar because he was supposedly working to bring back voidbringers amd parshendi gods,and this is my evidence “I don’t like this. What we’ve done was wrong. That creature carries my lord’s own Blade. We shouldn’t have let him keep it. He—” The two passed through the intersection ahead of Jasnah. They were the ambassadors from the West, including the Azish man with the white birthmark on his cheek. Or was it a scar? The shorter of the two men—he could have been Alethi—cut off when he noticed Jasnah. He let out a squeak, then hurried on his way." This is nale and another herald talking about the impending assassination of gavilar,this implies that nale may even have taken a part in Szeth acquiring his honorblade,in short SZETH OBEYS THE LAW AS HE SEES IT. I'll leave you with a quote from Nale "You, Szeth," the man said, "worship order, do you not You follow the laws of your society to perfection. This attracted me, though I worry that emotion has clouded your ability to discern. Your ability to... judge."
  7. Well,that certainly makes things a lot more complicated. Yes szeth broke one law and upheld another and it is an impossibility to obey all of those laws together,for example where in jah keved would he get the warrant to kill the king of jah keved?, it'd be interesting to see what a real skybreaker will do in this situation.....but alas! We do know what the leader of the skybreakers themselves thinks of this difficult situation,Nale commended Szeth and said he has never found any person more WORTHY of the skybreakers than Szeth. Nale kills rogue surgebinders,szeth was a surgebinder and kind of a rogue,why didn't Nale hunt him down? It seems to me he doesn't disapprove of szeth actions,Nalan was at the feast when Szeth killed Gavilar,he could easily have intervened and stopped Szeth but he didn't,which is saying a lot.I think I have answered the skybreaker dilemma,and despite what you mention,the skybreakers would still accept szeth,and you said Nale tries to ensure he has the proper warrant before killing someone,I disagree,as I mentioned above he didn't have a warrant to kill Ym and God knows how many other surgebinders that man has executed unlawfully.
  8. Yeah,that's entirely possible,I just feel that most of the fandom (including me) interpret that as having happened long ago and so I tend to agree with it more,BTW you're the first person I have seen who interpreted this passage as you did.
  9. If it was kaladin why would she say 'men' ? And notice that she said men not a man,which indicates she might even have bonded with multiple knights (at differnt times off course) Why does kaladin sounds so surprised if it was him? No I'm pretty sure the way she said it indicated that it must have been a long time ago.
  10. Nah......I don't think so,nightblood wasn't made by the almighty it was made by vasher,its not even from roshar,consider nightblood as a shardblade,even Nale mentions as much,now,if someone has a shardblade he can still bond a spren,renarin has a shardblade and he still bonded with a spren just fine as did dalinar. And Mr. Sanderson said a person can dual wield a shardblade,so it's possible Szeth will dual wield both nightblood and a sprenblade. Just saying
  11. I'm sure now that he no longer has a blade he'll get a nahel bond with a highsprenYeah I'm pretty sure assassination is also illegal in the country that Nale killed Ym,he showed no evidence or proof to having been given the go ahead by the authorities in that country to kill Ym like he did with lift in Azir,and even if assassination is illegal in the countries that szeth committed his many slaughters he was still following the law,according to the shin he's a truthless and must do as his master demands without asking for an explanation,that is also following the law,remember szeth didn't want to kill all those people he massacred,he didn't do it for sport,he did it because he was forced to as per the laws of the shin. I call that perfect skybreaker mentality
  12. She said she had helped men kill before,who would she help kill if he wasn't a KR? “I hate it,” she said, growing more translucent. “But I’ve helped men kill before.” Kaladin froze on the ladder. “What?” “It’s true,” she said. “I can remember it, just faintly.” “How?” “I don’t know.” She grew paler. “I don’t want to talk about it. But it was right to do. I feel it.”
  13. Granted. You will live for the rest of your life in shadesmar and you will never be able to get out of it. I wish to be a knight radiant with access to all of the 10 surges of surgebinding
  14. 1. Helaran was not a surgebinder,his shardade had a gemstone on it,now if his blade was a live spren blade why would he need to bond it? You simply got the wrong meaning to what Mr T said2. No spren would allow helaran to perform the wanton slaughter he committed on the battlefield,he killed soldiers that were no threat to him and didn't get in his way ie cenn,dallet and the others with them,also if he were a surgebinder why on earth would he go into a battlefield without taking in stormlight? Plus he didn't perform any surgebinding there. 3. You don't kill a spren by killing the knight he's bonded to,for example syl was most likely bonded to a KR long ago,and she's still alive and just fine