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Image Comments posted by Kingsdaughter613

  1. 2 hours ago, More Cynical Than Funny said:

    I must say that my mental image of Kelsier/Thaidakar does involve him holding a cat. I totally love this piece. (I know this is about the third time I have asked but can I use this for reference?)

    Yes, you may. Just credit me please. And Kell is canonically a cat person!


  2. 1 hour ago, More Cynical Than Funny said:

    @Kingsdaughter613 please tell me that that is the Ghostblood logo inside of the Harmony sign? (Also can I use this picture for reference when I am doodling)

    Technically, it’s marewill. I headcannon that the GB symbol is actually stylized marewill.

    And yes, you may. But if you post anywhere, please give me credit for the line art.