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  1. 1: We meet Kelsier, but he’s a cameo. Possibly ditto for Marsh. Maybe Spook too.

    2: We learn more about what Trell wants

    3: Sazed and Wax talk

    4: We meet Ghostbloods, but not the ones we already know because that will give away too much from SA5. Note: this is not including their boss.

    5: Marasi, and possibly Allik, join the GBs.

    6: The Sovereign/Survivor secret gets out.

    7: We actually meet Ranette’s girlfriend.

    8: We do not learn the names of Wax’s, Wayne’s, Steris’ and Marasi’s mothers.


  2. I haven’t read the full book yet, but my current opinion is: Cytonic is not a gripping, edge of your seat, OMG what happens next book. But it a very, VERY fun read and I’m really enjoying it.

    I’m enjoying it a lot more than I did SA or the other two books in the series. Not because those books were bad -they’re awesome - but because those books are more serious in many respects. They’re much darker in tone. I have to put a lot more emotional energy into the books, because I’m constantly worrying about the characters, or hurting over deaths, or any of a dozen other things.

    Cytonic, in contrast, is FUN. Yes, there’s danger still, albeit of a different sort. But overall this reads as a cross between a D&D campaign and an adventure novel. It’s similar to why I love BoM. There’s just a lightness to the narrative in this book, even though the darkness is still present.

    So while I don’t feel like I NEED to read the next  chapter, as I often do with a Brandon book, I WANT to because I’m having fun and can just enjoy the story without being terrified (in a good way) of what will happen to the characters next. Like Spensa gets to just enjoy flying, I get to just enjoy reading. It’s a much needed breather for both of us.

    And I do mean needed. This is the first book where I really connected with Spensa and felt she was growing. From the beginning, Spensa has always been in survival mode. She had to be. Now she finally has a moment to breathe - and in that moment she’s finally getting a chance to figure out who she is and what she wants. I understand why some disagree with the choice to remove a major source of danger, but I don’t think Spensa could grow into herself if she didn’t have the momentary safety to do so.

    TL;DR: I love the book so far and I’m taking my time reading it so I can fully enjoy the experience. I don’t know that this will be my favorite book - that’s probably still Skyward - but it’s the read that’s been most fun for me.


  3. 4 hours ago, Marukka said:

    Roial? (Although, if it is the nice old man, the point should go to @Morningtide, since I really think that's the "noble in Elantris whose name I can't remember right now")


    This character is dead.

    This character had something not many do. 

    This character is in a relationship.

    This character was very knowledgeable. 

    Despite being dead, this character managed to save a main character’s life.


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    Mistborn spoilers

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    No to all!

    This character is dead.

    This character had something not many do. 

    This character is in a relationship.


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    Not Gavinor
    Not Renarin
    Not Elend
    Not Jasnah
    Not Shalash
    Not Sylphrena
    Not Dalinar

    1. This character is royalty.
    2. This character has problems fitting in with other people.
    3. This character is a PoV character.
    4. This character is more than a little transparent.
    5. This character met (and had a talk with) a Sleepless.

    Bonus: This character was poisoned and died, but not from the poison.

    The woman from that one interlude who turned into mist?