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  1. On 2/9/2021 at 11:07 AM, Hoid's Brother said:

    If I had to apply a single word to Kelsier it wouldn't be good or bad, it would be reckless.

    This. Just this. He is so reckless. But he’s also a planner. I think he’s at his most dangerous when his planning and his recklessness coincide.


  2. Worth noting: Kelsier wonders why he can’t bring himself to go Beyond, then stops that train of thought abruptly. And, unlike Vin, Kelsier was twice Commanded to Survive by Preservation. I think those Commands had a much greater effect than holding Preservation.

    Brandon has clarified that Kelsier did care about the Skaa and it was part of his motivation. 

    “Kelsier is definitely a heroic figure. He did a lot of right things. But Kelsier is much closer to being a villain than people see, because he was in the best place for him possible, which is being capable of burning something down. He is just really good at tearing stuff down, and he is a great agent of chaos in that regard, and great at coming up with masterful ways to mess up what other people are doing to get what he wants. And what he wanted in that story happened to align very well with the needs and interests of the general population, and he genuinely wants to do good and right by them. It's not like he's some antihero who is accidentally doing the right things. But he is arrogant; he is very, very driven; and he is very, very dangerous; which are a combination that could have led to disaster in other circumstances.”

    My daughter has the same problem as the Southerners, btw. Her’s was caused by a TBI. She can literally freeze in mildly cold weather. She has been cold in 90 degree weather so...

    Also, from 2019 on Brandon has said RAFO! to whether or not Kell will appear on screen on Roshar.

    Edit: Also, if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck... it’s obviously a chicken.


  3. 2 hours ago, JesterLavorre said:

    If Kel had the Bands of Mourning, is it possible TLR had some knowledge about Hemalurgy stored in his copperminds? That would give Kelsier a big advantage in figuring out what he does so quickly.

    WoB is that TLR did not create the BoM. The Sovereign was involved. I ran into that one by accident.


  4. On 1/23/2021 at 6:01 PM, basement_boi said:

    The part about Ghostbloods and Survivorism is really interesting, never thought about those connections before.

    I never noticed it either. I did go “hey, these guys are the Mistborn crew! Is Kelsier their boss?” back in 2014 though... Still have no idea what exactly made me go there.


  5. I just reread the trilogy, and Sazed's perspective during his ascension did not reveal any knowledge of the Southerners. My guess is he just didn't notice until after his two intents had already forced him into inaction. At which point intermediaries become his best option and there just happened to be a certain someone intent on finding a way back... whom Saze likely REALLY wanted far from the North. Two birds with one stone?

    On a side note, this was the chapter where I finally figured out who the Sovereign was. Alik's description gave it away. He talks about how the Sovereign told them NOT to look for the Bands, which CLEARLY was intended as a challenge. My first thought was, that sounds like... and everything fell into place.