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  1. The Stormfather, arguably. I suppose the Sibling has two Siblings too, but they don’t move much.
  2. Kaladin. He’s the only person I can think of with two siblings. Everyone else has just one or three+, but not two. (I was going to guess Vivenna first, but then I remembered Fafen.)
  3. A living cell is not a living person. You could probably stab something out of an animal. If an embryo can be stabbed, you should be able to use any living cell. That’s all an embryo is: a single living cell. No one is denying the cell is alive. The argument would be whether or not it’s a person.
  4. Nope, I’ll keep it to the thread about ‘when is it okay to use hemalurgy.’ I’m just surprised Brandon opened that door at all.
  5. Since apparently you can use hemalurgy from conception on, once IVF becomes a thing you can just stab excess embryos in Petri dishes. This is actually very interesting, since both the Scadrian pro-choice crowd and those who don’t think an embryo in a Petri dish counts as “alive” will consider this perfectly ethical. Those who are against experimentation on human embryos will be against it. It would make for a very interesting moral debate, paralleling the RL one regarding using extra embryos for science. @Infinitysliver A lot of times people committing suicide feel their loved ones are better off without them. Being able to leave their families something might play into a suicide. Or they might think that they’re only valuable for their ability, so choose a method that allows that to be retained. Depression is not rational and neither are suicidal thoughts or ideations. I can also see people who are dying feeling that this way they can stay around in some form. Or family members choosing to this when removing life support so they’ll still have a piece of the person. I can definitely see this happening in cases of infant loss, for example. Even having the spike play a role in therapy, such as melting it down into earrings.
  6. I really, really want to know how you find the bindpoints on a single cell. On the plus side, that’s a great method for ethical hemalurgy - stab embryos in Petri dishes. (Assuming one has no issues with using excess embryos for science, which I don’t.)
  7. You don’t really have a body to bind to at conception…
  8. She’d have still been willing to work with them for her own gain. Eventually she would have worked her way up and gotten to meet Thaidakar…
  9. She’s not Rosharan. Shallan?
  10. Doesn’t the groom also get Henna done? I know he does in some Jewish henna traditions.
  11. This is what Mistborn was for me. Beautiful piece! I absolutely love it!
  12. Death and the Survivor 26: (Mistborn spoilers)
  13. DatS 26:
  14. She’s good. It’s a recheck visit because she had strep last week. So we’re just making sure it’s gone.
  15. Hurrah! But I have to take my daughter to the doctor now, so if someone else wants to go they may.
  16. You could also go to a con where he’s signing - that’s how I got all my Mistborn copies signed. If there’s still room at the mini-con and you live close enough (or are willing to travel) that could work. The best way I know of is to order a leatherbound book: they’re gorgeous and they do have a personalization option. They aren’t always in stock though.
  17. The Sibling/Urithiru?