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  1. Yes!! TPBM is exited for Ace Attorney Chronicles Localization.
  2. I agree. TPBM plays Mass Effect
  3. Lol. I like guessing more than I like coming up with clues.
  4. ... Oops. Someone else go please.
  5. Isaac confirmed for me that Scadrial doesn’t have a C. He also said the dot is above the tin symbol for I and below for E. The article should probably be edited to reflect this.
  6. Uh........ Someone else go?
  7. Spren are Investiture that has achieved sapience. So, for all we know, Nightblood has become more sapient over time. To use Mass Effect terms: He may have started out as much more of a ‘VI’, and over time progressed to become more of an ‘AI.’ Brandon does call him a ‘robot Spren’ after all. Cognitive Shadow, stapled to a body that involves his original skeleton somehow.
  8. There are indications that something more went into Nightblood’s creation though. And Nightblood has since become more Invested. Either way, it’s pretty clear from the answer I got that CS are not the same as Spren in certain fundamental ways. I was actually surprised; I’d assumed the rules would be the same with little functional difference except in how they came about. Turns out that isn’t the case at all...