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  1. Kell is literally a piece of Preservation. I think that power could be reabsorbed, which would cause him to go Beyond after a short time.
  2. Breath, kind of. Anyone can acquire it and anyone can lose it.
  3. It’ll be a Mistborn series, so probably not. Roshar vs. Scadrial seems increasingly likely.
  4. Trans individuals do change gender with Cosmere healing. And some colorblind individuals actually don’t see any colors, but that’s pretty rare.
  5. Give them all to Saze to recombine.
  6. 28) Not allowed to tell other people not to meddle, no matter how correct such a statement may be, because it’s far too hypocritical.
  7. Axindweth - a Terriswoman was trying to restore Odium?! The palace scenes. Nale told Venli about Szeth?! Eshonai’s last flight. The rest were boring.
  8. I think Ham could actually be a Truthwatcher. Breeze and Alriane are Lightweavers. Vin is an Edgedancer, probably. Saze is a Truthwatcher Tindwyl is an Elsecaller. Elend is the Bondsmith. Kell is either a Willshaper or Lightweaver. He’s more inclined to the former, but I can see him becoming the latter. Marsh is a Skybreaker. Clubs is either a Lightweaver or Stoneward. Spook could actually be a Windrunner.
  9. So I just noticed this. In part one Mraize and Shallan are talking and we get this conversation: “Iyatil has reported to Master Thaidakar,” Mraize said, “and he has accepted—after some initial anger—that we will not be able to control the Oathgates. I explained that there at least is a calming wind in this, like the riddens of a storm. With Dalinar controlling the Oathgates, he can prosecute the war against Odium.” “And that helps your cause?” “We have no interest in seeing the enemy rule this world, Shallan. Master Thaidakar wishes only to secure a method for gathering and transporting Stormlight.” Mraize held his broam up again. Like a miniature sun beside the real one. Then in Part Five we have this: “Perhaps. Can you handle my master? Can you handle her master?” “Thaidakar?” Shallan guessed. “Ah, so you’ve heard of him?” Yes, Mraize. You only mentioned him several times. More seriously... That comment makes no sense. Of COURSE Shallan has heard about Thaidakar; Mraize name dropped him TWICE when sending her on this mission. And why is Shallan ‘guessing’? She knows Iyatil reports to Thaidakar. Beta readers, do you know if this was noticed and kept in intentionally? Because it’s a pretty big inconsistency. If it isn’t an accident, which it probably isn’t, then I have a couple of guesses. Shallan guessing: she suspects Mraize is referring to Thaidakar, but wants to be certain. So it’s an educated guess. Or the word guess was in error, but that’s a fairly minor one. Mraize’s statement: he’s drawing attention away from what he just said. He wasn’t referring to Thaidakar as Iyatil’s master, but another high ranking GB on Roshar. It was a slip, and Shallan just gave him the perfect way to cover it up. Notice how quick he is to let her know Thaidakar isn’t actually on Roshar. Thoughts?
  10. Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed!
  11. The T may not be needed. However: Knights of Words Taken, as an idea.
  12. Knights of Words. Knights, Oaths, Words.
  13. I think he intended it to be the Reshi King, but he got moved to Dawnshard.
  14. Cool!
  15. theory

    To be fair ‘explosive’ is a very accurate descriptor of Ettmetal.