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  1. Four of Spears: The Four of Spears displays the Imperial pair laying on upon the field of Rebirth. Their hand are clasped and they lay peacefully together. Lady Vin holds a single spear and three others lay about them. A scattering of marewill flowers adorn the upper right corner and the number four is in the left. This card represents Rest, Meditation, Contemplation, and Recuperation. This design first appeared shortly after the Catacendre, likely inspired by the then-recent events. Prior to this the card briefly held the Survivor. The Final Empire versions of this card typically portrayed a member of the Lord Ruler’s personal guard, though many held an ordinary soldier. The Imperial Pair have since become standard, though some Sliverist decks utilize the Lord Ruler and decks featuring the Survivor, while unusual, are not particularly difficult to find.
  2. Three of Spears: The Three of Spears shows three spears thrust through Harmony’s symbol. The circle at the peak of the curve has been replaced by the number 3. This card symbolizes Heartbreak, Sorrow, Grief, Optimism and Forgiveness. The Three of Spears is taken from the deck of the Lord Mistborn. The earliest known versions of this card show the Spears piercing the sigil of the Steel Ministry, likely due to Obligators officiating weddings. At some point the Ministry appears to have taken an offense to this practice, and later cards utilize a variety of symbols (zinc, brass and Atium appear to have been the most common variations). The symbol was not finalized until the modern day, when Harmony was given the association with union. (See the Harmony and Lovers cards.)
  3. Secret History is part of AU. You should probably reread it when you get the chance.
  4. I mean, he would drop Harmony and he does manifest a unique godmetal, so...
  5. “You can,” Kelsier said, gaze firm. “Just use words as your weapons. You can kill more with those than any number of blades. I overthrew the Final Empire with three words Marie. You can destroy that woman with a few sentences. ”Words are weapons, Marie. You know that. You’ve used them and seen them used. They’re the most deadly weapons there are. So show me your skill.” @mathiau
  6. “Not at all,” Kelsier smirked cruelly. “I expect you to snark back like the High Noble lady I know you were. Cut her into little pieces until she’s writhing wretched on the ground with not a blade drawn or blow struck.” His smile broadened. “And if that doesn’t satisfy you, feel free to kill her in a way that doesn’t trace back to you or me. It’s part of your probation: don’t start a war between Harmony and me.”
  7. “Ah.” Eryn said. “No. Am not princess or Sovereign.”
  8. Kelsier snorted, returning to his familiar drawl. “Are you really going to let her get a rise out of you that easily? You were Noble Marie; you know how these games are played.” @Condensation “I can wear,” Eryn agreed, tying a small bow to one of her braids. “Sovereign has ribbon already.” Her master had tied his hair back at the nape as part of his disguise.
  9. “I think you mean the Obligators,” Kelsier corrected. “The nobility didn’t do very much. The South mostly rules itself though. I prefer it that way; they’re better off without me leading them by the hand.” ”Ah.” Eryn tied a neat bow in Zola’s hair. “Very pretty. Sovereign will get you crown then.”
  10. “Yeah means what?” Eryn asked blankly, as she tugged out a comb. “Want or not?”
  11. “Not if I can help it,” Kelsier admitted. “They don’t really have much purpose besides looking nice. But I thought you might like one.”
  12. “What’s the point of power if you can’t abuse it?” Kelsier asked innocently. He gently ruffled Zola’s hair, making a mess of the neatly combed locks. “I’ll bring you a crown when I get back.” Eryn scowled, motioning Zola toward her. “Come. I fix.”
  13. Eryn nodded. “Sovereign’s daughter is princess.” ”That is generally the title given to the female child of a monarch,” Kelsier said, smiling. “Although I’m pretty sure I could order it changed if you don’t like it...”
  14. You did read Secret History, though, right? Because that’s where half our Cosmere knowledge comes from...
  15. Kelsier nodded. “I have to let the South know they have a new princess.” Some of the South anyway. Most of them would never hear of it. ”Is Sovereign,” Eryn agreed. “Has duties.”