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  1. Yes, because he needs an heir and isn’t looking for romance. Similarly, Adolin wants to get married because he’s expected to. He’s very happy to have a non-romantic arranged marriage. And then they both fall in love, because that’s how these things tend to work.
  2. Well, the Corinthian in ‘The Corinthian’ is trying to get married, as I recall. Adolin’s numerous flirtations did fit the archetype though.
  3. Personally, I find it interesting how many people here are unfamiliar with Adolin’s character archetype. He’s a Corinthian, a character rarely seen these days outside period stories and Georgian/Regency Romances. He’d fit in quite nicely in those genres. It’s nice to see that type of character elsewhere.
  4. We’ll probably get part of two if we ever get SH2.
  5. John is short for Johnathan. In Hebrew it’s Yonasan, root Nasan, give. Yud makes it future tense, if I’m recalling correctly. A similar name is Nathanial - Nasanel in Hebrew (God gives) Nasan is obviously related to both, as both the name and the root word. Sarah is the feminine of Sar, prince. Sarah is princess. So Nasan is a verb (give) while Sarah is a noun (princess) Zach is short for Zechariah, Hebrew Zecharyah, the Hebrew root being Zachar, remember. The Yud Hey at the end is for God. It is also a verb. Hebrew words have two to four letter roots (most have three). Adding letters and vowels changes the tense and gender. Blending of two words to create a statement is common. For example: Achos sheli (my sister) becomes Achosi (my sister). Sarah is the odd name out here, due to only having a two letter root. It’s also a noun. You can probably see a resemblance between the two males names and these: Yochanan, Yechezkel, Gavriel, Michoel, Daniel, Yeshaya, Yeshu, Sholom, Shlomo, Yishmael, Shmuel, etc. For a similar girls name: Yocheved Sarah compared to other girls names: Rivka, Aliza, Dina, Chedva, Chana, Chava, Malka, Shoshana, Devorah, Meira, Mazal, Meirav, Miriam, etc. For a similar boy’s name: Simcha. Miriam and Meira, believe it or not, are the closest to Sarah in many ways. Miriam has two two letter roots: Mar (bitter) and Yam (water),and Meira has the two letter root Or (light). The Mem means from. Meir - from light. Meira - feminine form. In the case of Mar, it’s an adjective. Miriam - Bitter water The relationship is pretty obvious if you know the original names and some basic Hebrew grammar rules. It’s why I recognized Alethi for a Semitic based language very quickly; a lot of the names and places have the ‘feel’ of Hebrew and Aramaic. Probably Arabic, but I’m not familiar enough with how it sounds. Angie is short for Angela, from the word Angel. This is entirely unrelated to the previous three names due to coming from a different language. Latin, I think. The Hebrew word is Malach, messenger, which bears some resemblance to Nasan and Zachar.
  6. But now I’m thinking about Nightblood being stabbed into a mountain bead...
  7. I think that was a typo. It now says WoR. The problem with Keteks...
  8. Allomancer Jak’s completed adventures seconded! Or at least all the parts of the one story we have... Wax, Wayne and Lessie stories: I don’t want these as a Novella. Brandon said awhile back that instead of broadsheets, we’d have a Roughs comics in Mistborn Era3. I’d like their stories released as a regular comic (so an issue every month) but framed as an in-world comic. Because if ANYTHING was built for the comics forum, it’s that. We could also get Jak’s stories in the same format... For Novellas unlikely to be written: How Mare and Kell met, worked together, and fell in love from Mare’s perspective Hesina’s story, because it’s implied she has an interesting past A novella focused on Iyatil and Mraize (it would reveal too much, which is why we won’t get it.) Similar to the above: A novella focused on Demoux, Galladon and Baon and how they came to be on Roshar
  9. I think it’s the Spren that would need to store Connection.
  10. Oh, he’s totally wanting to expand his sphere of influence, though he’s doing it for Scadrial too. Himself first though, because that’s just who he is. I suspect he knows quite well what effect the planet’s populace’s perspective has on him and isn’t happy about it. On the other hand, it’s his home. I don’t see him staying away. I think South Scadrial sees Kell as a very different kind of savior than North. North Scadrial was never led by Kell. He’s a spiritual savior, not a physical one. He’s the person who inspires you, who lifts you when you’re lowest, but metaphorically, not physically. He’s Hope, a force more than a person. He left, sacrificing himself, but he’s always there. And when he left, well, he left a society about to collapse. His death lit the fuse under the bomb, just as he planned. To South Scadrial, he’s their king. He lived among them for sixty years, during which he brought them from the brink of destruction to a thriving society. He’s a person, a powerful, manipulative person. He left, but he promised to return. And when Kell left the South, he left behind a thriving society - one he had built. The roles are incredibly different, almost opposed. In the North he’s the guy who led them out of slavery and brought down the old, corrupt society, leaving them to guide themselves, under his spiritual watch. In the South he’s the person who rebuilt their society, becoming their king and leader, before leaving them to guide themselves until he comes back to reclaim the reins. Yeah, LM can’t come fast enough. I want to see these two viewpoints clashing!!!
  11. Exactly this. I think the Sovereign and the Survivor act differently. Not that they have different personalities, but that different elements of Kell’s personality are at the fore. He’d behave one way on North Scadrial and another on South Scadrial. I don’t think 300 years is enough to make it very obvious though; you’d have to know him well to notice. At a guess I’d say: Survivor: more empathetic, more inspiring, more rebellious, both more intent on survival AND more self-sacrificing, more reckless, less sane Sovereign: Colder, trickier/more manipulative, more of the leader/teacher elements, more willing to compromise, more stable N. Scads seem to focus more on a Kell as a savior type figure, and focus less on his conman status. S. Scadrial seems to embrace Kell’s manipulative nature, and he seems to have ruled pretty well, which implies certain things. Kell is less psychopathic on N. Scadrial (who seems to think he was a far more empathetic person than he was) but he’s more stable and willing to compromise on S. Scadrial, despite being less empathetic there. That’s my guess anyway.
  12. You can also chromium burn away piercings.
  13. I suspect that Kel will appear differently if he is being the Survivor or the Sovereign. As the Survivor he’s viewed as deity, but I think the Sovereign is more of a King Arthur type figure. So he would appear differently on North and South Scadrial, possibly with minor personality shifts.
  14. ConQuest 46 (May 22, 2015) #1 Kaymyth I asked the question about chromium vs a Compounder with both Invested and un-Invested metals in both their stomach and piercings. Brandon Sanderson What it boils down to is this: 1) Yes, the piercings will get burned off. 2) The non-Invested metals go before the Invested ones. He said that because Invested metals are harder to affect, it takes a little extra time and effort to get them to burn off. So a Leecher trying to clean out a Compounder would have to get a good grip and hang on for a few seconds. 3) Chromium burns about as quickly as duralumin, so if you're trying to burn off a lot of metals, it is possible to run out of chromium before your target is clean. This would probably only be an issue when dealing with larger pieces (like jewelry) rather than your sta This is one of them. I think there is another, but I’m not sure. You need to spend more time on the Mistborn forum; it gets brought up fairly often. Here’s another: General Reddit 2017 (July 15, 2017) #4July 15, 2017 GrimoireHearts Does Miles burn his goldmind piercings or does he swallow them Brandon Sanderson I'd have to grab the notes to be sure--it's been a while since I've dealt with Miles--but as I recall, he's done both. Found it!! #44 Questioner Several of my friends play the [Mistborn] tabletop game, and we have a question, so, if you want to burn a metal Allomantically do you actually have to ingest it, or can it just be in your bloodstream, or-? Brandon Sanderson If it gets in there somehow, you can use it. Questioner So you can inhale something, or inject something ... what about spikes? Could you like burn a spike that was-? Brandon Sanderson Yes, you could, but not if it's Hemalurgically placed or Hemalurgically charged. But otherwise yes. If it gets in you-- I almost wrote a scene where someone got stabbed through the chest and they burned it. The problem is your metal also has to be of the right allomantic alloy.
  15. Judaism has written down its Oral Tradition to avoid losing it. (The Mishna) It doesn’t mean it isn’t an oral tradition. We still encourage people to memorize what they can, and some know the entirety by heart. When the Talmud (Mishna and Gemara) was burnt it was rewritten from memory because it IS an oral tradition. (Comparisons of the rewrites to surviving copies in the ME show remarkably little deviation. There’s a handful of words different, I think.) Writing down an oral tradition to prevent its loss has historical parallels. It does not invalidate the oral nature of the tradition. The Mishna was written down in the centuries after the conquest of Judea and the subsequent diaspora. It makes a lot of sense for the ancient Parshendi to have done the same after the False Desolation for the same reasons we did: it was going to be lost otherwise. Admittedly, Judaism is a little weird. Most Peoples have a written or oral tradition, whereas we have both. So writing down our oral tradition may have been a more natural response for us than for a purely oral culture. It’s still not completely improbable though.