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  1. I’ve done it! For a fan fiction novel, but one with a unique plot, a LOT of research, and a cast of primarily original characters. (Seriously, I have a bibliography that includes things like “George Washington’s journal’ and ‘letters from the Wabash.’) It took a month and a half and was about 120,000 words without revisions. Someday I’ll go back and edit it more, probably adding more words along the way. (It needs a lot more description.) The way I usually do things like this is by creating a plot, then make the decision to write a certain amount each day. In this case, I wrote a chapter each day. A good trick I came across from a published author was to always start the next chapter before putting down your pen. The real trick is not to be afraid to try. You could start by writing a novella and see if it ends up stretching into a book. Or create a children’s chapter book, but with an extended narrative. The goal shouldn’t be to write a novel; it should be to write, because writing is fun for you. Writing should never be a chore.
  2. Sazed’s letter also states that Seekers and Copperclouds often become savants unknowingly. This makes changing how Allomantic savantism work tricky and also means that some forms of Allomantic Savantism don’t really fit with other forms of Savantism.
  3. He hired her to teach him forgery sometime after she hired him to steal back the moon scepter. She hasn’t shown up in the comic yet because she hasn’t needed to be there yet. The main cast is Kelsier, Marsh and Spook, with Hoid, Saze, Khriss, Shallan and Adolin being major supporting characters. There are a lot of people who just show up though, and they need designs too. Pretty much this, lol!
  4. “All of us,” Kelsier confirmed, as Roues began to bring the ship down. The pilot expertly maneuvered the ship through the skyway, passing other flying dirigibles. He moved easily about the smaller spires, coming to a rest along the shaft of the central one. Roues engaged the landing gear, small claw-like implements that used ironpulling technology to cling to the metal. ”We’re here,” he announced. “I’ll be opening the door now.”
  5. Once you have a manuscript you can reach out online to agents. An agent can help you navigate the publishing process. Thanks to the internet you can be in one country while your agent is in another. Publishing under a pseudonym is a fairly common practice, so I don’t think that would be an issue. Getting your foot in the door... that’s the hard part.
  6. They are not very good either. They just weren’t good graphic novels. I was very disappointed because I like Graphic novels... @Ander Stormwindrunner Brandon wrote WS Prime before Avatar was released. Any similarity between magic systems would be coincidental.
  7. You could use a pseudonym and publish in another part of the world.
  8. Kiin’s Elantrian son? The one with autism? His name starts with an A, but I can’t remember it right now.
  9. Kelsier and Hoid meeting in the Cognitive Realm: Instructions on how to do it. Components: roasting pan cover for pan incense sticks pebbles small plastic container jello mix puck light popsicle stick toothpick glue tape 3 small male figurines (Pollys are about the right size) matches/lighter thin washable marker Directions: perforate the cover of the pan. put incense sticks inside the pan. make jello tape the plastic container to the pucklight. put jello in the plastic container. Cover. Break off a cm to a half inch of the popsicle stick. Glue it to the toothpick. Tape the ‘oar’ to Hoid’s hand. Tape Hoid to Spanky. draw scars on Kelsier’s arms. light the incense sticks. cover the roasting pan. The smoke should come out creating ‘mist’. Scatter the pebbles on top of the pan cover. Put the Well on one side of the lid. Turn on the light then remove the container cover. Put Kelsier in the Well. Put Hoid and Spanky on the pebbles near the Well. This shouldn’t take more than an hour to do at max, including shopping time. Most of this stuff can be found at a local grocery/convenience store, if you don’t already have them in your house.
  10. “The people who live there know. So do the local crew members. A few of my friends do. ”But knowing something exists isn’t the same as knowing where to find it. There are a lot of volcanic islands in the oceans, but only one has the city. “As for Kredik Shaw...” Kelsier smirked. “You’ll see.”
  11. Once she finished storing Meens memories for later perusal, Eryn tapped the other Coppermind again.
  12. Eryn transferred the memory to her Coppermind to share with the Sovereign before he left. Later she would transcribe what there was of the letters. Meens recalled better his feelings than the specific contents and the man had not been skilled enough to store the associated knowledge.
  13. Wyrn. or that potioneer.