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  1. I suspect this is Saze’s inherent modesty. I doubt he was comfortable having his name attached to a metal. His Shardic intent was more acceptable. It’s worth noting that in-world the metal has been called Et metal. I wonder if Saze mentioned this to Kell, and he gave it an unrelated name as a favor?
  2. I agree that a break is a good idea BUT! If you are planning a significant break between HoA and Era 2, read SH here. It rightfully belongs in Era 1, and it is easier to follow the latter half if you have read HoA recently. If you are planning a short break, and think you’ll be able to recall the HoA timeline easily, then wait until you finish Era 2. SH will make a plot point in one of the books more obvious, though a close reading of HoA and its annotations will reveal it anyway. If you already know the MC of Secret History, then you already know the information you may want to avoid. If you don’t know, and don’t want to know, stay away from this forum until you’ve read it. (It comes up fairly often.)
  3. SH is an odd trade off. It DOES spoil something in BoM, but if you aren’t planning to go straight to Era 2, it’s probably better to read SH first as it really is part of Era 1. Otherwise you’ll probably want to reread Era 1 (especially HoA) to see when certain events occur and in reference to what. Careful reading of HoA (And some of the annotations) will reveal the spoiler anyway. So you may have already been spoiled. If you stick around the Mistborn forums you definitely will be though! On the other hand, it’s the novella that has the most info about the Cosmere. It’s a steep learning curve if you haven’t delved much into the lore yet, which is a good reason to wait. The MC is pretty Cosmere ignorant though, so that helps. If you’ve already come across the name of SH’s MC, then you’ve already been half spoiled. (The other half was by informing you that it spoils something in BoM.) So if you know the MC you aren’t going to get more spoiled by reading the novella. (The MC’s identity is the spoiler.) If you do not know the MC, stay far away from this forum until you’ve read the novella.
  4. Get tissues for those last pages. And you may want to read Secret History before heading to Roshar... (It will spoil a detail in Bands of Mourning though, so you’ll have to decide. But timeline wise, it belongs with the first trilogy.)
  5. Reminds me a bit of Into The Woods. It is not good when the narrator gets upset. Or killed.
  6. Start with a stick figure. That’s not a joke. Draw stick figures! Even professional artists use stick figures (at least in cartooning.) As you get better you’ll need it less. Draw a circle for the head. Use this to determine the height of the body. Next: draw the body around the sticks. Lines for arms, legs, neck, etc. just draw balls for hands and feet, and leave the head for now. Once you have the body shaped the way you want, dress it! Draw the clothes around the body. Now for the head. Make a line through the vertical midline of the face. Put a horizontal line where the eyes will be. Shape the skull, indenting by the eyes to shape cheek bones; figure out the chin and forehead. Add basic facial features. Move around until you are satisfied. Add detail to features. Add hair (hairline begins slightly below the top of the skull.) Determine what you want the hands to do by manipulating your own. HINT: it’s rare that you see the whole of all the fingers at once. HINT2: ginger do not start at the wrist; draw the PALM. (You’d be amazed at how hard it can be to recall those two things.) Draw outline of hand shape. Add individual finger shapes. Add detail (knuckles, nails, etc.) Determine if feet are bare or in shoes. (I suggest you start with shoes.) Use lines to determine foot direction and position. Draw a line between feet to help with perspective. (You should be able to draw a straight line between two feet on the ground.) Outline feet. Add shoes/shape foot. Here is a sketch I did recently. Not perfect (the boots are slightly off) but I like it. It’s a concept sketch. If you look closely you may be able to see the remains of the stick figure. My other suggestion is to find some old black and white comic books (I’d recommend Spider-Man) and copy the images until you are comfortable drawing people.
  7. You missed a brilliant Asimov story: The Last Question. One of my favorites that has this concept too. (Essentially the computer starts the universe again after its destruction.)
  8. I would craft a shield as strong as the love carried in my heart, and a blade as sharp as the fear and armor as unbreakable as the bond between a mother and child, and all as light as an infant in its mother’s arms, so that I may ever defend those for whom I care.
  9. Wandering Twixt life and death; Seeking Searching Ever Wondering; What purpose have we Who Wander?
  10. It may help to try writing poetry. Songs are music put to words, and it can be any words that fit the tune. I typically listen to the tune and find a theme that reflects the emotions the tune evoked. Then I put that feeling and theme into words. Always listen to the tune first. It’s a lot easier to alter words to fit a tune than the reverse. Music first; words second. Once you have the words, you should sing them so as to see if they work or not. The tune determines the rhythm of the words. Basically, when it comes to song writing, follow the music. The music ultimately determines your meter.
  11. He still wouldn’t be willing to have more than two. Too many and Harmony can control him. He knows that too many spikes opens him up to all sorts of risks and, if there is anything Kell is against, its being controlled against his will.
  12. Each mind could be seen as a unique room. It’s simple in concept, so easy to introduce readers to, but can be made complex fairly easily. For example: Upon entry the mindscape seemed simple enough. A classic sitting room, with scattered couches, a low end table, long rows of books hiding the walls from view. One lay open on the table, words constantly shifting. ‘Surface thoughts,’ X sniffed. X wandered the room, searching. Toys appeared and vanished; remnants of childhood, perhaps, or thoughts of children. A new baby blanket sat on the couch now; a future child then. A remnant would be older. X paused, frowning. Something... She smiled suddenly, teeth gleaming bright in the dim room. ‘Not so simple, are you?’ She murmured, as she reached out and opened a door that had not been a moment before. ‘A room in a room. I wonder, how many layers does your onion hold?’ The door shut behind her, vanishing, leaving the sitting room as still an peaceful as before. End Example. Essentially, the room alters based on thoughts and desires (the book recording surface thoughts, representations of memories and desires appearing) and there can be multiple layers within a single mind.
  13. The bored, unmotivated student has an advisor suggest they take an overseas course (these exist) to help them figure out what they actually want to accomplish at college. They choose the Greece one due to the student being a fan of Greek mythology or Percy Jackson or both. (But probably the middle one.)
  14. Grammary. Has a long connection to magic, can mean a book (Gramarye, anyone?) and is an archaic term for grammar. The person who studies this magic is a Grammarian. A Scribe would be someone who uses the magic without understanding it.