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  1. I agree with you about Kell only having one spike. It’s not just Saze who’s influence Spikes open him to. I think he’s a Feruchemist the way the first ones gained the power; that method is unknown, but Kell did hold Preservation for a time. He could have figured it out.
  2. Actually, they can sense copper burning. I believe Vin does at one point.
  3. I figured out that a mix of silk (for the hood, the collar, and the lower layer of strips) and organza would create the most accurate mistcloak. You can buy obsidian online and shape it into a dagger (or try to buy an obsidian knife.) You can get the coins and pouch from the Shirepost mint. I haven’t actually created this, but I plan to. I’d be more likely to do it if Brandon ever came to NYC.
  4. And lerasium spikes should actually break down fairly quickly if used for Hemalurgy. You’re technically using Preservation to store Ruin’s power and that doesn’t seem like it would last long... It’s the same sort of thing that happens when burning Atium; you use Preservation’s power to access Ruin. Atium spikes, however, take a long time to degrade. Lerasium as a metalmind is what I really want to know. Also, how accurate are those charts? I don’t think anyone in-world has made a Lerasium spike...
  5. This is being discussed in its own topic now.
  6. Nope. The ‘Sons of Liberty’ had Daughters, even though ‘Sons’ was in the name. They were sometimes collectively called ‘the Sons and Daughters of Liberty.’ The Sons of Honor always reminds me of them, for some reason. The Daughters were sometimes referred to as a separate organization due to their different roles; it’s quite possible that the same is true of the Sons and Daughters of Honor.
  7. Best line ever! The entire ending - and it makes no sense until you’ve read the whole trilogy...
  8. So we don’t actually know how the group refers to them.
  9. You do realize that the first Epigraph in TFE spoils the end of HoA...
  10. The problem is the translation thing going on. We can’t be certain the word Allik said was exactly what he meant; the South does not seem to have had kings at all. So Allik could mean ‘leader’ and it comes out as king. Especially since Kell was likely doing the same thing when he went South, we are talking about words translated from North to South and back again. It’s Broken Telephone at best, and that’s assuming Allik knows what he’s talking about! And Allik isn’t entirely trustworthy as a source; he’s not a historian, so he may well be wrong or vague on certain things. He’s trying to seem more knowledgeable than he is to impress Marasi. He basically goes along with TLR theory because he doesn’t want to admit he has no idea what they are talking about. Of course, I thought it obvious that Kell was the Sovereign. So I never really saw the connection to Rashek; the person described was clearly not TLR.
  11. Have we even seen any women in the organization?
  12. Ah. I thought it was referring to what the Stormfather called some of the Windrunners. For some reason I think of the organization as having a plural.
  13. Son of Honor should be changed to Child of Honor. Not everyone is a Son.
  14. Could we please change ‘Son of Honor’ to ‘Child of Honor?’ A fair number of us aren't exactly ‘sons’, and it just feels odd, especially when the gender-neutral one works just as well.