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  1. It is also useful for the Inquisitors to know who the Skaa copperclouds are, as other Skaa mistings will congregate around them. By leaving some copperclouds intact they can find more mistings than they would have otherwise.
  2. Mine sounds like this too. Very young and chipper preadolescent. Maybe the way Dick sounds in YJ season 1? But mostly like my five year old. Because it’s a pre-adolescent voice you can’t tell if it’s male or female as those changes have yet to occur.
  3. Amusia is the inability to hear the difference in pitch and tone in music. They can hear differences in speech. So it’s more like color blindness, where certain colors can’t be perceived; people with amusia can’t percieve certain types of tonal changes. Interestingly, this indicates that music is not processed by the same part of the brain that processes speech. I should ask that if I get the leather bound Warbreaker...
  4. So, I came across a WoB where he says that, if someone who was colorblind gained Breath, colors would still saturate but the color blindness would not be fixed. It occurred to me, what would that mean for someone with true Amusia? Ideas?
  5. I seem to recall a WoB that blind coinshots/Lurchers/mistborn can sense the metal without seeing the lines. Why not consider a situation where the intent isn’t to kill by to discover. So you have a steelrunner moving just slow enough for the seer to react to. The steelrunner is trying to tag the seer. How many Atium shadows can you get?
  6. Not all Inquisitors could pierce copperclouds either. Only those who had been Mistborn or Seekers prior to their transition into Inquisitors.
  7. Totally! I think I just have too many people in my life who think comics are silly, so now my instinct is to defend them.
  8. Why do you think comic book villains are two dimensional? Many of them are highly complex; the best usually are. Some even switch sides and join the heroes. They’ve come a long way since the Gold and Silver age.
  9. He isn’t a psychopath based on the PCLR, but that doesn’t mean he’s not a neurological psychopath. Not all psychopaths are horrible people. It has more to do with how their brains work. Psycopaths are capable of turning their empathy on and off. They tend to be manipulative, egotistical, and view the world as it applies to themselves. They also, and this is the big one, have a LOT of trouble feeling guilt. Therapy with a Criminal psychopath essentially involves teaching them to feel guilty. A law abiding psychopath sees following the law as beneficial to himself and those he cares for. Psychopaths do love. But their other tendencies mean that they may end up hurting those they care for. It’s very hard for them to see another’s perspective, though they can. They have trouble reconciling someone disagreeing with them, but not repudiating them, as they tend to see things as ‘with me or against me’; ‘my way or the highway.’ They also manipulate everyone around them and often fail to realize the emotional effect this will have. I’m firmly convinced that Batman is a neurological psychopath. It explains a lot of the issues and behaviors of his character, and pairs nicely with him being, in his own way, as insane as those he fights with the potential to become just like them. I doubt the writers did this intentionally though! (Note to self: perform PCLR using Batman’s shown behaviors...) Kell doesn’t quite make the PCLR, but he is close. He could pass; I decided that certain things didn’t get full points based on lack of knowledge (on my part)/forced by circumstances (on his). For example, Kell’s very existence was a crime; I wasn’t counting that! Kell mostly didn’t pass because he was in a steady monogamous relationship, though. I would say Kell is a neurological psychopath. I also think he wants to do good, views it as beneficial to himself to do good (because it makes him feel good) and so is technically good. He will remain there as he views things, but others may not agree with him on what ‘good’ is.
  10. No, someone on a topic mentioned one about Kell using his own bones. I just don’t remember where I saw it... or when. I’ve seen that one too though.
  11. Your villain makes me think of the Joker... was that intentional or a coincidence? Either way, in my head he sounds like Mark Hamill. Great job!
  12. Fortunately, we now have a hemalurgy chart! Duralumin steals Connection and Identity!
  13. I saw someone quoting in another topic. I have no clue where to find it again...
  14. I think there was a WoB that he isn’t using his original body?
  15. Ok. I posted it here, or you can take a peek at my DeviantArt page (same user name.) I’ll have to look for the link. I also need to start working on my tarot deck again...