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  1. Don’t feel too bad; the one time he was close enough and the Sabbath ended early enough for me to go, I was recovering from labor. It feels like he goes to England more often than New York!
  2. My daughter has brain damage and can’t properly regulate her temperature. Her average temperature is about 97.5 degrees F. It regularly drops to 96. A serious fever is over 100 degrees, because she so rarely reaches that point. She has an overactive cooling system and an under active heating system. Her room needs to be about 80 degrees all the time. She actually has gotten better; when she first got ill she had to be under a warming blanket all the time. Now we just need to take precautions. Except in summer; she’s fine and we’re boiling. (And I run into major issues, since when I’m too hot I faint. So we can’t be in the same room for extended periods.) I WISH this was a preference. Sadly, it’s not. Hopefully she’ll continue to recover. It’s hard to find doctors to help though; most people with this issue are elderly or have it as a side effect of certain illnesses (like cancer.) There really aren’t doctors who specialize in this issue, especially with young children. It’s not a very common thing, so don’t feel bad for misunderstanding. She was also brain dead for three days, and then started having brain activity again, which generally doesn’t happen either. So she’s not exactly a normal situation.
  3. True. But it does give us a fairly good limit on how hot it can get.
  4. That’s why I think he did something with the weather. He had to keep wherever they were cool enough for water to exist. It’s not just the SoScads - he had to create a sustainable environment. So water, food, etc. And none of it was genetically modified and, even if there was some Spiritual alteration, that still doesn’t explain where they were getting water from. Nevermind that the South is apparently a rainforest now... or part of it is, anyway. I wonder what happened to the water vapor... based on those words of Brandon, Scadrial should have resembled Venus - and no one was surviving that. That’s why I think we need more information. Some of this just doesn’t make sense.
  5. @Config2 They were at the Southern MAGNETIC pole. Since the Northern one was low enough for normal day/night cycles, the Southern one would have been high enough for the same. I doubt the Oceans were boiling like a pot of hot water. Otherwise they would have boiled out, and the world would have grown increasingly hot as vapor built in the atmosphere. No one is surviving Venus type conditions at either pole! We need water. So however hot it got, it could not have gotten so hot that there would not be water. Nor could it have been so hot that animals and plants died; the Southerners were not modified to eat the created foods. So we are stuck with a survivable desert; a place where plants, like cacti, and animals, like lizards, can survive. In most of those places humans can survive. Rashek could have done something with the weather actually. A perpetual cold front, or a Summer arctic jet stream, might have been enough to cool the area. Certain topographical features could have cooled things down too. I also suspect that the Southerners lived primarily underground and were nocturnal. Btw, did the continents drown after Rashek moved the world close to the sun? You’d think it would have... The next time I get a leather bound, I’m asking Brandon what the average temperature was at the Southern Magnetic Pole. And at the equator. Unless someone else can ask him first...
  6. That’s why I think we need to know how hot the average temperature in the South was. We don’t know if the seas boiled all the time, or only under the correct conditions. It was almost certainly only a surface boil though. The reason I believe they acclimated somewhat already is because, if my elder daughter went out unprotected in frigid snow, she would be hypothermic within ten minutes. The SoScads survived much longer (hours, if not days.) If they still had such strong reactions to the cold, they would have likely all been dead within the hour.
  7. My older daughter CAN freeze to death in mildly cold weather. And it didn’t require genetic manipulation, but manipulation of her brain chemistry (due to brain damage.) Even a few degrees can make a very big difference. Freeze to death is a misnomer, by the way. They don’t literally freeze; they become hypothermic very quickly, which implies an overactive cooling system and under active heating system. It’s a very extreme version of New Yorkers finding 50 degree weather comfortable, while Floridians are wearing heavy jackets. (I found it hysterical; we were at Disney, and you knew EXACTLY who came from a colder clime and who came from a warmer one.) Humans are surprisingly adaptable. The Southerners are beginning to acclimate, with the changes reversing. Otherwise they would never have survived as long as they did in the snow. An important missing factor is how hot the South actually was. My guess is 100/110 degrees average (around the Summer in the Sahara.) In the summer it gets much hotter, but probably not usually as hot as Death Valley has been known to get. It can’t be much hotter, or there would not be enough water for survival. However hot it was, it was not too much above the boiling point of water.
  8. My older daughter can freeze to death in weather I wouldn’t wear a sweater in. I don’t think we need to go crazy for an explanation when this is a real life phenomena.
  9. My older daughter has the exact same issue as the Southern Scadrians. It was caused by brain damage. She can freeze in weather I wouldn’t wear a sweater in. An easier reason is that the people who naturally tended to get cold survived the heat better and the Southerners evolved to have lower body temperatures. So now they normally run about 95/96 degrees Fahrenheit, and easily become hypothermic.
  10. Considering Ham’s personality, he may have refused to accept such titles.
  11. Preservation didn’t stab Elend. Kelsier did; I suspect Kell would have liked Sazed too much to stab him if it had been relevant. Which it isn’t. If Saze has made it to the Well, everything would have happened exactly as it did + 1 observer. Why? Because Saze thought Vin was the HOA and would have had her enter the pool anyway. Then Kell still stabs Elend because: a: Vin loves Elend, b: Kell likes Saze more, and c: Saze has F-Gold already. And Vin still releases the Power, and Fuzz shows Vin how to save Elend. A Lerasium powered Sazed would likely have been Fullborn. So obscenely overpowered, as demonstrated by the Bands of Mourning.
  12. It’s actually quite possible for him to read but not write. I was reading for years before I could write - because I wasn’t taught to form letters until Kindergarten/Pre 1-A, but had been reading since age two. (Interestingly, this means I learned to read using the Whole Language method, as I didn’t learn phonetics until much later.) Historically, quite a few people could read, but not write. They are different skills. Reading is about memorizing patterns (tehre is a roasen we don’t need to snuod out eervy wrod, and why you cluod pbrolaby flolow tihs esaliy.) Writing requires repetition and fine motor skills - and the steel alphabet isn’t the easiest to write! Furthermore, writing requires breaking words down into their component letters AND forming words in sequential order. (The brain reads from outside in.) It’s the reverse of reading, in many ways. It’s likely that Wayne is a self taught reader, who learned later in life. Like many skills learned in adulthood, it is harder for him than for someone who learned as a child. He simply hasn’t had enough practice and, likely, doesn’t enjoy it enough to go out of his way to do so.
  13. I’ve actually hand written the symbols. It’s a bit of a pain, but not terrible once you get used to it.
  14. We don’t know how much Kell retained from his time as Preservation. He may have had enough to piece it together.
  15. Someone needs to ask Brandon about that.