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  1. “I do not mind. It has been many ages since last I had cause you care for young ones, but I trust I have not utterly forgotten the manner of it.”
  2. The reason I didn’t think they resembled the Amish is two fold: first, they live in an enclave within the city; second, they are not opposed to modern innovations, but they wish to remain separate from modern culture.
  3. LotR gave a very good explanation for why the ring’s destruction would depower (not kill) Sauron. It’s because he put so much of his power into it, and losing that power would cripple him until the end of time - literally, as he’ll get better after Morgoth gets free. What about this is not a good explanation? The ring didn’t come from nowhere; Sauron created it with the unwitting help of the grandson of the greatest elven Smith of all time. It was infused with Sauron’s power and enhanced that power, a trick he learned from his master, Morgoth, who did this to the entire world (planet?) After the Ring was destroyed Sauron was drawn into the Void where his master resides. After his first defeat, he was left too weak to manifest a physical form for centuries (which, being a Maia (angel) is not his natural state.) He will be released at Dagor Dagorath. I’m pretty sure the books explained some of this stuff... The Silmarillion and HoME explain the rest - extensively! @The Silverlight Scholar Breeze is actually a full noble, which leads to its own set of interesting discussions.
  4. The way the Terris live in their own enclave, practice their own culture, and discourage (as of recent times) intermarriage, as well as getting too involved in the outside world, is similar to Orthodox Jews (and a few other, less known groups). No clue if that was intentional though.
  5. North Scadrian Survivorist Twinborn. Allomantic pewter and Feruchemical bronze. No real Terris connection. Grew up in one of the outer cities, now lives in Elendel. Works as an accountant in a middle sized construction firm.
  6. Could you give an example? I’m having a hard time visualizing it for some reason.
  7. I’m an artist, so I’d probably end up a Lightweaver. I’ve always liked the idea of Willshapers though... no clue why, but I put them as my favorite.
  8. So what happens to you when you store it? And what happens if you tap it? It seems like the effects would be very interesting on someone from Sel...
  9. Interesting. How exactly would that work? Ie. What is heritage in this context, what would tapping do, what do you lose (temporarily) when storing, etc.
  10. Thanks! I’m glad you like it!
  11. Except that there is no reason to think one God Metal is more invested than the other. If anything Atium should be more invested, considering how much of Ruin’s power is trapped within it. Chaos (paraphrased) Why is there such an imbalance between the amount of atium and the amount of lerasium in the world? Also, why are atium and lerasium very imbalanced in Allomantic power (Lerasium is far more useful than atium, really)? Brandon Sanderson (paraphrased) There isn't. Leras is just spread out further. He is in the mists, in the Well, and in the lerasium. Ruin's power however is condensed strictly in atium. No, the powers don’t need to be related. But how they work within magic systems can give us a hint. Lerasium should not be dominant within Feruchemy because it is not the God Metal of Feruchemy. Feruchemy is of both shards; the universal metalmind should therefore be of both as well. Sentience on Scadrial is caused by Preservation; it makes sense to me that Preservation’s Metal can steal/store it. But we may be getting some real answers soonish... SquishyMouth Godmetal alloys in Era 1 feel a bit like an unfulfilled promise, can you tell us about the attribute stored in a metalmind made out of any atium/lerasium alloy? Brandon Sanderson No, not yet. (This is something I intended to get to in Era 3, and am saving for it.)
  12. That’s just never made sense to me though. That’s the ability you’d expect from the God metal of that system; in this case that would probably be the effect of the alloy. I think we need to look at what Atium already does within that system, and what the two do within their own. Because that’s where the parallels would be. Atium does temporal/Spiritual things in the two systems that are not its own. Within it’s own it has been indicated to be capable of stealing anything. (WoB is unclear, as he says it can steal both every power and, in the next sentence, that it can replace any other spike.) Within Feruchemy, it stores Youth, and we know age is connected to the spiritual realm. Within Allomancy, it allows you to see into the Spiritual realm, which allows you to see into the future. It also expands your mind, allowing you to react to that knowledge. Lerasium manipulates the Spiritweb within it’s own system; the working theory is that it Connects one to a Shard. What Lerasium does in Hemalurgy is very unclear; I think it is believed to steal individual attributes. Powerful, but also highly limited. I also suspect that Lerasium spikes would deteriorate quickly as the power would be coming from the spike, not Ruin. Sentience on Scadrial exists due to extra Preservation in the people. I actually think that this is what Lerasium steals, which manifests as a strengthening of all attributes. (Like getting extra Breath on Nalthis.) This makes Lerasium very powerful on Scadrial, but limited off of it, similar to other metals that primarily steal things that don’t exist off Scadrial. Like other metals, it can steal more than one thing though, likely individual attributes. So based on this, I think it stores that part of Scadrians. It stores their extra Preservation. When tapped, the Feruchemist has all their attributes strengthened, in a manner similar to having excess Breath on Nalthis. At extreme levels, they would temporarily stop aging. When storing, the Feruchemist would be very similar to a Drab. Parallels: Each Metal is Supreme in its own system with a major Spiritual effect. (Atium, assuming ‘steals everything’, can edit the Spiritweb in many different ways. Lerasium rewrites the Spiritweb as it’s base effect.) Both are extremely powerful but highly limited in the other’s system, with the fueling power coming from the metal. (Atium lets you see the Spiritual realm and let’s you use that information; Lerasium would steal the extra Preservation, but be a lesser Atium (stealing only physical/mental attributes) elsewhere.) Within Feruchemy, both store something unusual and unique and limited. Due to Preservation being the source of Scadrian Sentience, I think it makes sense that that’s what it stores. Feruchemy being, essentially, an alloy of Ruin and Preservation, a universal metalmind would be a Lerasium/Atium alloy. It would not be Harmonium; Harmony is not truly an alloy of the two, as they have merged/are merging on a more fundamental level. As time goes on, and the two Shards continue to merge, I think he should get his own system, just as he has his own metal. He may already have this, considering what we’ve seen Harmonium do. (Note that this hypothetical system is external to the people. Also note that, right now, Saze would drop Harmony.)
  13. I did say that some green light must get through, since the ferromagnetic cloud isn’t perfect. It seems you agree with my headcannon that pre-Catascande ‘blond’ wasn’t actually what we call blond. My theory is that it is a similar shade to Cinderella’s below, which is not actually yellow (it’s a pale red) but is often mistaken as such.
  14. My theory: sentience.
  15. It’s green light that’s filtered. And the brain only ‘adapts’ if it knows what the actual colors are. If you have different colors at different times it will be noticeable. A more extreme version is a rare form of ocular blindness, where the brain is convinced it can ‘see.’ (No, it can’t.) There’s also the fact that blond hair, as we know it, shouldn’t really exist. When blond hair doesn’t receive enough light, it darkens. So ‘blond’ hair pre-Catascande could have actually been light red to dark strawberry blond, and light brown to dark dirty blond. I headcannon Kell and Marsh as actually having Cinderella’s original movie hair, which many mistakenly believe is blond. (Disney does not help matters.) This doesn’t change that much when switching environs and allows Vin to describe Alriane as blond and yellow haired. It also explains brown plants; they actually are somewhat green, but appear brown due to the lack of green wavelengths. Which is a much simpler explanation than the complete destruction of chlorophyll. It still doesn’t explain how ‘White’ clothing can exist outdoors... the fact that it’s a pale gray might though.