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  1. Just completed: Kimi no Na wa. (Score: 10)

  2. Completed watching New Game!

  3. Just completed: Koe no Katachi (Score: 9)

  4. RT @wilw: Toilet paper should only be sold by the crapload.

  5. Police officer killed after hugging suicide bomber to save "countless lives" in Iraq mosque via @reddit

  6. Just completed: Shingeki no Kyojin Season 2 (Score: 9)

  7. RT @AnthonyHopkins: "Remember my face in your eyes" he whispered. "Remember my name in your dream." #Dreamscapes #AnthonyHopkinsArt https:/…

  8. I'm #reading The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson

  9. RT @cinemasins: Friend: What are you writing lately? Me: 6 books that all suck. F: At least your confidence is solid. M: No sh*t, I obvious…

  10. *泣いている*

  11. *sigh* *ため息*

  12. 54% through "Gardens of the Moon":

  13. 38% through "Gardens of the Moon":

  14. Just completed: Working'!!

  15. Check out this quote. "There were miseries in the world, and then there was misery. In times of conscience he hel...