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  1. I think because there are two shards that Sazed holds, there is two possible intents available to him - Harmony and Discord. If he were to hold a third shard, perhaps there would be six possible intents?
  2. Hear me out. Kelsier is running around again in his body after dying. And who is he running around with? The one person we have cannonically seen resurrect someone - Wan ShaiLu. Personal opinion - his eye spike contains the soul stamp.
  3. I loved the themes Sanderson presented here. As someone who is probably way too interested in politics, a lot of ideas rang true for me. I loved the conflict between Harmony and Autonomy, which really reflects the internal conflict within Sazed of Ruin vs Preservation. Let me explain. In the Basin, progress is hindered because things are too comfortable and hindered by politics. We don't really see an explosion of progress until the Malwish show up and present a threat. You also see how Wax matures from someone who is comfortable and caught up in the past to someone who is willing to embrace progress, but also embraces the lessons he learned as a younger man in the Roughs. I think the lesson to take away is that as a society we can't be stuck in the past, but we can't forsake it either. We need to look forward while learning the lessons of those who have gone on before us. We can't have a society that is too safe and easy, or else we will never progress and we won't be able to address our societies shortcomings, but we can't allow society to be come so dangerous that we forsake those who can't keep up. The trick is finding that balance I suppose. Or, in this case, finding Harmony.
  4. so, first of all, Kelsier was actually a very brutal person towards people who abuse their power, we saw that over and over again in mistborn, and I doubt that has changed much. SA has largely been about people who have power, many of whom have severely abused said power, and I imagine people like Jasnah Kholin are no exception. Kelsier also had large and grand plans, but he was also good at working with teams to accomplish bite sized goals. I imagine one of the things Kel needs is resources, investiture particularly, which seems to be the goal of the GB on Roshar, likely not as a tool to for enrichment, but as a means of acquiring a resource for use in some grander plan. One piece of a much larger thing. Kelsier also, like the Fused, would likely have an identity that slowly consumes him - in his case, his identity as the Survivor.
  5. I think Rysn was forbidden from bonding a spren because of the distrust between Amians and High Spren
  6. So here is a thought... we know Odium's goal is to splinter the other shards of Adonalsium, and not to outright kill them. So let's say he does that by doing just that, splintering the shard into subshards and then corrupting each individual piece, unmaking them. Perhaps, the 9 unmade are actually beings similar to the Stormfather, only corrupted by Odium.
  7. Wouldn't it be neat if Nightblood was like... a mini shard? I mean it has an 'intent' that is unique from all other shards, and is 'magnitudes' more powerful than a shardblade, which is a splinter. Just a thought.
  8. What about Danlan? She joined up in WOK, oddly started courting Adolin within 2 days of arriving in the warcamp, and the first real description we read about her mostly focuses on her hair (which can look however she wants it to look) and I'm pretty sure she doesn't have family in the warcamps.