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  1. But he didn't!!! He could have just said give up the city or else i will kill this random child billy bob!!! This shows that Straff didnt think his son would give up the city.
  2. You think any elend would risk the lives of hundreds and thousands of people just to save one kid?
  3. Still, why would he believe him?
  4. Even before possibly for a different reason: his father knew him as the lazy not caring for anyone and hating his family routine. He would have said, the books and philosophers say that it is better for the world if i give him up, ok books say so. Bye son. Plus, why would elend believe him? For all he knew, he was never born. His father would be lying. Just to be clear, i am devil advocating here.
  5. I agree with you completely except for the fact that elend is the type who would do the greater good and let his son die to save thousands. Second, theres a year gap between books. You never know. Third, i know its not likely, but i would like it to be true. And if theres anyone who could explain it, brandon can.
  6. Great minds think alike. I was thinking the same thing because when elend finds out he said "when i found out" meaning he didnt actually see her die. Probably not what happened though, or so thats what brandon and his sidekicks want us to believe.
  7. Im sorry for yet again being misunderstood. We never meet them (know their name), and never spend time with one of them individually. I understand and stated that yes, its more likely some other venture, but i would prefer it if it wasn't.
  8. What was the difference between them? Both Forgotten. Are there different categories of strength for forgotten? Why was Nalizar stronger?
  9. I know he has lots and lots of children. But they themselves are never mentioned.
  10. While what you are saying is possible, and most likely, the reason i posted this was because first, we dont see any of the illegitamites mentioned ever in person and mostly, second, i would love to see that Douglas really is related to one of the half brothers, even though it is extremely unlikely, and brandon pulling his magic and creating a whole new mind numbing plot about this.
  11. In the beginning of shadows of self, steris and wax are inviting people to their wedding and wax says to invite Douglas Venture. What??? How could there be a Venture? Elends father only had two sons (heirs with his last name) Elend and Zane. With no other family since otherwise the father wouldnt have been scared that Elend would get the house title. Elend didn't have a child. As far as we know. So did Zane have a child? Or am i just overthinking it?
  12. I dont know. I dont like what her character brings to the story but i think that she was a better comic relief in this book than wayne. Getting her own narrative was hilarious. But besides that her chemistry does get better and now thats shes a full character i would want brandon to use that but it will be very hard to. I think i preferred when she was a side character.
  13. Thanks emphimas. Finally someone who straight out agrees with me. Here is your first like. Welcome to 17th shard.
  14. Well... it would definitely be the easiest book to adapt on film.