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  1. I just barely listened to this. With the chapters we have so far, very entertaining. But I loved the thoughts! Thanks for the post
  2. "Bavadin has several male personas, and has often appeared as male for one purpose or another, so it's not that much of an issue. She has more female personas, but some of the male ones are quite popular. This won't be relevant for a long while, but as a service to the community, let me say this: try not to get too hung up on gender, race, or even human appearance where Bavadin is concerned. There are some peoples who worship entire pantheons where every member is actually her." Brandon replied with this to my reddit post, " After reading arcanum unbound I'm thinking its possible that Autonomy is Trell. With the description that the shard doesn't allow people to come to Taldain, but is actively working in other planets. We know that there are shards working to keep Harmony ignorant. This makes sense to me. Any thoughts?" P.S. First post. Sorry about formatting if it's incorrect. I am including the link to the reddit thread. Thanks! https://www.reddit.com/r/brandonsanderson/comments/5f7cm0/autonomyspoilers/
  3. In the Mistborn secret histroy when they talked about the shattering of Adonalsium they made it sound like a group of 16 people got together with the intent of destroying Adonalsium. Do you think they pre determined who would get what shards or if the shards chose their holders based on personality and connection to them. Also we know that Hoid was there but did not receive a shard, I think that he didn't want one because he was worried it would change him but that he was the master behind the plan of the shattering. Thoughts?
  4. Thanks for the welcome! I couldn't find anything...so I guess i'm glad it wasn't user error.
  5. Yes Brandon has said there are only 16 base metals. I don't have an exact quote.
  6. One of my brothers recommended Sandersons work to me about a year and half ago and I fell completely in love with it. I love pretty much everyone one of his writings and I have a hard time going and reading any different authors. Anyway I have been on 17th shrad quite frequently to solve arguments me and my family get into about the many different things going on his Brandons books, and i figured it was time that i actually signed up instead of just skulking through. I'm excited to be part of the community and have some awesome discussions with other Sanderson fans. TLDR: I'm a Sanderson fan and happy to be part of the 17th shard. Right out of the gate I have a question I was wondering if any of you could speculate or answer for me. When Adonalsium was shatterd into 16 pieces was it predetermined who would get what shards or was it based on personalities?