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  1. Totally, yes! Buuut...is anyone (other than maybe Harmony) strong enough to actually do it? Probably not. Love him or hate him, Nightblood is a living creature. He didn't ask to be born incredibly powerful and corrupt.
  2. I'd just like to point out that not every radiant needs to, or really even should be allowed, to swear up to and passed the 4th ideal. Lopen can do a lot of good where he is and he's risen much farther than should have ever been expected.
  3. Eh, the coppermind makes it sound like there's a dependency involved which would penalize the savant once they stopped being able to burn, but there's a little ambiguity still. I Certainly wouldn't expect removing the spike to undo the physiological damage caused by savantism if that helps.
  4. I'd assume the spike could be charged once for each band of metal it was created with (provided that the metals were hammered together and not alloyed). The caveat being that it would still count as multiple spikes in terms of how much strain it put on the recipient's spiritweb and how susceptible it made them to Harmony's influence...
  5. Doesn't becoming a tin savant make one nearly senseless if they run out of metal to burn? I'm thinking this would go very poorly for the de-spiked savant...
  6. If they give enough time to do it all, this could be very interesting.
  7. I think this might be exactly what Autonomy is doing to herself.
  8. Don't be so sure that the jury is out on this one, it sounds like Brandon has seriously considered introducing these types of hacks, but... (speculating and reading between the lines): ...they may simply be too complicated to make practical use of on-screen: 'Facts' thus far: The Iron-Feruchemy Investiture could be Invested in a steel metalmind fair and square, but it couldn't (easily) be drawn back out with (only) feruchemy. There shouldn't be any Identity/Connection hurdles in Wax's case (iron+steel) Investing a metal with its associated feruchemic attribute (in a way that does not introduce Identity/Connection hurdles) causes that metal to bestow its associated feruchemic attribute when burned allomantically. I'm not aware of anyone listing out all the possible twinborn combinations that could make use of this hack; if it could be shown that none of them break the magic system too hard we might be able to shake loose more information... Personally, I think twinborns like Wax should be able to augment the resonance-ability between their powers when burning (for example) ironminds which have been reforged into steel. Near as I can tell, this would just give him (more) precise control over the force he pushes with, IE: more effective steel-bubble deflection, tighter control over acceleration/deceleration while in flight, and greater capability to push on specific parts of objects (rather than their center of mass).
  9. Feedback in bold:
  10. I'm loving this concept! Totally yes is my answer. The Command is what builds the soul which, through Breath, reanimates the Lifeless, so if you Commanded it to use an unkeyed metalmind, my thought is that the Breath which animates it would have to assemble itself into a Spiritual "shape" capable of doing so. Lifeless have reduced self-awareness, so...it might take some trial and error to teach one enough about identity and connection to be able to believe itself into a new persona, but I don't see why it couldn't be done. Gold heals on all 3 levels so, once you've primed it to tap Unsealed minds, taught it what it needs to know in order to be able to obey, then told it what to do...yeah, i think you'd have a changeling. I don't know if it would be able to change back though, and it might break free as soon as it doesn't believe it's a Lifeless, what with the Gold trying to make that true Spiritually. Necromancy!
  11. Soldiers are icy, direct, and focused on protecting others, no matter the cost. You might think of them as the personification of Honor. Warriors are passionate about winning the fight in front of them, no matter the cost. You might think of them as the personification of Odium.
  12. With complimentary powers which manifest in an individual naturally, I would expect progressive degrees of resonance to be possible; like overlaying musical chords. In that same vein...I'd think that obtaining powers via hemalurgy might actually cause one to lose any resonance that they had before. Ruin's power is one of insanity and dissonance after all...but he does know how to make extremely powerful champions anyway...lol
  13. Love this question. It would probably drive most souls insane; but if a soul's internal connections were stable enough to maintain themselves even in a spiritual vacuum, then...yeah, I would think one could...disconnect. Would that make them a spectre who can't be detected, or let them step outside the pattern like Ishmael in WoT? That I can't say...
  14. I know you meant it in a tongue-in-cheek kind of way, but...yeah, I think you spelled out exactly what Rayse wanted: Dalinar to smooth his problems away and punish the people he didn't like...lol. Shatter the Shards? Yeah...that would probably be step-1.... Long term though, I would expect Odium's Intent to errode any cooperative relationship, since he is hate for all things, including the self and one's own creations. So...best guess, Odiums goal was to destroy everything everywhere by dragging everyone everywhere into a fight that can't be won or stopped, and he was trying to make Dalinar the first general in what would have been a many-sided war of the worlds. Maybe Taravangian is different...?
  15. Last one was 6 and the new one is 9. Are you mixing up edgedancer and dawnshard?
  16. I like this premise; I don't see an easy way to scale it to an industrial level (IE: reprogramming highly Invested objects at will or taking a meaningful bite out of a passing highstorm) by leveraging the currently defined in-world physics, but if one could...I'd add a little more to your points:
  17. This...is extremely astute I think...
  18. A thousand times yes. Morality aside, one has to admire the Inquisitor's ability to choose, change, and manipulate their own powers and physical form...albeit at the cost of ravaging and mutilating their and other sapient organisms' souls.
  19. 1. Will Yalb meet Shallan again? Yes, definitely, their meeting will serve to highlight how Shallan has both grown and changed from the early chapters. 2. Will Dalinar meet Rysn? Yeah, probably after she reports back to Navani after the expedition. He'll probably sense that something is weird about her but he'll have no frame of reference by which to unravel the mystery, so a mystery it shall remain...at first! 3. Could Dalinar steal the Dawnshard? Well that got dark fast...Not unless someone teaches him more about his powers? I'm thinking that his Oaths to the stormfather are (probably) too robust to allow this kind of thing unless the person who's Connection he was messing with asked him to do it or he was honestly trying to save their life and had no choice but to act unilaterally to do so. 4. What would happen if 3 happened? Wow...no guesses here. What even is a Dawnshard? A Command? The power and will to enact Change? What does that even mean?
  20. Pretty sure Jushu's discovery of how aluminum affects conjoiners in Dawnshard removes at least 80% of the hurdles Rosharans have to clear to unlock mobile phones. The only reason I can think of offhand as to why they don't already have stationary telephones in production is that they don't have enough ardents studying sound/vibration and playing with oscillating cones.
  21. Material thickness really isn't the best physical property to increase for the purpose of stopping or deflecting a bullet anyway...some quick Googling turns up a handful of back-of-the-envelope calculations (mostly scientists analyzing superhero movies) showing that a skull made of typical bone can't not suffer permanent deformation (cracking, shattering, chipping, ect.) from a point-blank shot from even a relatively low caliber bullet. I would posit then that the constructs' bones are specifically optimized by whoever designed them for stopping bullets, with material properties (think: elastic modulus) closer to kevlar than bone. Regular bone can't stop a shotgun slug at close range. Kevlar can (albeit usually with a lot of severe blunt-force trauma anyway...) Why then does the narrative say "thickened" You might ask? Well...Wax's perceptions, intuitions, off-the-cuff-guesses, and internal monologue about the underlying physics of monsters he just met should probably be read with an understanding that he's not always 100% accurate.
  22. @The Awakened Salad - I like the thought experiment, but honestly, I feel like Preservation might already end up being rebranded as the villain in retrospect. (At least from the perspective of non-scadrians) While Ati is narrated as overtly sadistic and overcome by murderous contempt for the Scadrians, Leras' desire for the preservation of the Scadrians leads him to betray his pact with Ati to not let Scadrial grow too powerful, betray his agreement with the other Shards to not recombine with another Shard, and, if the foreshadowing thus far is any indicator, potentially set Scadrial on a path of war and conquest against other systems throughout the Cosmere. I suspect before the epic is through, most of the Shards will be widely perceived as lawful-evil, a few as chaotic neutral, one or two as true-neutral, and maybe none that can be called any type of good.
  23. Well...it may not be the easiest method, but we know Ruin could alter the contents of copperminds so it stands to reason that Harmony can as well. A little discussed implication of this power is that it suggests that Harmony can read the contents of any coppermind without draining it and should therefore be able to upload its contents to other copperminds; keyed or unkeyed shouldn't matter. If a person (or Avatar?) with a more liberal attitude toward divine intervention were to replace Sazed they could potentially be persuaded to assist in the greatest and most efficient method of information dissemination ever conceived...I've always felt that the spread of information was key to giving people Autonomy AND maximizing their number of options (which Sazed claims is his responsibility as Harmony IIRC)...
  24. In some circumstances, for some metals, yes, something like this should work, but it's worth pointing out that it would probably be faster, safer, easier, and more effective to centrifuge the molten material to separate it into cylindrical layers based on atomic mass rather than try to uniformly push it into layers using a bunch of allomancers.
  25. This is spot on. For matter moving at speeds approaching the speed of light the concept of air resistance doesn't make sense because the air would be pressurized to the point of fusion before it could be shoved out of the way. The steel runner would die in the first few nanoseconds and the resulting burst of high energy gamma rays and the line of fusion explosions left in their wake would eclipse any man-made explosion made to date.