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  1. @The Awakened Salad - I like the thought experiment, but honestly, I feel like Preservation might already end up being rebranded as the villain in retrospect. (At least from the perspective of non-scadrians) While Ati is narrated as overtly sadistic and overcome by murderous contempt for the Scadrians, Leras' desire for the preservation of the Scadrians leads him to betray his pact with Ati to not let Scadrial grow too powerful, betray his agreement with the other Shards to not recombine with another Shard, and, if the foreshadowing thus far is any indicator, potentially set Scadrial on a path of war and conquest against other systems throughout the Cosmere. I suspect before the epic is through, most of the Shards will be widely perceived as lawful-evil, a few as chaotic neutral, one or two as true-neutral, and maybe none that can be called any type of good.
  2. Well...it may not be the easiest method, but we know Ruin could alter the contents of copperminds so it stands to reason that Harmony can as well. A little discussed implication of this power is that it suggests that Harmony can read the contents of any coppermind without draining it and should therefore be able to upload its contents to other copperminds; keyed or unkeyed shouldn't matter. If a person (or Avatar?) with a more liberal attitude toward divine intervention were to replace Sazed they could potentially be persuaded to assist in the greatest and most efficient method of information dissemination ever conceived...I've always felt that the spread of information was key to giving people Autonomy AND maximizing their number of options (which Sazed claims is his responsibility as Harmony IIRC)...
  3. In some circumstances, for some metals, yes, something like this should work, but it's worth pointing out that it would probably be faster, safer, easier, and more effective to centrifuge the molten material to separate it into cylindrical layers based on atomic mass rather than try to uniformly push it into layers using a bunch of allomancers.
  4. This is spot on. For matter moving at speeds approaching the speed of light the concept of air resistance doesn't make sense because the air would be pressurized to the point of fusion before it could be shoved out of the way. The steel runner would die in the first few nanoseconds and the resulting burst of high energy gamma rays and the line of fusion explosions left in their wake would eclipse any man-made explosion made to date.
  5. If feruchemists cant tap heat or breath while sleeping that's a huge weakness that should've been mentioned before now...
  6. Honestly, I think Marsh would be extremely sensitive to the fact that he is open to control by a shard, even a generally benevolent one like Harmony, after his traumatizing experience with Ruin. He also found out experimentally that he could reduce Ruin's control over him through spikes in his already unusually gifted Determination. I would therefore posit that he's probably taken steps to allow himself to compound Determination. Not only would that make him extremely difficult to influence, it would probably make him almost irresponsibly certain in the rightness of his actions. Whether he is sane or not is an excellent question, because he's definitely up to something. Could be good or bad or some super position of both.
  7. Darn! I really wanted to jump in with an "obviously it's one of the seals on the Dark One's prison" and score some easy Memory of Light points, but this seems pretty open-and-shut...
  8. Recall the mist-sickness and how Preservation forcibly "snapped" a bunch of people who, under normal circumstances, never would have become allomancers. He was able to do this because many Scadrians are born with an affinity for the metallic arts (IE: they have the theoretical ability to manifest access to a specific allomantic and/or feruchemic power) while lacking the necessary Connection/Investiture to be able to ever bridge the gap to gain access without external influence. Basically: Metallic arts powers are assigned at birth Some (and maybe most or even all) Scadrians are born with theoretical access to a power but, for reasons that are not totally clear, they can't snap without additional Connection/Investiture being supplied to them from an external source Fine details are largely ROF'd at this point; it is generally expected that many details will become clear with the next book
  9. Liquid metals can be burned yes. Wayne demonstrates this trick by melting a lump of bendalloy in hot tea to make swallowing it easier. Bendalloy has a melting point of approximately 70C and tea is generally served at approximately 72C. This trick is useful because bendalloy burns so quickly that a relatively large amount is required for any kind of sustained use to be possible. (IE: Wayne needs to consume something like 10-100x the volume of metal that Wax does when preparing for a fight).
  10. I've been off the forums for a while, but my general recollection was that the prevailing theory was that "pushing" past "mistpoint" would gradually result in increasingly greater damage to the allomancer's spiritweb unless Sazed decided to relinquish control of Harmony to them (which probably wouldn't happen). This would essentially cap any allomantic expression of power, either human or mechanized, by causing the conduit channeling the power to dematerialize once the threads of its spiritweb were shredded/consumed/separated/vaporized/ect. In a nutshell: allomancy can't be broken to create infinite or insane power loops because doing so would vaporize the user, be it man or machine. (Caveat: except if Harmony is dropped) Has any of that been canonized or fallen out of favor?
  11. The powers should absolutely stack, however, this might not be as crazy powerful as could be expected. For example, duralumin causes the user to very rapidly metabolize the other metals they are burning, much like flaring but on an extreme scale. Flaring is much less efficient than normal burning, IE: the user get more Investiture flowing through them per second when flaring, but the ratio between the Investiture flowing through them and the rate at which they burn metal decreases. Flaring duralumin should obey this principle like any other metal, and having duralumin nicrobursted should be roughly equivalent to super flaring it. Basically, this is going to lead to cascading waste with every additional iteration of nicrobursting and/or duralumining the end metal. It's mathematically possible that combining multiple augmentations could result in an equal or even weaker final display of power, with the caveat that much more metal would be consumed in the process. Further, even if the end user has many pounds of metal beads swallowed, it is entirely possible that they could have a maximum effective rate of Investiture output that is independent of the amount of augmentations on them; ie: they can be forced to burn pewter faster and faster, but they might be capped at 10x power no matter how fast they burn it.
  12. Why is no one picking Ambition? I don't know what kind of magic system he/she would've come up with, but a planet of Ambition is bound to be loaded with opportunities for advancement and a mass producer of worldhoppers to carry their lord's will to the far reaches of the Cosmere. Being a worldhopper gives one the best chance of accumulating access to multiple magic systems and frankly I think Ambition would have created the most had it not been for the untimely death...if I'm hedging my bets, that's the way I'd have to go, Harmony just doesnt create enough metallic arts users or I'd go with him.
  13. I think this raises an interesting conceptual solution for what may eventually be a real social problem for Scadrians: the detection and regulation of hemalurgy. If people with abnormally significant Connection to Ruin naturally repulse, or affect by proximity, people with abnormally great Connection to Preservation, that implies to me that people, or constructs like Kandra, with hidden spikes should theoretically be able to be picked out of a crowd if the right technique or technology were utilized. It sort of points to the potential existence of a natural visceral response to Investiture by Scadrians, particularly in unbalanced or unnatural cases like Inquisitors or Mistborn who enjoy murdering the innocent, which should be able to be manipulated or augmented. Maybe I'm grasping at straws but that's my two cents. Have an upvote for a solid set of scene analyses.
  14. @Calderis While I don't like to admit it, that makes a certain kind of sense and is consistent with other innate magic systems in the Cosmere like Awakening in which the user needs no special training, preparation, or severe emotional trauma... I am biased. I want feruchemy to require snapping for symmetry with allomancy and for what I perceive as more elegant alignment with the greater mechanics of hemalurgy and the medallions (which I think we both agree lean on hemalurgy to an extent). I grudgingly agree that your explanation is technically satisfactory with the caveat that, stylistically, I find it less appealing than the alternative. Touche and well played, you're probably right.
  15. I would argue that in the absence of clearly canonized information, feruchemy and allomancy should be assumed to obey parallel spiritual mechanics, after all, they appear to interact with hemalurgy and medallions in equivalent ways. I posit that snapping must be a fundamental aspect of feruchemy unless explicitly countermanded by a WoB on the basis that both allomancy and hemalurgy necessarily require the cracking of one's spiritweb to facilitate participation in the corresponding magic system. Note however that the way this is achieved differs between allomancy and hemalurgy, the former requiring a calibratable level of physical or emotional trauma and the latter simply requiring a forced foreign injection of Investiture into one's spiritweb. How does a feruchemist snap? Well, I would speculate that it parallels allomancy in both era 1 and 2. A full feruchemist is, by my reckoning, a roughly equally efficient killing machine compared to a mistborn but on a slightly more limited time-scale. Perhaps they snap slightly more easily then, but, given the abuses and castration of the Terris, it isn't difficult to imagine that they easily maintained a 100% snapping rate under the lord ruler...