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  1. Navani and Raboniel is one of the more plausible and realistic ships, if anything, in RoW. They were very cute.
  2. I think that the encounter -did- go as Wit planned it, even though he lost some Breaths in exchange. (It's something he could quite easily figure out regardless after the fact, and that would once again tip him about a change in Odium.) He gained a lot of information, and presumably whatever else Design or somebody else was doing while Odium's full attention was on Wit.
  3. Cultivation! I feel like I would have the most fascinating conversations with her.
  4. Hoid knows something is off and he definitely gained something from that conversation, even if Odium did not literally give himself up to him instantly.
  5. I agree completely! 'Honor', in general, is not a good thing to rely on. It's not the equivalent of 'good'. Look at any number of 'honor systems' in the world that come with the unfortunate side-effects of endless blood feuds. In general, this is more just a weakness of Sanderson's writing. His characters don't tend to act like people would, and there is largely not a lot of contemplation of factors the actual people dealing with these issues would consider, but rather a focus on... 'the greater evil', more cosmic evils, 'true evil' as that Kaladin quote reads. Of course, all evil is true evil, whether it is a 'small-time' abuser destroying peoples' lives or a mass murderer like Dalinar (and yet these so-called small-time abusers and small-time evils are mostly what all of us encounter in our lives) Very little of it makes sense to me, but at the time of reading I just sort of swept it under the rug and didn't pay much attention to it save a fleeting annoyance.
  6. Navani/Raboniel had a lot of tension between them, sexual and romantic, enough for me to note it in my head -several times- during the reading of the book.
  7. This is something I thought as well. Additionally, if gemstones can be manufactured, and made more 'perfect', then it would make sense that the gemstones kept getting smaller and smaller over time. As a bit of an aside, but this is how I would imagine space age Rosharans transported light. Tiny tiny gemstones that are near-perfect.
  8. I'm convinced of this, now, as @AquaRegia said - Gavilar will not only return, but he will be Odium's Champion. It fits TOO perfectly. It would be TOO satisfying for this not to happen. The foreshadowing, the logical progression of prologues all depicting that single event, we -naturally- came to this conclusion and so many of us -naturally- feel that this makes too much sense for it not to happen. For it not to happen at this point would be a mistake in storytelling and writing, I feel, and Brandon Sanderson is a very experienced writer. He's well aware of the foreshadowing he does. So both on a story-level and meta-level, this makes entirely too much sense for me not to be 100% on board with this theory.
  9. Gavilar returning would be AMAZING. I'm not going to lie. I would absolutely love that as a twist: the person whose death sparked all these events, whose villainy we have been slowly made aware of over the books since his supposed death, returning at the last hour. That would be such a good twist.
  10. Happy Birthday, Vissy! 

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      Happy Birthday!!!

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  11. So theoretically if Dalinar opened a Perpendicularity at Cuseicash, everything would get fixed?
  12. It would have been a more prominent plotline in RoW if there was a trick to it.' And I support the Venli-Leshwi ship!
  13. Die Hard: Urithiru could have been done differently. Defense nodes felt very video-game-y. I would've liked it more if the story was more 'human' - you can't fight an entire army, it's simply impossible. Kaladin just casually slapping around Fused seems like a level of power he's reached now, and I'm not sure I like that! I would have preferred the Kaladin Urithiru stuff having contained very little combat and simply a lot of dialogue / conversational character interactions.
  14. Could you link the interview?
  15. It would be supremely disrespectful writing towards Cultivation as a character (and turn her into the ultimate jobber of the Cosmere) if Taravangian beats her when she has a complete upper hand on him. So I think there's a lot more to this than just "TOdium will become the next big bad of the Cosmere". It's the reason why I don't think he will survive Book 5, in fact, or if he does, it'll be different than what most people think it is.