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  1. Wait, where did Wit tell Kelsier that? That seems like it needs a citation.
  2. I do wonder if this won't end up happening. We know that Cognitive Shadow-like entities can bond spren (Nale, for instance). And I do think that he would make a great Lightweaver. Seeing the oaths from him would be amazing. Willshaper is more suited to his actions, let's say, but Lightweaver is what he needs.
  3. I think Kaladin won't continue being an active frontline combatant, but he will continue to play an active role in the war - just in the higher echelons of power or in a different role. His power will be used more surgically, sparing it for when it is most needed. It will represent a growth for Kaladin: as he grows in power, so does his maturity and capacity to protect even when he is not actively, directly flying in to save the day - and when he inevitably does that again in the back five books (because, let's face it, of course he will) - it will feel all the more satisfying.
  4. Thank you for summing up my thoughts on that scene as well.
  5. I'm on Team Ghostbloods because it's probably the most human organization out of these. The 17th Shard and Team Arcanists are... too distant
  6. I think Syladin would work just fine, if that is the way it goes! I currently see more potential in Kaladin and Leshwi, but Kaladin and Syl have been rattling around in my brain ever since the end of OB anyway so.
  7. God of War 5: Roshar, coming to stores in 2022! No but for real, I don't think War is going to be a shard.
  8. As a sort of counterpoint, what makes her lies specifically any better? I don't think it's very likely that Shallan just happens to have all of the best lies (unless she's just, for some reason, a celebrity among Cryptics). There's obviously something else going on there.
  9. So... fully corporeal spren. Is this another notch in the victory belt of the Syladin gospel?
  10. All I can say is that this has made me appreciate Shallan a lot more, and I look forward to her repairing her bond with Testament, getting to know her (again), and dual-wielding Shardblades like a badass.
  11. This is definitely something I understand, but on the other hand... Moash is just pure hot garbage whose actions completely undermine his supposed beliefs on the caste system and you do not need to defend him to defend criticism of the caste system.
  12. And he burned the Diagram, too. He absolutely reneged on the deal.
  13. The Intent of the agreement was clearly that of Taravangian not betraying Odium, though. You can't get out of Shardic contracts by finagling with word choice. Instead of that, Taravangian directly attacked Odium and its Vessel.
  14. Just let him die and pass on into the Beyond. Preferably while messing up TOdium's plans. As a character he doesn't deserve anything at all aside from being defeated.