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  1. I don't think Odium is a good guy, but I'm still holding out hope for him having a better motivation than sheer desire to be the top dog in the Cosmere. I think it'd be more interesting if he actually was sort of right about how harmful it is to break the terms of the promise they made to one another, and that they actually did have a good reason to get rid of Adonalsium.
  2. Just that really. It's been a bit quiet here recently, so I thought I'd ask if anyone has heard anything about the Steelheart movie that was announced to be in the works in 2015. I was actually fairly excited about this project back when it got announced! As far as what I remember about this: Movie rights owned by 20th Century Fox. Screenwriting by Carter Blanchard, and unlike most Sanderson IPs that just get their movie rights bought and then not heard about since, this project was actually announced which means it should eventually make it onto the screen. Then in 2016 or so Disney acquired 20th Century Fox. Has the project been suspended now? Is it still being worked on?
  3. Ahh yes, that Hoid lad. He's a bit suspicious eh? Bet someone should be looking into that.
  4. Also please keep in mind that Adolin blames Sadeas for his mother's death. It was Sadeas who took the blame for burning down Rathalas, remember? And do we know if this factored at all into his snap decision to murder him? What's going to happen when Adolin finds out that the one he blamed for his mother's death - the one he thought he'd already put behind him - was suddenly standing in front of him again? What kind of trauma is this going to trigger in him, if any? It's not going to be an easy revelation to accept for him.
  5. Would be kind of lame if Adolin found out about this from a book. I at least anticipate this to be a big scene between Adolin, Renarin and Dalinar. I'll be disappointed if it isn't given the weight and time it deserves.
  6. The WAR novel itself is incredibly bad. It honestly reads like a poorly planned-out first or second draft, and most of the book is literally exposition. There's no dramatic arc to the plot, it's literally just the climax of the story (the final battle against Nick Bolas) Going back to CotN though, Davriel is basically just Lightsong isn't he? He's witty and secretly hates himself, and he's actually an accountant at heart (or in previous life). And Miss Highwater you could almost say is Blushweaver 2.0.
  7. Trap and immobilize them, then harvest their souls with Hemalurgy.
  8. Hmm hmm. I'd probably ask something really pointed. Or something sly. Like if she remembers that assassin she hired back on the day of Gavilar's death. Or what she thinks about Hoid. Or whether she's heard rumours about a mythical figure who's all about secrets. Or if she knows the connection between Szeth's weapon and her family's former blade instructor. It'd be questions like that. I don't find questioning her beliefs, morals or past the most interesting thing to do, considering that I already have a pretty good idea of them. And her past is none of my business, not yet at least.
  9. In any world but a perfect one, Kelsier *is* a hero. I break a little from Sanderson's line of thinking here, but here's my reasoning for it. Kelsier *hates* nobility, and there is no world in which a "nobility" - an overclass that has access to a majority of the resources while others don't - is something that should not be abolished. While his methods are villainous, I think that Kelsier would ultimately always be a force for good because he always aligns himself against the overclass.
  10. The explanation is that Davriel's trying to hide his identity and his powers. Supposedly in the actual plot he doesn't call himself "Davriel" (and indeed the planeswalker card is a snapshot of him where he's about to wipe out his name from the card) - the cards only carry that name for rules purposes.
  12. I'm not quite sure if Kaladin has even had the opportunity to delegate authority so far - consider that he has been the lone Radiant among Bridge Four for almost the entirety of the three books. And I really haven't seen much of a problem in that regard in Kaladin either way, the larger issue is that he keeps blaming himself for everything that happens. Now that Teft has joined him on the third stage of Radiancy I doubt Kal's just going to keep hogging all of the authority to himself. He might still want to take all of the responsibility himself but he might just as well listen to reason once someone brings the issue up with him, just like Adolin did.
  13. This is directly contradicted by what happened in the books, both in WoR and in Oathbringer. Kaladin was the one who understood Shallan's strength and let her do her thing whereas Adolin was the overprotective, stifling one. Moreover, Kaladin's not dumb - he knows that a Radiant is more than capable of protecting themselves against any conventional foes.
  14. BUT WHAT HAPPENED TO THE DEAD ANGEL'S SOUL??? Also, are Davriel and Highwater actually lovers? They really behave like they are.
  15. I mean, if we're talking realistically, you can't pin down a Shardbearer with a squad of people with hammers. He'll jump away at worst. How about a squad of crossbowmen? That's a bunch of kinetic energy. Might destroy Shardplate fairly easily after repeated hits.