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  1. I'm not quite sure if Kaladin has even had the opportunity to delegate authority so far - consider that he has been the lone Radiant among Bridge Four for almost the entirety of the three books. And I really haven't seen much of a problem in that regard in Kaladin either way, the larger issue is that he keeps blaming himself for everything that happens. Now that Teft has joined him on the third stage of Radiancy I doubt Kal's just going to keep hogging all of the authority to himself. He might still want to take all of the responsibility himself but he might just as well listen to reason once someone brings the issue up with him, just like Adolin did.
  2. This is directly contradicted by what happened in the books, both in WoR and in Oathbringer. Kaladin was the one who understood Shallan's strength and let her do her thing whereas Adolin was the overprotective, stifling one. Moreover, Kaladin's not dumb - he knows that a Radiant is more than capable of protecting themselves against any conventional foes.
  3. BUT WHAT HAPPENED TO THE DEAD ANGEL'S SOUL??? Also, are Davriel and Highwater actually lovers? They really behave like they are.
  4. I mean, if we're talking realistically, you can't pin down a Shardbearer with a squad of people with hammers. He'll jump away at worst. How about a squad of crossbowmen? That's a bunch of kinetic energy. Might destroy Shardplate fairly easily after repeated hits.
  5. I don't see why you should need hammers or the such. Spears and long pikes seem like the more economical option.
  6. Right now her behaviour with Adolin seems more like another coping mechanism to me. Still remains to be seen if it'll work out between them - Adolin hardly knows anything about Shallan's actual moral convictions and personality at this point. If anything, I hope Adolin will be portrayed as more Alethi in the future, as more gritty, pragmatic and impulsive, because that's arguably the kind of person he really is deep down beneath the layers of princely charm and friendly demeanor.
  7. Also y u no show wedding ;_; i wanted to see that, when the book cut off just before the big moment I was very disappoint
  8. In Oathbringer Dalinar is portrayed as a little too perfect IMO. With him he's either portrayed as totally useless (drunk, moping about in his room) or as a literal force of nature who is ultimately always correct and whose methods always work. In WoK and WoR his methods and morals sometimes caused him to fail, but in OB he doesn't. His characterization felt flat in OB (though this wasn't a problem unique to Dalinar).
  9. As a sort of an aside, I find it somewhat strange that we are talking about what was our main disappointment in this series. As far as I know, Stormlight isn't even halfway complete! That being said, some of the plot threads have been unfulfilling. Amaram came out of nowhere. Moash's heel-face turn (why does wanting a revolution automatically translate to "let's kill all of the humans"? Moash doesn't have any agency as a character, nor a plan besides a nihilistic declaration of "i just want to kill people"). Adolin not being given enough page-time. And Lift. Oh, god. You could literally remove her from the story entirely and nothing would change. I feel like she's been handled poorly so far.
  10. Who cares who has the "right"? It's an arbitrary concept that can be given to you after the fact, or not. Adolin did the only right thing at the time. It's an apocalypse, and there's a guy who doesn't care about it because they're too salty and bitter about losing a personal power struggle that has already become meaningless.
  11. Honorspren see things differently than other spren. Certain spren would likely approve of Adolin's actions while others would not, just like with people. I doubt Kaladin is going to have a massive issue with it.
  12. The lack of believable consequences (or the decision not to show them, as was the case with Sadeas' army) is something that is generally true for any action committed in the series, not just the Sadeas murder. It's just not a focus of these books, and that's fine.
  13. theory

    Anyone can theoretically swear the First Ideal, but the strength of your conviction in it is one of the deciding factors in how far you can progress as a Radiant.
  14. Jasnah is not unstable like that, there's absolutely no textual evidence to support that. She was probably the least unstable person around (after Daddy Dalinar) during the Battle of Thaylen - which was as big a crisis as they come, really. She didn't freak out on Renarin, either. On what basis are you saying that she's going to flip out at Szeth? @Winds Alight said it well. Past trauma does not mean one is prone to instability, and Jasnah has had decades to deal with hers. Though I don't think Amaram was the abuser - if that was the case, I think Jasnah would just have killed him on the spot instead of bothering to waste words on him.
  15. theory

    Never say never. I don't think Shalladin is likely, but the groundwork for it to happen exists. For now though, it's Shadolin show, and whether or not Shalladin will ever happen will probably depend on how badly this instant marriage plan goes.