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  1. Reckoners could be considered cosmere, if Firefight has alternate reality powers, and the Cosmere is an alternate reality... WE HAVE BEEN WRONG THIS WHOLE TIME! RECKONERS IS COSMERE!
  2. Aon Daa walks in, surveys the area, and slowly walks out the door, leaving behing a mysterious package.
  3. Why must a man be judged by the color of his eyes instead of the content of his character?
  4. What social standing would an Inquisitor have in Alethkar?
  5. Sorry, didn't know, I'll be sure to remember. Thanks!
  6. Lift got closer to shadesmar by making a deal with the Nightwatcher, who we assume is Cultivaton. I bet the the Horneater oceans are bits of Cultivations Investure.
  7. Now if you'll excuse me, I'll have to go back on on the lam, Highprince Aladar doesn't like what I'm posting, let your voices be heard!
  8. Not just Alethkar, ALL Vorin nations, *pointedly looks at Jah Keved
  9. All of us are forgetting the biggest problem here. No one is upvoting my posts.
  10. doesn't Jasnah shoot out a bolt of stormlight when she turns those to bandits into smoke? That didn't require touch
  11. Pretty sure all of Rock's real name is a typo.
  12. Hey, I'm Aon Daa, my favorite series so far is Stormlight Archive, but I haven't read Mistborn yet because it's always checked out at every library.
  13. I think the point was that Earth and Sel have different flora and fauna for the making of potions and stuff. They might even have elements that we don't have on Earth. Not to mention that it's been confirmed that they're invested.
  14. I didn't think that so many people would reply to this topic.
  15. well thats nice, my rep went up by one
  16. It makes sense, Aon Rao is a power amplifier. Ela is "Focus" so it probably is the source for AonDor, but Rao is amplifying that source all throughout the Aonic region.