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  1. Thanks for the positive feedback, everybody! @GreyHive, the project is open source on GitHub. I worked on all the programming stuff, while @Jofwu populated the timeline, wrote the entries, contacted artists, and coordinated the project in general. We've had lots of feedback from other staff and you can find a full list of other involved people in the README of the repo or the "Credits" section of the site!
  2. After several months of intensive work, we're happy to finally announce our interactive map and timeline of Roshar! Use it as a refresher on the events of the books before Rhythm of War is released or simply explore the world of Roshar. If you have any issues using the map or have suggestions for us, feel free to comment here, use our feedback thread, or approach us on Discord. Read on to find out more about the map's creation, its features, and what the future holds! Watch this trailer to get a visual overview of things instead: The project came about when our amazing staff member @Jofwu approached me, Paleo, about creating something similar to Netflix's map of The Continent for their Witcher series, based on his detailed timeline of events in The Stormlight Archive. We promptly set out to get the basic map and timeline functionalities done, while coming up with additional neat features to implement along the way. User @Stoneward13 kindly let us use his HD map remakes of both Roshar and Shadesmar, which made the detailed map feasible in the first place. A huge thanks to him is in order! We worked out how we wanted to display which information, gathered art for the various entries, and then integrated it all into the web application. We'd like to thank all the artists who granted us permission to use their works for this endeavor at this point. Thanks also to our own @Otto Didact for helping out with his cartography expertise. Once we felt confident enough to share our work with some more people, we entered a closed beta phase with our Patreon supporters, who provided valuable feedback and helped iron out some leftover kinks. Additionally, we approached @Ysondra of about translating all the information into Spanish. She, @Vanahian, and @Bea did so in a monumental effort over the course of only a few weeks, all the while identifying and fixing issues with the original English text as well! With this and finishing touches done, we were ready for release. Features This of course leaves us with the question of what features the map and timeline actually bring. The following list gives a rough overview: Fully labeled, explorable map of Roshar—including Shadesmar Detailed timeline of the history of Roshar, spanning from pre-history to current events in the published books upto Oathbringer Summaries of events, locations, and characters including links to related items and further details on the Coppermind Wiki Localized content, currently available in the following languages besides English: Spanish Layers on top of the map that can be enabled at any time, displaying useful additional information Overlay the borders of the historic Silver Kingdoms Show color indicators of the allegiances of various nations Map out the ten Oathgate locations Powerful filtering and customization capabilities Filter timeline events by tags Display a timeline separately from the rest to identify a single character's or book's events Lock navigation controls to a separate timeline to follow only its events Upcoming We do not consider this project finished by any means! We'll be delivering improvements as we come up with them and will of course fix any bugs that have found their way into the code. Translations into more languages are forthcoming, albeit with no ETAs as of yet. We appreciate any kind of input and actually have ways in which you can contribute. The project is open-source and hosted on GitHub, so feel free to have a look at the code or report issues there. You can also submit bug reports and suggestions through the forums or Discord in the #17s channel, of course. If you'd like to help out with translations you can also approach us for some pointers at where to start. Artists who want to help out with filling in some of the gaps are also invited to contribute, but please come talk to us for coordination first! It should be noted that the timeline is only current with the events of Oathbringer right now and will stay so for at least a few months. Once timelines for Rhythm of War and Dawnshard are finalized, we'll be updating the app and will release the new content—with a note about upcoming spoilers published ahead of time. We hope you'll have as much fun with this map as we had developing it! If you'd like to support our work and want to get early access to projects like this if they come up again, consider becoming a patron.
  3. Hello everyone! If you haven't seen our announcement news post, go check it out right now, or just visit the app directly! We're very excited to finally share this with all of you, but we're also aware that there might be issues despite our best efforts to iron out any bugs we could find. Let us know here if you find anything, but please provide the following information, which helps make the investigation process much easier: Device Type: PC, Laptop, Phone, Tablet, Smart Fridge, Spanreed, ... Device Model: For PCs, we'd especially like to know what GPU you're using Browser: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, ... It's best if you can also provide a version here! Connectivity: Are you visiting on mobile data or WiFi/LAN? Steps to reproduce: What did you try to do when the issue occurred? Can you make the problem appear again? If you find typos, factual errors, or otherwise are missing some information, please also let us know with details on which item is affected. You can also let us know any positive opinions and suggestions for improvement, of course! Have fun exploring Roshar!
  4. Thanks for pointing that out, @scm288! I've fixed the link.
  5. After Brandon teased the completion of the cover art for Rhythm of War in one of his recent Kickstarter livestreams, it was only a matter of time for Tor to officially release the full cover for the US edition of the fourth instalment in The Stormlight Archive. Without further ado, take a look at this gorgeous cover and read on for some background information: As always with The Stormlight Archive, Michael Whelan is responsible for the beautiful US cover art. Brandon is a huge fan of Michael, so he wanted him to do all the covers for the series, which so far has always worked out. As for what is depicted on the cover, we're getting another interpretation of Shadesmar and Shallan, as has been the theme for some international Rhythm of War editions so far, including the Bulgarian and UK ones. It's quite striking to see all the artists' takes on this scene and every one of them has captured the strange world of Shadesmar a little differently. Whelan has opted to portray the teeming vegetation more organically, with geometric shapes strewn in, while Yasen Stoilov shows an almost barren Cognitive Realm with more abstract tree shapes. We of course didn't only get the front cover, but also the raw dust jacket art, which additionally shows a white-haired man in the mid plane: What distinguishes Whelan's piece from the other depictions we've seen so far is that there's an ominous black cuboid visible in the background. As the scenes portrayed on the covers all have happened in the books in some way, I can't wait to find out what this might hint at! The white-haired figure appears to be Whelan's take on Adolin, as was confirmed by his assistant. This agrees with the Bulgarian cover, where we also see Adolin accompanying Shallan. Feel free to share your thoughts and theories about the cover in the comments below! Please mark all Rhythm of War spoilers appropriately, as not everyone might want to know details yet but still wants to take in this gorgeous art!
  6. @JoyBlu, your best bet is to back with two separate Kickstarter accounts. My understanding is that the leatherbound itself will not be available as an add-on (although this might look different in the final campaign, so stay tuned for the blog post on Brandon's site) and Kickstarter is designed such that one backer means one order. Pledging twice probably also will turn out cheaper than getting the $200 tier and then adding everything again as add-ons. Hope that helps!
  7. After teasing it for some time now, Brandon and his team have finally released the quiz for the orders of Knights Radiant! Mainly worked on by Isaac with support from the beta reader Ross Newberry, you can set a whopping 34 sliders to describe yourself down to a single percent and then get as much of an "official" answer for what Order you'd best fit in as you can hope for. It's a bit of an unusual style for this kind of quiz, but it should help you decide which order to pick in the upcoming The Way of Kings leatherbound Kickstarter. Speaking of the campaign, Dragonsteel will be sharing the exact start and end dates very soon, but from Brandon's livestream, we know it's likely going to be the first week of July, so stay tuned! Isaac also included a lovely mobile wallpaper featuring the space age symbol for Roshar in the article that's definitely worth checking out! But the quiz is not all that was released on Brandon's website today. For those who want to get a better understanding of the Order they were sorted into, Brandon has also written up descriptions of all the Radiant Orders, covering the general theme of their Oaths, what kind of people they attracted and which responsibilities they took during the glory days of their organization. There were some new details about Orders we haven't heard much about before in there. For instance, apparently the Dustbringers - or Releasers, as they preferred to call themselves - often served as engineers or artillery in the Radiant armies. Their destructive power were kept in check by their progression through the Oaths and they understood themselves as very precise and inquisitive. We also learnt new things about the Elsecallers. Namely, they weren't mainly attracting scholarly types as many of us probably thought previously, but were instead open to people from all walks of life, as long as they were intent on improving themselves. The Willshapers seem to have been builders - both of structures and society - among the Radiants, often being dispatched to towns to build fortifications. Their Order, however, is all about freedom at its core, and they attracted not only craftspeople and creators. It is interesting to see that you might also find warriors among them whose goal it is to free those who are captive. Stonewards, on the other hand, are all about putting the needs of others above their own - possibly best exemplified by their associated Herald, Taln. Apparently you'll find many among their ranks who are fond of the outdoors and even explorers - something we previously thought was a main characteristic of Willshapers, given that Eshonai attracted Timbre. Finally, Brandon also had to share some thoughts on the Bondsmiths. It's intriguing to learn that while the Order itself was limited to at most three members at a time due to the nature of their spren, squires for the Order were not unheard of. What's even more fascinating is that they might have attendants swear oaths despite not getting any powers or attracting a spren. Maybe we'll see some of Dalinar's retinue do the same in the books? The descriptions are absolutely worth a read even if you don't intend to take the quiz. But if you do, feel free to share your results with us below in the comments! I apparently would qualify as an Elsecaller at a 76% match and would love to hear what you get! In other news, Brandon has recently finished the fourth draft of Rhythm of War, book 4 of The Stormlight Archive, and has now begun his work on the fifth and final version before its sent off to the editor for the copyedit. This means that Brandon will be working on shaving about 10% off the word count to make the book feel tighter overall.
  8. Thank you very much for pointing that out @ChickenLiberty! I'm not sure how I missed that the other two prizes were Stormlight Archive copies. I have amended the news post. We're very sorry for making that mistake.
  9. Giveaway Before we look at what happened in the last two live signing sessions, there's a chance for you to win a set of leatherbound editions of Brandon's books (All of Mistborn Era 1 plus Warbreaker, unforunately Elantris is unavailable) or one of two complete sets of The Stormlight Archive hardcovers! (Note: This originally stated there were three complete sets of leatherbounds to be won, but we were mistaken on that) Brandon is celebrating surpassing 50,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel and wants to give something back to his fans. All you have to do to enter is subscribe to Brandon's newsletter and send an email to [email protected] before June 6. It doesn't matter what you put as subject or content, the winners will be selected randomly from all received emails. The giveaway is held internationally, so as long as no restrictions apply for shipping from the US to your country given the current global situation, feel free to participate. If you haven't been a subscriber to the newsletter so far, this also is a great chance to get yourself a copy of the White Sand prose version. A link should be handed out with every issue you receive. Updates With that out of the way, let's see what we learned in Brandon's most recent livestreams. He was signing the title pages for The Way of Kings leatherbound edition in both of the sessions and is now finished with them. This means they're all ready to go to the bindery to be finished in time for shipping to the backers of the Kickstarter campaign. Brandon mentioned that they would launch it in the first week of July, so mark that in your calendars! If you've missed what the Kickstarter is all about, check out our previous summary on all we know so far. We've since learned that the Bridge Four poster will come rolled up in a tube rather than being folded, so you can stop fretting over the beautiful piece arriving with creases all over Kaladin's face! Moving on, Brandon also had a chance to talk about Dark One in response to a question from the audience. The graphic novel is done and we can expect to get it probably before the end of the year, but due to the pandemic, the release will be digital first and you'll be able to pre-order it through Brandon's store. To get a sneak peek of what Dark One will be like, a preview of the first chapter will be handed out as supplemental to larger orders such as t-shirts or books from the store. This was originally intended to be given to comic book stores for Free Comic Book Day, but the current situation has made that not viable. In other Dark One related news, Brandon will most likely coauthor the audio original version of the story with his friend Dan Wells. Moreover, the showrunner of the TV series, J. Michael Straczynski, has already sent Brandon a first draft of the script for the pilot episode. Apart from that, things are moving slowly on that front. Of course Brandon also talked about other fun stuff and gave tons of writing advice, so definitely check out the VOD of the streams below! You'll also get to see some awesome fan mail, such as the "Branderson - Master of the Cosmere" comic sent in by a fan all the way from Australia. If you'd like to send in your own fun gifts for Brandon or simply a letter showing your appreciation of his works, feel free to ship them to the following address: Dragonsteel Entertainment Attn: Adam P.O. Box 698 American Fork, UT 84003 United States of America This wraps up the May 28 livestream, but there was another on May 14. This one featured Brandon's mom - the Goober, as her son calls her - and she was able to corroborate some of the stories that Brandon's father had to share in a previous livestream. She also talked about more of her own memories of raising Brandon and they're definitely worth listening to! To demonstrate that these livestreams are good for more than just keeping you two hours of entertainment, we also got a new canonical term from one of them! Cytoverse, coined by our very own queen of the gators, @thegatorgirl00, is now officially approved as a name for the universe that Skyward plays in! If you'd like to ask your own questions or tune into one of these events, feel free to use any of Brandon's social media presences. You can catch him on his Twitter, his YouTube channel, his Twitch channel, or his Facebook profile!
  10. Welcome to the forums, @Georion! Don't be surprised that your topic was moved, but it's a little more appropriate in the Stormlight Archive subforum for spoiler reasons
  11. Brandon will usually announce a stream on his social media accounts the day before. They've got a setup which allows them to stream to multiple platforms at once. You can catch him on his Twitter, his YouTube channel, his Twitch channel, or his Facebook profile.
  12. Brandon is continuing to give us virtual company with his series of live signing sessions. This time around, signatures (the bookbinding kind, as Brandon likes to point out) for the Elantris leatherbounds were up for signing. If you haven't been keeping track of the last few livestreams, this means that the Dragonsteel editions of both Elantris and Mistborn will come back in stock sooner rather than later! As has become usual for these streams, Brandon also answered questions and opened some fan mail, such as an awesome handmade slipcase for the Reckoners books. But besides his macaw Magellan, whom we've seen use the Force before, another special guest joined Brandon this time around. If you ever were wondering where Brandon got his storytelling chops from, look no further than his dad! Grandpa Sanderson treated us with stories from Brandon's childhood, giving us glimpses of how mischievous of a child Brandon could be and how proud he is of his son. One of these stories even led to a Cosmere tidbit which we've known before but have never heard the real world inspiration of: The topaz, the origin of one of Hoid's earliest aliases in Dragonsteel and the gemstone referenced in the Letter, apparently is taken directly from a ring that Brandon's dad - a hobbyist jeweler himself - bought him in Jackson Hole. Among all the stories, Brandon also lauded his dad's baking skills. Magellan gets to enjoy homemade bread and Brandon loves what they've dubbed "Cosmere cookies", a variation on butterscotch cookies the exact recipe for which is secret but Adam might send it to you if you ask him nicely. Of course Mr Sanderson also had a story to accompany it. While the visit from Brandon's dad was certainly a highlight of the stream, there were a few other interesting things that he talked about. For those looking forward to the Way of Kings Kickstarter this summer and who have been shocked to hear that the poster they recently revealed would come folded rather than rolled up in a tube, rest assured that Dragonsteel is aware of the issues - such as putting a crease right across Kaladins face - and they are looking into alternative ways to ship the poster. It might be relegated to an add-on to the campaign, since the logistics involved with not folding them are complicated. Right before the end of the stream, Brandon showed off a great foam Sylspear crafted by the folks at Forged Foam. Dragonsteel is currently looking into ways of licensing the company to produce foam Shardblades, so hopefully we can look forward to turning into a Radiant with official merch eventually! If you're excited to hear some of the stories Brandon's father shared with us (and they're definitely worth it!) you can watch a recording of the stream below. You'll have the opportunity to tune into another livestream next Thursday (May 14), for which Brandon will most likely be joined by his mother! We're already looking forward to the stories she has to tell.
  13. In lieu of an in-person event, JordanCon is happening online this year and the folks at Dragonsteel have been kind enough to come onto a panel. Isaac and Kara Stewart, Brandon’s art director and event manager, respectively, gave us a rundown of what’s happening with the Kickstarter for the Way of Kings leatherbound edition and answered some of the most burning questions. The whole panel was live streamed on YouTube and you can watch the recording here, but for a quick summary of the key points, read on! If you haven't had enough of Isaac talking after that, tune into the live stream from our Spanish friends over at on Saturday, 7PM CEST! Why a Kickstarter and what’s included? If you weren’t aware before, Kara explained that they’re doing a Kickstarter as an “online release party” for the Way of Kings leatherbound edition. Due to the sheer size of the book, they had to split it into two volumes, which will also place the entire leatherbound novel at a hefty $200 price tag. Because not everyone can afford that, especially in the current situation, Dragonsteel has decided to use Kickstarter to provide tiers with different goodies! Furthermore, using Kickstarter helps Dragonsteel organize their shipping and warehouse more easily, as it's geared to this sort of release. Even cooler than that, Way of Kings Prime, Brandon’s first attempt at writing The Stormlight Archive - but a very different book from what was eventually released - will be made available for free online for everyone! They had an editor go through it to get it up to their standards and it will probably be released right around the campaign start. Keep in mind that this version of the book is not canonical in any way, though! For those that do have some money to spare, there’s a bunch of digital swag available: Wallpapers, printables etc. For an extra individual touch, there will be an online personality test to get yourself sorted into one of the Orders of the Knights Radiant. You may then choose one of the Orders in the campaign and will get appropriately themed goodies. Another digital reward will probably be a Stormlight novella, which Brandon has talked about before. This is not set in stone yet, as Brandon has to actually write it for it to be included. At higher tiers, you’ll also get physical rewards, namely a hardcover copy of the novella akin to the Edgedancer release as well as a movie-style poster of most members of Bridge 4! Additionally, you’ll get sticker sheets appropriate for your Order of choice. If you have enough money to spend, you’ll get the leatherbound volumes and all of these physical rewards. Kara and Isaac also mentioned that they’re planning to add stretch goals to the campaign. If the first goal will be hit, the volumes will be bound in gorgeous dark blue genuine leather. If the campaign hits the second stretch goal, the books will come in a slipcase, the design for which Isaac has already finished and is very excited about. How many tiers will there be and how much will they cost? Currently, we’re looking at 4 tiers that the campaign will most likely provide. None of the prices are fixed yet, but they should be roughly in the ballpark of what you can expect: Tier 1 (Probably $10): This is the digital-only tier and will probably include the novella as well as wallpapers, printables and phone backgrounds Tier 2 (Probably $30): This will include all the digital rewards from tier 1, a physical copy of the novella and the Bridge 4 poster as well as the swag corresponding to your Order, such as a sticker sheet. Tier 3 (Probably $200+): In addition to all digital and physical rewards from previous tiers except for the novella, this will include the actual leatherbounds. Tier 4 (Price not yet set): This is the superfan tier and will most likely be limited to 1000 backers. This tier includes all the physical and digital rewards from the lower ones. The books for this tier will most likely be numbered, you will probably get the goodies for all the Orders and something special in addition to that. It will likely be set in the hundreds of dollars as a price range. For all tiers, the exact content is not yet set in stone and might change with the stretch goals that will be hit. For those that do not want to spend a substantial amount of money on the superfan tier or simply are too late, the merchandise for each Order will also be available as add-ons. Furthermore, a hardcover copy of Way of Kings Prime will also be purchasable in the campaign. The novella will also have to be purchased as an add-on for tier 3 backers. When will the campaign start and when will I receive my stuff? Due to the current situation, it is not yet clear when Dragonsteel will launch the campaign. They had initially planned for a July start, but depending on how the economy will look in a few months, they might delay it. As far as shipping after the campaign is concerned, Kara did confirm that for backers from the US, they will be sending out the rewards in waves, as soon as the respective merchandise arrives at their warehouse. International backers will unfortunately have to wait a little longer, as they will receive all their rewards in a single shipment due to the cost of international shipping. What if I miss the campaign or can't afford everything then, will all the stuff still be available? As far as the leatherbounds are concerned, you will be able to purchase reprints, but they will likely not be bound in genuine leather nor will they come in a slipcase, unless those options prove to be financially viable. The novella will probably be made available in digital and physical form at some point after the campaign.
  14. I've taken the liberty to move this topic to Cosmere Discussion, as the discussion has moved on to cross-series connections. Please tag spoilers appropriately in the future, @wallyrocket and @robardin.
  15. I've noticed a typo in my Kindle copy in chapter 33: "silence" should be "silent" Edit: On second thought, that's not actually a typo, I just read the sentence with a different cadence which made it sound like one.