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  1. Anything that doesn't take too much focus. FIFA or any sports game should work. I usually play Tetris on my phone.
  2. Good point. I think Sazed might have gleamed some knowledge about Kelsier / the future when he first held the power of both Preservation and Ruin. Now Sazed is actively (actively for Sazed is passive aggressive not direct confrontation) trying to hinder Kelsier from achieving his goal. Easiest way is to withhold information regarding getting to the physical realm.
  3. I took that was as a reference to Dragonsteel and Yolen. Perhaps indicating that Hoid was Yolen's sole survivor.
  4. So Kelsier survived and I belive he's the Sovereign from BoM. It appears he left Scadrial after the temple was built, but where did he go? Could we see him on Sel in Elantris 2? Could we have seen him on Narhis or Roshar operating under another name?
  5. Does anyone think Demoux is hunting Hoid on Roshar on Kelsier's orders?
  6. I got the impression that Hoid was waiting to try to take Preservation for himself. He has some goal, which I think is "good" and he's attempting to collect shards to see it through.