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  1. First off Wow! so many replies! amazing! haha. I did not know this would be popular. But one thing i keep seeing is that Hoid got the bead of Lerasium several centuries ago. But Since Scadrial and Roshar are different worlds would they not have different orbits. so a several centuries could be a couple years for Roshar. just a thought I don't know. I am still working on my theories they are just fun. I have not fully read everyones Comments and discussions. but i don't have much time to read everything so if this has been talked about already ignore this. Also i forgot to mention i am new here haha. and fairly new to Brandon Sandersons Books. i am caught up with the Stormlight, Mistborn trilogy and working on the books afterwords (I am on Bands of Mourning), and Warbreaker books and currently reading Elantris. so i am still a newbie haha. so if i seem kinda like i don't know much of stuff that is why. haha But I really want to know what you guys are talking about here so tomorrow when i have time i will be reading your guys' posts! cant wait!
  2. So for everyone who knows Hoid, He hold a bead of Lerasium. (Which is able to turn anyone into a mistborn) I was wondering what other people think about this. like What purpose does he have for it? My theory is that he is saving it for a character in the Stormlight Archive. Mainly for Kaladen. Reason for thinking this is, in Words of Radiance, Kaladen sees Syl die. I know she "dies" in WoR. But what if in future books he Actually fully dies and Kaladen never gets her back? So Hoid comes in and helps him by giving him The Bead. Maybe Kaladen needs to get Hoids flute back then gives it to him? also if Kaladen becomes a Mistborn in the Roshar It would be super interesting to see how that would implement that world. What are your thoughts, who do you think Hoid would give the bead too? Or does he have a different purpose for it? What future Book would you like to see Hoid bring allomancy into? Warbreaker series, Stormlight Archive, Elantris Series?