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  1. What about Djimon Hounsou as Sazed?
  2. I remember Wax sensing reserve quantities in the question was the "Investiture" reserve. Could the user of medallions (or anything else) stop using them because their access to Feruchemy Investiture is gone? Page Runner mentioned that the Nicrosil charge may not ever deplete...this is still an outstanding question. As for your comment about devices...i think it has merit. In Bands, Allik says (in references to the sovereign who came after the great freeze) "He gave us devices, and started the fire mothers and fire fathers who live to fill these medallions." Wax asks "You can make these medallions?" Allik: "If you have the metal born to do so, and the Excisors, then yes."
  3. How about as Hoid?
  4. That was an excellent answer. Thank you. Can a Nicrosil metalminds hold more than one magical attribute? The team on the airship had access to tap brass (warmth) as well as fill an ironmind. On a related note, assuming the Investiture that is being stored is free of identity, could multiple Nicrosil ferrings store different magical abilities into the same metalminds (assuming they were spiked with an additional power or something similar)? Can people sense how much investiture is left in a Nicrosil metalmind?
  5. In Bands of Mourning, we see people inadvertently tapping Investiture metalminds (when they first board the airship) and get access to fill iron metalminds. They only realized they could fill the iron metalminds once they thought about it. If they had instead thought they could burn some metal, woukd they have been able to? In short, how does storing Feruchemy Investiture give one power to allomancy?
  6. I like that explanation. Any thoughts about the second half of the question?
  7. SPOILERS for WoR During Kaladin's fight with Szeth, Syl changes from a shield to a sword to a spear to a knife. At the time of the recreance, why were all of the spren left in a sword form? On a similar note: can a spren take the form of a projectile weapon? The Radiant could have a massive bow (like Sadeas has at the fight with the chasmfiend) and the spren could take the shape of an arrow, get released from the bow, hit the target, dissipate, and return for another shot).