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  1. I’m curious about how intelligent Ryshadium are. And if vessels need to be humanoid. So: Could a Ryshadium become a vessel of a shard?
  2. @Chaos Oh man I am blind. I blame the formatting on my phone. Thanks!
  3. It looks like the iBooks are also on sale. $30 for the set, and $10 each. I don’t have the link though.
  4. In addition to Jasnah, Dalinar has a shardplate-like experience in his vision with Venli that I didn’t catch the first time.
  5. @Pagerunner Sounds good. Thanks for editing those for me. Out of curiosity, in the edit window, did you intentionally make the links relative paths (starting with ../../../) or does the Palanaeum platform convert it automatically when you insert a link back to Arcanum? Edit: Never mind. I put in a few of my own and it looks like it does the conversion itself. Interesting.
  6. If we suggest an edit to a footnote because the WoB has been superseded or a RAFO has been answered elsewhere, should we include a link to the WoB that clarifies/supersedes it? The moderator would have to delete the link when they approve the edit, but it would save them time not having to find the WoB that gives the relevant information. I just did two edits and included the links, but I want to be sure what the right protocol is for the future.
  7. Here are some relevant WoBs. It seems to me that all the rhythms and music are connected, but that it's something inherent to investiture. Allomantic bronze allows someone to sense the rhythm of a type of investiture, and Allomantic copper makes some static/noise that makes it harder to "hear" investiture. The first WoB mentions the listeners' ability to hear rhythm comes from the spiritual realm, not tied to the cognitive realm or the beads there. Unfortunately, we don't have the recording for the first part of the answer; it's transcribed from memory. source ^^ source ^^ source ^^ source ^^ This last WoB makes an explicit connection between Allomancy and Ropsharan Rhythms. Once we know this, it's enlightening to read about all the other connections Brandon makes of bronze detecting uses of investiture and copper preventing it. source ^^ source ^^
  8. I liked it too. It was a little bit weird at first, but I felt like the voice ended up fitting Lightsong's character. I was disappointed when I went back for a re-listen and it had changed. I actually didn't like Michael's Nightblood voice. Was anyone else in the same boat?
  9. It is also discussed here, and they came to the same conclusion. @Jungah Thank you for assembling this list! I only have the book as audio, which makes it harder to go back and review the epigraphs at a glance. I'm sure I'll come back to this thread many times to reread them. Looking back at the Oathbringer preface, it makes me wonder how Adolin and Renarin will react when they found out Dalinar killed their mother. How soon before releasing the book will Dalinar tell them?
  10. My favorite moment, besides Dalinar claiming his pain from Odium and Ascending, is Teft's third oath. I get teary thinking about it. He is digging deep and trying to find forgiveness for himself, but even with his problems he is willing to go out and help others.
  11. Ooh I am looking forward to this one. I actually just signed up to see if that were currently possible.
  12. (source) (source) Source for those who like to see the WoBs like me. I'm loving the new Arcanum site. I think we'll also see another Rysn interlude, and probably Szeth interludes. Maybe another Kaladin dream/vision (in WoK he dreams he is traveling with the Storm, in WoR he dreams speaking to the Stormfather right before Szeth comes). We have accounts of the night of Gavilar's assassination in all the epilogues. And in the last two books we have Kaladin speak oaths and burst into stormlight in a tense situation.
  13. I just tried it out and the audio feature is amazing. The advanced search will be fantastic too. Props to all those who spent time making this happen. Where should volunteers go to help transcribe new events? Edit: I also saw that when you search or browse by tag, it has the date and event for every result WoB. This is fantastic.
  14. Here ya go!
  15. Ooh I really like this idea. It would be really cool from a lore/realmatics standpoint, but I also just like the personalities of Syl and Pattern.