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  1. Surprisingly, yes, I do, and I agree haha.
  2. Maybe it’s different if they’re getting the spren to do it? Kind of like getting the lifespren to bring light to the plants is sort of a regrowth power, just done by spren and only encouraged by humans/singers?
  3. Maybe the bullets could be the Plate spren, individually? I don’t think that’s what’s going on here, really, but maybe that would work
  4. Me too. Like, Dalinar saw 8 lines, one intact (Taln) and 7 weak, and realized “there should be 9 visible, but there are only eight, so only one is actually broken.”
  5. Also, Pattern hums when people around him lie. He also hums other times, but that’s one consistency. Maybe he does it for himself sometimes?
  6. I think she mostly lies to herself. hopefully her sneakiness gets better after reabsorbing Veil and her spy knowledge. For all of a year, but still.
  7. So after letting the revelations from Rhythm of War settle in my head for a few days, and reading some of the discussion on here, I had a thought about the “Lord of Scars.” Rather than Thaidakar literally being Kelsier, is it possible that Autonomy/whoever Trell is is coopting Kelsier’s authority or one of his many cults in the same way that Trellism appears to have been coopted in Mistborn Era 2? That would make a few things make more sense to me, and seems to fit the MO of “Trell.” Known problems with this theory: The description of someone with a “similar ailment” to the Heralds doesn’t seem to fit anyone but a Cognitive Shadow. Unless Autonomy wants Kelsier off Scadrial as well, which could be happening I guess. Also, Wit/Hoid seems to think it’s actually Kelsier, from what he told Shallan, and he seems to be actively undermining the Sovereign’s attempts at secrecy in Bands of Mourning, so it kind of seems like it might just be him. But I thought this was at least worth mentioning, since Hoid is not omniscient and could probably be fooled by, say, a Shard on occasion. So given those issues, this is probably more complex than the facts need to actually be. I do still like the thought that maybe they’re involved or related to each other in some way. I can’t see Kelsier, as we knew him, just allowing a foreign influence to invade Scadrial (in the form of Trell) if he knew about it, unless he was okay with that power’s goals somehow.
  8. They seem to venerate all the crew members (and Elend) with titles like “Counselor of Gods” and “The Last Emperor” and stuff, but I don’t actually recall seeing one for Mare.
  9. That is a really cool idea. Like a flower turned to thorns
  10. Yeah, I haven’t even really wanted to start theorizing in that direction, it opens up so many options. Too much for my brain to handle right now haha. it also brings up the question, is there an equivalent Anti-Investiture for every power? And does it exist in every form of the power? Like, anti-Atium, but also a metal?
  11. That is a good point. Is it possible that the corruption made it do that, though, instead of...whatever it was originally supposed to do? Another point to consider is how Ba Ado Mishram figures into this. If binding her somehow ruined more than just the Parshs’ Connection, but somehow messed up everything on Roshar, to some extent (like Kelek says), why would that have happened? If she was something else before, like one of these theoretical spren, what would she have done/still be doing or tied to that would permeate the whole planet?
  12. Oh, very cool idea. Maybe that’s not even just his power that would have done that, but something about the Shards as a whole. He said he’d keep an agreement in spirit, but he was trying really hard not to do so, so that could be breaking him away from his power if that’s something that the Shards have built into them as a rule of divinity, or whatever.
  13. If Frost is a Shard, which I’m not sure he is, then no: Hoid’s letter mentions the deaths of Devotion and Dominion as if Frost might not have noticed it. Harmony mentions in RoW that some Shards are hidden from him. So there’s a least a chance that the Vessels do not become aware when something like this happens. However, Odium does know that Harmony exists, and has merged two Shards, so there’s some level of awareness. I’m not sure we know this for certain either way, but those are all the things I could remember that seemed related
  14. Excellent point! I didn’t realize that part of it at the time. Killing Rayse would have been out of kind of nowhere without that sort of buildup. And, to be clear, I didn’t mind the perpendicularity thing being there like that! I just thought of the WOB before I realized the actual story reason.
  15. That part of the scene felt almost like it was there just to answer this! Szeth didn’t even need to do that, it was just like Brandon wanted us to see it happen.