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  1. Insignificant
  2. Colossal
  3. Granted, but it's an empty box!
  4. I wish for more upvotes, your majesty! (to Nightwatcher)
  5. Granted. but it's stuck in stone and since your are not Arthur, you should leave it there for Nightwatcher. I wish I could take the sword out of the stone!
  6. I wish I had the Nightwatcher's power with no bane
  7. @hoiditthroughthegrapevine So Nightwatcher asks what U wish for?
  8. Granted, but as it seems to the Nightwatcher (me in this case!) that you are an overeater, you will lose your teeth forever and can only stomach soup. I wish Sanderson would post a reply to this topic.
  9. Granted, but the secret would be that "there is always another secret!" and that would also be your bane I really wish I could translate Cosmere books into Persian and publish them!
  10. Good question, but it depends on my role! Should I just be an ordinary man earning enough to eat, I'll prefer to live on Roshar! But that would also be terrifying and stressful, considering all the things happening there. Tough to be anywhere near Odium!
  11. Hey refigh! At last a compatriot! You should try all Cosmere series! Specially, Stormlight Archives! That's my favorite one among all these brilliant series!
  12. And I've become a noble-blooded at last. No more bridge runs I should not get in Kelsier's way though
  13. I definitely agree with you! I really wish I could get along with him in the reality (I mean our reality!)