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  1. Not to keep stabbing the zombie but...
  2. I preordered Bands with Calamity, and decided to have it ship in one shipment because I'm a cheapskate. Of course this means I have to wait like a month for it to arrive. (conveniently giving me time to reread the original trilogy and the first two Reckoners books)
  3. Splatoon is the best, one of the few standout games on the wii u unfortunately. I don't think I'd trust a Lift Bookie tbh, I don't think her hygiene is quite up to par with that of normal people. But you never know. Thanks for the welcome!
  4. I choose the safest "nonexistent" way. Thanks! I appreciate the sentiment lol. I'd rather not become a science experiment, so it seems avoiding the cookies that pervade this part of the forums is essential.
  5. I don't like getting tangled up in the strings attached to innocent looking cookies.
  6. Nah I'll refrain, I've heard the cookies around here contain metal.
  7. Hey guys I go by Hope, and I'm a huge fan of Brandon as I'm sure we all are. I was shopping around on Amazon one day and noticed there was a sick deal on the Mistborn trilogy, it had pretty good reviews so I decided to pick it up. I instantly got hooked, and have read Elantris, Warbreaker, The Emperor's Soul, Stormlight 1 & 2, The Rithmatist, Steelheart, and Firefight since. It's pretty rare for me to like everything that an author / artist puts out, so it was pretty surprising to me that very much enjoyed pretty much everything Brandon has written! I'm not exactly new to forums in general, but I am to this one so I hope to enjoy my stay!