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  1. I shall sign up as Tersin Forrelken, a minor-noble-turned-obligator presiding over the Board of Livestock Quality Control. Also known as a “Veal Inquisitor”
  2. Not totally removed, no. Just... It doesn’t line up enough to feel like it’s purely a metaphor for his conflict with those around him, and the battle scene isn’t modern enough to be a flashback or something, so I suspect there is more to it than that. Well, there were already some ominous details regarding Ms. Devlin in the prologue. Combined with imagery involving copious amounts of fire, it almost makes me wonder if this is deal is of the infernal sort.
  3. Interesting. Do you already know the answer? I would not expect you to put something like that without having a meaning for it in mind, and yet you seem to have a more open-ended idea of where you are going with this. The battle comes across as a little too detailed, and a little to removed from the man’s own experience, to be anything purely in his imagination. The best way I can describe the battle and what comes after is apocalyptic, and not necessarily according to the modern sense of the world, more along the lines of the ancient genre. However, I don’t know at all what it is getting at. I would say that yes, the fire and ash relates to the battle. The moment he puts on the glasses, the scenes start getting scoured by continual flames. It’s ending the battle, but not in a good way. It suggests something sinister about the nature of the man’s deal.
  4. Ah, I see we view the sacred tradition of pact-making in exactly the same light I would not have contacted you seeking a bargain without terms already drafted in advance. I very much look forwards to dealing with you in the future
  5. Well, I still have absolutely no idea what is going on It’s a bit refreshing to be reading something where I just have literally no idea at all where it is going, but I am still fairly sure it is going somewhere. The weaving together of seemingly two parallel narratives was pretty jarring at first, but I take it that was on purpose. At first I wondered if the battle scenery was some sort of extended metaphor for their argument, but I don’t think that checks out. I also noticed a pretty dramatic shift in the parallel descriptions once he put the glasses on. Before there was some kind of battle, but after there was just a bunch of fire and ashes, which doesn’t bode well.
  6. Would you really? I am hurt. And here I thought you viewed the sacred tradition of pact-making in much the same light as I do. Incidentally, your jail RP was top notch. Oof. Touche. To be fair though, I truly don’t think I was throwing out my main win condition. I agree that it is fair to call such behavior poor form (though I disagree with the sentiment that having the special win condition fall into your lap is really the only proper way to achieve it, on the grounds that I doubt it would be included in the game if that were true). I absolutely think it is important for players to generally play to their win conditions, since they are set up to make the game work and be fun, and ignoring them is a good way to break the game. I realized that without a kill, the threat that the eliminator team posed was directly in proportion to their numbers. I played most of the game as a straight villager, working with the rest of the village to hunt elims, even going so far as to try (and, sadly, fail) to hammer the corrupt constable. I planned for the village to be on the cusp of winning, at which point I would then race the village to reach my special win con. It certainly wasn’t all by my doing, but this is pretty much exactly what happened. In that last cycle, both the village and me individually would have won, I just beat them in the order of actions (clarifying that the mass-kill bribery happened before the lynch was one of my very first questions to Joe in our PM). I really wasn’t throwing away my win condition, I made pretty sure that one of my two possible win cons was inevitably going to be met. I fully believe that this in the spirit of playing to my win con. Most of what I did at least partially advanced both of my two possible win conditions. I deliberately lowered the quality of my analysis at the end, but I knew it wasn’t threatening the village win condition, just delaying it. The only purely anti-village action I took was killing Fifth, and that was because I calculated that killing Fifth would put me over 40 boxings and end the game. I wouldn’t have done that otherwise.
  7. Interesting. I wasn’t aware of how close I was to dying. I had posted a handful of reasons for suspecting Rae, especially after I did that day-by-day analysis. The opposition to her lynch was also noteworthy. I didn’t know for sure but I was increasingly confident. She did a pretty good job of blending in, though, considering only two people seriously suspected her and only one of them was interested in lynching her. That was part of why I felt she was a good candidate for keeping alive. I wasn’t sure about you. I figured there was a fair chance that you were evil, but my reasons for stabbing you were simply that I calculated you ought to have a good number of boxings, and that it would be a lot less awkward explaining why I had stabbed someone legitimately suspicious as opposed to somebody I had openly trusted.
  8. In terms of activity, this game was kind of weird. We frequently had well above average levels of content, it was just all from a small number of players. I felt kind of guilty, later in the game, when I was essentially trying to prevent the village from lynching eliminators too quickly, and also murdering some of the more active players to claim their boxings. I tried to make up for it with my own participation, but things were inexorably slumping in the last few cycles, and I ended up just trying to win in as few cycles as possible. I hope I didn’t detract from your experience of the game. I picked up on your first reason for PMing me. I also figured you were sounding me out to see if I had killed Fifth. I wasn’t actually aware that you were offering me help, though At least beyond what we had originally agreed upon (since I have referenced this in thread before, I will clarify for everyone else: we agreed to pass each other our savings if one of us was about to get lynched, with the understanding that we wouldn’t attempt to lynch each other as a way to get the others boxings). I figured you were trying to make sure I wasn’t too close, and acted accordingly.
  9. Dreadfully sorry for betraying, well, everybody I kind of got lucky. I believe Joe intended for one player to start out with a large sum of boxings and have the option to play like a serial killer; that player was me. As long as I survived, it was going to be very difficult for anyone else to reach the mass-kill win con. I almost did need it. I confess that I almost targeted you for boxings, as our agreement never covered stabbings. Fortunately, it never came to that. By the way Fura, I was skeptical at the time and even after, but it seems that you were right about Alv. If I had become governor, I was meaning to PM Alvron and try to strike a deal to make him survivor in exchange for increasing my profit margin. I was definitely getting a kick out of giving PSAs on the majority of cycles frankly stating that I was conspiring to kill everyone Seconded, Butt Ad Venture really did very well. The elims in general did pretty well, considering that their luck was bad in the first couple cycles, with Burnt getting stabbed and Lum getting scanned. @Fifth Scholar you posed one of the bigger obstacles to my nefarious plot, by manipulating my vote onto Rae. Not only did you lynch the eliminator that I was planning to keep alive to keep the game running long enough to implement my plan, but you prevented me from bribing my own vote on Devotary and collecting the boxings from killing her. Considering you set me back once, I felt it was only fair to stab you to facilitate my plan on the following cycle. Regardless, you played exceptionally well in this game. Thank you to Joe for running this game. Well done. It was difficult enough to make good posts on my phone, actually GMing without a computer on a game as complicated as this is seriously a major achievement.
  10. In my experience, people don’t generally bother asking “who would win” when there is a clear right answer to the question. It is also complicated by the fact that most of these are heavily dependent on the conditions of the fight, and that there is always a chance that someone with lesser abilities still wins, and that across different works characters exhibit wildly different degrees of combat pragmatism. Shrugs They can still definitely be entertaining as a thought experiment, although it works best for characters from the same ‘verse
  11. Senator Sheev, soon to be governor Sheev, prepared nervously to address the chambers of the senate. His voice began with a waver and picked up strength as he continued speaking. ”Friends, we stand at the dawn of an exciting new order. For too long, this government has been choked by corruption and petty agendas, defanged by the weak-stomached, and paralyzed by bureaucracy and policy gridlocks. No longer. For too long, this people has languished under incompetent taxation of the outer basin, restrictive legislation oppressing the practice of allomancy, and worst of all bad interior design decisions. No longer! It’s a brave new world. Unfortunately, not one you will be around to see.” He stared intently at Constable Altea, an insane gleam in his eye. He had been waiting to utter these words for a while. ”The time has come. Execute order sixty six.”
  12. In the interests of playing devil’s advocate, HH. I don’t terribly mind either way but I had plans to scan Ad Venture. Also, Drake. “If I am elected, I promise to put an end to corruption.” -Senator Sheev Palpatine
  13. Oh, if you insist Drake. I promise I will use it for a good cause. You are probably right. If we are basically just trying to lynch our way through all of the less active suspects, then this will be much faster. To avoid dragging the game out as we randomly lynch our way through low activity players, I’m okay with doing this, although I still harbor some of my earlier concerns about tied lynches.
  14. I’ll probably do some WHioC posts but my computer is borked which makes everything take longer. Yes, for sure. I haven’t read near all of it but it’s a great way to pass the time. I’ve considered writing one or two SCPs. Red Euclid Class Anomaly Containment Procedure: Anomaly is to be kept in a 10m x 10m x 3m cell. Cell is to be completely airtight, with steel walls no less than 3cm in thickness. Cell is to be equipped with full life support systems, rated for use in a self-contained environment for no less than three days without resupplying. Following incident 36A, all instances of plumbing, pneumatic piping, delivery mechanisms, and doors within the cell are to be fitted with seals rated to withstand Abyssal levels of submarine pressure. Life support systems are to be refreshed daily on a fixed schedule. Exactly ten seconds before the restocking process initiates, anomaly is to be verbally abused by a site director or higher-ranked personnel. It is vital that the anomaly is informed that she has been rejected by the foundation. The restocking process is not to exceed two minutes in duration. Under no circumstances are any pressure seals to be opened except during the restocking process. Anomaly is permitted to include requests for reading material along with outgoing waste. Anomaly “Red” is believed to be relatively safe under the supervision of certain personnel she has previously offered to serve, and may be requested for service in the field by individuals that qualify. Revision following incident 147C: Under no circumstances are any personnel to accept any offers of service from anomaly “Red”. For Ko, you would probably just have to keep them drugged or in cryogenic stasis, since you said their reality warping doesn’t happen when they are asleep.
  15. Maybe? I rarely do anything 100% seriously, but also rarely do anything 100% unseriously.