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  1. Alright, down to business. With Sart acting as a lead, we should have a decent shot at figuring this out. welcome to the madhouse I love me some good dueling and all the dramatic flair of public challenges, but, reading the "final draft" of the rules, there's nothing about dueling in there? I think it got removed when there weren't enough players. Sorry for not responding to your PM, by the way. Are we still allowed to use it? Would the elims have a way of knowing Elandera had a pain knife though? It sounds like I need to read day 2 closely. I stand corrected. Well, at least this makes it easier for me to get caught up. For the purposes of this cycle I only have a pressing need to analyze two people and decide which one I think is more guilty. I can agree with the logic of encouraging activity / picking the least of the evils in a lynch. My question is, beyond not liking the alternatives, did you have a reason to suspect Xino in particular? Insofar as I have a sense of your playstyle / thought process, I feel like you tend to play mostly hands off until you have a positive suspicion of a particular target. Interesting. From a purely meta perspective I would be slightly surprised by an elim artifabrian, particularly since it makes the elims much more powerful by giving them 1.5x the number of kills, but I'm not going to put very much stock in that, given the devious disposition of most SE GMs. Also, I wouldn't necessarily expect an elim!artifabrian to hand out stuff to villagers. Aman is certainly capable of using this as a ploy, but this is sacrificing multiple extra kills in exchange for a fairly nebulous benefit, and the simplest answer is that it doesn't make sense for an eliminator to play their hand that way. I also note that you made a spanreed, which is likely one of the safer items to grant to another player. Is there a particular reason for that choice? ...and the cycle is nearly up I don't like being a slow reader. I am voting for Elbereth: If I were an eliminator with a shard, I would 100% issue a challenge. It's a high profile way to control what happens in a cycle, and with the likelihood of vote manipulations the outcome can be controled. While the fact that her playstyle has changed is not inherently suspicious, I feel a bit off about her new playstyle. I don't think Aman is evil. Evil!Aman would have to be an artifabrian, and then would have to choose to either include other teammates in a very risky gambit or sacrifice the use of what is probably the elim team's most powerful item in exchange for trust. I may be biased by my the last game I played with Aman, but then again, I am getting really similar vibes right now with people second guessing everything Aman says to what went down in that game, when he was a villager and I lead the charge against him.
  2. Ekard strolled into the group of assembled Brightlords and Brightladies. He yawned. It felt like he had been asleep for quite some time. "Ello friends. What'd I miss?" Terribly sorry, I've been busy and not putting the amount of effort into the game that I wanted to I'll commit to making a comprehensive post during the next day cycle with the best of my analysis in it. In the least, we are far enough into the game that I am reasonably confident I will be able to narrow the playing field. I don't especially appreciate apparently being voted up, but I'll withhold my judgement until I read through the reasoning behind it. For now, that is all.
  3. Kind of? I'm fairly optimistic about finding a better lead this cycle, but for now, you may consider it a vote in retaliation to a vote in retaliation to my vote, yes. Right now I'm mostly just concerned with progressing the D1 lynch past choosing people at complete random.
  4. See, this is where I would have removed my vote because you explained yourself, but then you voted on me Edit: I thought it was an exact rerun of LG20(?) so I doubt there would be secret roles.
  5. Interesting. I had figured it would be a survivor-type role with gravy, but this puts it more in SK territory. Something to watch out for. I could see the thief win con sneaking up on us and ending the game if we aren't careful. You are pretty much right. I wasn't drawing conclusions about the individual chances of either Araris or El being elims, just that they almost definitely aren't both elims. Which, I feel is still a useful takeaway. "It is sadly a well-documented fact that the best way for Alethi nobility to get to know each other is by plotting to kill each other," Lord Ekard commented dryly. Very good, join the dark side Anyways, I am voting/poking/stabbing/whateverit'scallednow Butt Ad Venture (@Butt Ad Venture) at least until they elaborate upon their vote a bit more.
  6. When was the last time you've seen two eliminators vote in rapid succession of each other? Especially when those votes lead the lynch and are placed less than three hours into the game.
  7. It's good to be in the game. It feels like it's been a while. Unusual, for a vote to develop in such rapid succession. I'm going to rule out Araris and Elbereth being on the same team, because eliminators are usually more cautious about that sort of thing. I have no intention of placing a third vote on Elandera though, so Sart, consider yourself poked.
  8. Something like that. Simurgh and Khonsu would not be threatened by his power at all. He would probably be more helpful against the others. I would expect the Endbringer cores to be immune to the time slowing, since Behemoth's core was able to nullify Chevalier's power, so what would most likely happen is it would force them to shed a bunch of layers to escape the time bubble, heavily damaging them but still being a little ways off from permanently dealing with them.
  9. Some Shaker powers (Labrynth comes to mind, also Nursery, if you've read any of Ward) could be described as localized reality warping. Usually with some restrictions and nuances to how it operates, like needing to stay put in one place to let the area of effect become very intense, and being unable to affect themselves so that they are basically ordinary and vulnerable humans in the center of the area of effect, but yeah.
  10. I pick option 3 More seriously, I don’t mind if signups are extended or not; I say do whichever you would prefer / works better for your schedule, and I’m sure you’ll put on a good game either way.
  11. Hm, I feel like playing an SE game. Please sign me up as Brightlord Ekard, who is fully at the mercy of the vengeful gods. Whatever your description is I'll RP it
  12. Hmmm... I think I'd better spectate this time. I am willing to be a pinch hitter if you are using them, however.
  13. quest

    Another entertaining chapter It is a rather large pity that Songbearer stepped on Brightweave's and Coinspender's toes, but alas. We had been rolling well for a while there, it was hardly going to last forever. The limerick seems fun. Maybe a way to strike a balance being seen as spiritual but also still down-to-earth and not too stuffy. I could definitely get behind that. The statue stands for scholarship which is something we want to lean into, but I confess I have some reservations about Songbearer choosing a statue of himself But I really like the [x] dancing dolls, for some reason. Maybe partially because that just sounds like an amazingly intricate and artful work of awakening, to command dolls to dance perfectly in time to an unseen rhythm. You need to create a song to dance to, and create dolls to dance, and perform an incredibly complex awakening on them, which is a remarkable degree of effort. Maybe it is also because Songbearer is dwelling on the sacrifice of breaths to the Returned, and choosing this work to preserve is maybe a way to honor that. Given the time, I would want to make amends to both Coinspender and Brightweave, ride through the city and actually talk to people, and do more scholarship about the Returned to master the innate abilities of the Returned. But since there is only so much time in a day, the ones I would favor: [x] Visit Coinspender because he is the one we most gravely offended, and I would rather put in the effort to avoid having enemies (yeah, you can't have everyone agree with you, and we certainly don't agree with Coinspender about everything, but being enemies and disagreeing are two entirely different things, and I suspect Coinspender actually gets that). The way I see it, visiting him will either let us find common ground like I was kind of hoping for, or solidify Coinspender as one of Songbearer's enemies, and I would kind of prefer to just cut to one or the other. As things stand, inaction will most likely result in Coinspender eventually ending up being opposed to us, so it's not like there is much to lose in trying to make amends. [x] Ride through the city because I don't want to keep putting off actually talking to the people we are kind of ruling over.
  14. quest

    That's an interesting WoB, thank you for pulling that up. The difference between aging and disease is that, aging is a chronic thing that will happen if something is not actively preventing it, but diseases are often acute conditions (not always: long-term conditions and genetic disabilities behave differently, as you have already pointed out). An acute, temporary condition like a cut or being temporarily intoxicated is not nearly as much a spiritual fixture as things like your literal age or a slave brand you have lived with for years. I would expect a more temporary ailment to exist mostly on a physical level, with some impact on the cognitive level and very little spiritual footprint. Physically speaking, the most obvious way the fifth heightening would make somebody immune to disease and toxins is by bolstering the body's natural ability to combat infections and break down toxic substances. But if that is the case, than even after temporarily having the fifth heightening, the offending microbes/chemicals are already gone. So you would stay healed of certain types of conditions, including a hazardous virus or something (you would probably revert to being physically drained from having been sick, and any symptoms like rashes or scarring or whatever wouldn't disappear, but the underlying disease would still be cured). Incidentally, I would expect the energy required to cure the disease to come not from the breath itself (which would necessarily deplete them over time) but from the body of the host. Another possible interpretation is that the heightening lets you somehow ignore the symptoms of poison/disease without actually curing the problem: either by physically allowing your biology to ignore those symptoms (effectively making you a disease carrier that can still transmit diseases to other people), or through some process vaguely reminiscent of transubstantiation (or, perhaps, forgery?) by which you fundamentally and spiritually are still sick but the physical reality is somehow suppressed by the heightening. In this case, you would revert to being sick again, exactly like with aging, as you have suggested. Even if it does work, yes, it isn't necessarily economically or socially viable: Most infections can be cured for far less. It does weaken the political structure (although, less so if it is one of the Returned who is organizing this system). It does require some pretty ruthless enforcement to guarantee that people return the breaths they are given. It is, however, an interesting thought experiment for what biochromatics is theoretically capable of doing, especially since whether this is possible or not suggests a lot of things about the nitty gritty of how heightenings work. Even if finding an Edgedancer or healing fabrial would be far less hassle to cure a disease.