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  1. See, the thing is, is that an elim would want to vote people out... But so would a villager. When you are looking to find something alignment indicative, you can't just stop at "an elim would do this." You gotta look at whether an elim would be any more likely to do that thing than a villager in the same situation. An elim might want to vote other people out, but a villager should definitely want to vote other people out, because that's the only way we can win. But yeah, whether I agree with you or not isn't really relevant to my trusting you. Thanks for elaborating on your reasoning here, it helps at least a little. How about this. You said if I extend to you my trust, you think we can get rid of a killer. Do you have anyone in mind other than Devotary? If it's all the same I would rather not lynch my top trust read, but at this stage of the game I'd be fine with agreeing on a different lynch you suggest.
  2. As of starting this post, it looks like it might end up being double post, but it's been 6 hours, and I'm also fairly sure editing votes into posts is frowned upon, so here we are. Reading the end of last cycle, imo the lynch on Silber didn't see nearly enough opposition to make it worthwhile. I'm a little wary of peoples just sort of letting that lynch slide and being comfortable with letting the discussion stop at that, but seeing as I also voted for Silber and wasn't around later to reconsider (I'd like to think I would have, although it's hard to say with hindsight), I am also partially to blame, so it would be hypocritical of me to pursue that line of reasoning very far. Hmmmm soft trust read on Vapor last cycle for temporarily voting on Araris cuz I kinda doubt the elims would bother to vote for the person they planned on killing. They were also the opposite lynch to Silber at the end not sure what to make of that. So uh. Same stuff about voting being important applies. Which is kinda frustrating bc I don't feel like there's a lot to go off of yet. For now, could I ask @A Windrunner A Windrunner to walk me through the reasoning for this post: Could you explain what behaviors you had in mind and such? Looking back, the remark someone said about there being a lot going on with the game during C1 stuck in my head as a little sus since I feel an elim / non-village would be a little more likely to feel that way, but it's not really a significant enough thing that I'm gonna try and go find it rn. Anyways I haven't visited the Garden yet so time for some fresh air. Hoping to do more RP this cycle. I do have a reputation as a gossip to live up to, after all
  3. Hmph, I would have liked to have been online towards the end of last cycle, but more on that later. I have some work I need to do right now that should most likely take a couple of hours, and after that I'm planning to spend some time figuring things out with this game. I will look forward to reading what looks like a pretty involved writeup.
  4. Zachary Holcomb had a serious problem. His problem was another ruined rusting party. Why did Talbot Oswhatever have to go and get himself killed? Rusting selfish of the man, if you asked Zachary. Now the murder was all people talked about. Next thing you know and nobody even wanted to hear the highly entertaining tale about what happened last Cladence between the scion of House Haught and a nobody horseless carriage mechanic, or about the rumored shady dealings between the Tenierts and the Governor to set up and drag House Gardre through the mud. And he had been so excited to discover that precious few guests had heard of the latest tales from Elendel. But nothing killed the atmosphere of a party quite like a killing, it seemed. Zachary paced back in forth, agitatedly fiddling with the ostentatious aluminum cuff links fixed to his sleeves. Was it too much to ask that there was a decent party somewhere he could go to and just have a good time? What in the survivor's name was even the point of the murder? From what Zachary could gather, the man was near-universally regarded as a grand waste of space, so how was killing him anything but a grand waste of time? Unless there was more to the story. Zachary felt a spark of excitement at the prospect. An intricate murder plot would be just the thing to engross the rumor mills of Elendel! And him with firsthand knowledge of the whole affair, to boot. They would all want to listen to him, and any embarrassing scandals that may or may not have involved him would be mercifully forgotten by the wayside. He would have to get to the bottom of this mystery though, and quickly. Once the constables took over the investigation he'd probably be shut out, and his chances to salvage a compelling story from this mess flew out the window. Zachary liked his chances of solving the murder, though. None were his equal when it came to figuring out everyone's dirty secrets. His resolution made, Zachary pasted on a dazzling smile as he entered a small alcove with a lovely little fireplace, a room which the servants had named the growlery. Most of the partygoers were currently engaged in histrionics over the murder, and he hoped to find a more levelheaded conversation here. "Quite a stir back there, huh? The name's Zachary Holcomb. Pleased to meet you, but I don't believe I caught your name before...?"
  5. Aight first order of business: does anybody know what the storms a Growlery actually is??? Cause I sure don't. Second order of business: we get to lynch today, with the benefit of having a cycle beforehand to analyze. Idk what there actually is to analyze in mostly RP, though. I'm also concerned by how hard it is to really protect against a hammer. Most D1 lynches don't see anywhere near enough votes to protect against that and idk I for one don't really love the idea of banking on the elims not wanting to end the game too soon. I'm... Honestly not sure if there's a good answer to this, or if there's something in the blackout setup that makes it harder for the elims to just end the game. Reading back on last cycle... Soft village read on TJ because they thought kills only worked in the same room and I'm pretty sure an elim woulda made sure to know how their kill works. I kinda think most of the posts were NAI it's hard to do anlysis when there's no lynch discussion going down. Uhhh @Lord_Silberfarben Lord_Silberfarben, what is your relation to Lord Talbot and what were you doing when Lord Talbot was killed?
  6. Wait what??? That's great. I have no idea why it's there but clearly whoever put it there has eminently good taste
  7. Thank you all who responded to my questions In light of that bit of the rules you quoted, you're probably right that RP doesn't have a big mechanical impact, after all. Woulda been cool but yeah probably not practical. Idk if those are all things that happen in the book but if so it sounds like an interesting read Yes, there is 18 players. 4 or 5 sounds like a reasonable guess. The rule of thumb is usually 20-25% I think? So both 4 (22.22%) or 5 (27.77%) would be plausible. I'm going to be pessimistic and assume it's 5 for now to avoid nasty surprises in the future, but you're probably right about 4 being more likely. Good questions. I'll take a stab at em: 1) I think most likely yes, but I already got PAFO'd on that. 2) Are there things that can do that? Huh. Yes I am excited to find out what they are. 3) Yeah thanks for reminding me of this. I remember this was one of the things I took note of when I was signing up. I'm gonna slightly village read you for bringing this up, because I think this is a fairly major concern for the village to be thinkin about. If the elims can ever get in a hammer, pretty sure we lose immediately. I'd really rather not risk that, even if the elims potentially have a harder time communicating between themselves in this game. So this is the part where I push everyone to vote (surprise surprise, the guy who puts inactivity filters in his games based on voting every day wants y'all vote ). Once the voting starts, vote early and often. Three important facts: Even if we pile more votes on a single candidate than there are eliminators left in the game, that doesn't necessarily make us safe. If some of the voters for the top lynch candidate are also elims, then their switching to the Secretary will also leave the leading non-Secretary candidate with fewer votes. Probably the best way to guard against being hammered is having multiple candidates for the lynch who each have a lot of votes (ideally 5+ at this stage in the game). I know this is probably unrealistic of me, but it would still be fantastic if we could manage those amounts of activity. Please do not take what I've said as a license to pile votes on a bandwagon without reasoning to back it up. Imo it's in a similar category as trying to prevent vote manips, where it's maybe a contributing factor in deciding to vote for somebody but it's not really a good enough reason on it's own, because the same reasoning could apply to any other player you wanted to vote for. "Of course, the Heron succession crisis was absolutely sensational," Zachary voiced enthusiastically. "Elendel was abuzz for weeks in speculation. Caused almost as great a stir as the incident with the Erikell disinheritance and the flamingos... But surely you've heard all about that already, that's old news. In any case, congratulations on your most precipitous ascendance! It may be so that the present company is lacking, but truth be told I had expected no different from an auxiliary house to greatness." Zachary watched the guest who was pushing her way through the crowd with a critical eye. Fashion was a bit out of date, but that was Bilming for you. If I see anyone who meets that description, I'll definitely let you know I mean, fair. Since it's a "partial-blackout" game and not a full blackout game, I'd personally be fairly surprised if something major like a whole separate faction were left out, but you never know. My perspective about what counts as "a lot of stuff that is going on" may be a bit skewed since I frequently gravitate towards the most complicated setups possible It doesn't maybe feel like there's a lot going on yet since we're just introducing characters and consulting rngesus to choose a room to search, but that'll probably change in a hurry. Also can I just say everyone's RP is great.
  8. "Surely you don't mean the Lord Heron?" Zachary feigned surprise, rejoicing internally to have bumped into somebody actually important in this sham of a noble party. "Truly, it is an honor. I am afraid there is little or no fame to the name of Holcomb, except, perhaps, that which coincides with my own. Or so I should like to think. I would normally find diversion within the confines of Elendel proper, but things have gotten a tad dull in the city lately, so I'm expanding my horizons. But truth be told, I have not thus far been thrilled by my stay in the country. If I may be so bold as to presume, I cannot help but notice that you also seem disappointed in the quality of company on display at this event? Alright, let's get this party started. As I recall, today is not supposed to have a kill or a lynch, so let's take that opportunity to get a head start on discussion, yeah? There's nothing to discuss about yet, you say? Well then we'll simply have to make things to discuss @TJ Shade What do you think the rooms are supposed to do? @Gears In light of your character name, would you happen to know things about the novel Death Comes at the End? Idk it's a blackout game and Kas gave us that title to go off of so it might be useful in figuring out the basic setup, although I also wouldn't put it past Kas to throw us a curveball and do something completely different. @Orlok Tsubodai Do you think there is a particular strategy we should go about with searching? @StrikerEZ We know this game has at least a village and an elim faction, so how many elims would you expect for this number of players? @Eternum How much do you think the lack of lynch/kill today affects things? Do you think we should basically approach D2 in this game like D1 in an ordinary game? @Mist Do you think RPing will have a mechanical impact on the game? I kinda figure our characters are supposed to actually solve a mystery by searching for hints and stuff which would be pretty cool if it somehow involved RP. @Elbereth Why did you steal the cosmetic role I originally wanted to pick? @Vapor Going by your name, are you by any chance related to Mist? Also your profile is quite funny @Araris Valerian If you were going to vote for somebody today do you have any idea who it would be? @Lord_Silberfarben This game seems a little different in that the elims don't get a doc to talk in. How do you think that affects things? @Burnt Spaghetti I kind of recall you like doing stuff in PMs. PMs are not unrestricted in this game, but what's your take on the room PMs? @MysticLotus Welcome to the madhouse Kind of a big question but what do you think are the best ways to identify eliminators? @The_Truthwatcher I think you're in the LG rn but I've never played with you so hi. I'll ask you a similar question as Mystic: what do you think are the best ways to identify guests? @xinoehp512 If memory serves then I believe you are a player who likes to analyze rules. Does anything in this game stick out to you as particularly unusual? @Lahilt Do you think there is any chance of secret/roles factions in this game? @A Windrunner What food items do you think are most important to stock up on when you visit a fancy party? @Devotary of Spontaneity Can you think of any other interesting questions to ask people? I'm definitely running pretty dry on ideas at this point That is all.
  9. Zachary Holcomb threw open the doors to the Study and entered, resplendent in a finely tailored three-piece cerulean suit. Entrances were important. "Hello, hello." He traded the blot-stained invitation at the door for a fluted glass. "Talbot, you've been holding out on all us city folk. I never knew you had a place this lovely squirreled away." He almost meant it, too. Breezehome was unexpectedly lavish, for the private stomping grounds of a backwater noble. He'd run into Talbot a fair few times, now. A quintessential rich idiot, the man had excellent taste in parties and horrible taste in everything else. He never knew Talbot was connected to the Herons, though. Now there was a name that carried weight, back in Elendel. He scanned the room with trepidation, and experienced a peculiar mix of relief and indignation when none of the other guests seemed to immediately recognize him. At least the festivities wouldn't be ruined. Who knows, Talbot's grand blowout might even be fun. Time to work the room. He sipped his beverage thoughtfully while sidling up to one of the guests in the crowd. "Evening. The name's Zachary Holcomb, and alas I am in sore need of a conversation partner. I don't suppose you would indulge in my silly request? To whom do I have the pleasure of speaking with for the night?"
  10. I can see you have your priorities in the right order Welcome aboard.
  11. See, this is why I'm having a hard time It's not very easy to make a move "well-timed" against Epoch's abilities. Still, if you wanna kill him using whatever means be my guest because as entertaining as he was in life he would be in death too and I have an incessant stream of new character ideas. I don't think there's a clear-cut example in canon, but I also don't think there's any canonical reason why that kind of power shouldn't exist, either. I would say it's probably a thing but just fairly rare. Of course not I definitely was not referring to any hypothetical google docs you may or may not have concerning epics.
  12. Hm, that's a fair point, yeah. There are definitely some of those in this RP. Kinda the premise of the books is that the world is ruled by a handful of weirdos with absolutely unfair superpowers. Epoch's time screwery is arguably in that category. Speaking of which, wanna have one of your characters kill Epoch? I've been planning on killing him for ages but I can't find a good enough way to do it.
  13. Ferocity's kit sounds like the unholy child of Teacher's Shard and the Shard of Ruin. Absorbing attributes has no upper limit. Are there some diminishing returns when concentrating a lot of power in one person though?
  14. Zachary Holcomb had a serious problem. He'd tried his luck with three different parties in the last 48 hours. The grand blowout at the Cett Mansion, of course. The weekly luncheon with the ZoBells, most assuredly. He'd even gotten desperate and finally caved to the incessant stream of invitations to attend the opening event of that dingy little tower the Harmons had just put up, and regretted every minute of it. The problem Zachary faced was gossip. Specifically, a distinct lack of it. The silence spoke of things unspoken to his face. News spread like wildfire, and right now the buzz was all about him. Hard to have a good conversation face-to-face when everyone was talking behind your back. Hard to catch wind of any good scandals when the one everyone was talking about these days was one you were already intimately familiar with. How the rusts had the Harmons of all people already heard all about it? Didn't these people have anything better to do? Like wildfire, indeed. Surely there was a party somewhere he could go to that wasn't ruined. Again, he rifled through his stack of invitations. Again, he came up with only one card that fit the bill. The invitation was a horrendous patchwork of ink blots that some heroic secretary had painstakingly polished to the point of decipherability. Breezehome Manor. In Bilming, of all places. Zachary knew he was scraping the bottom of the barrel, but what choice did he have? (TL;DR I am signing up as Zachary Holcomb, the Socialite)
  15. You're in good company then, heh. Over the months I've accumulated a ridiculously sized google doc of various powersets, and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one here who has something like that.