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  1. I would, if you want. Last I checked Lorena was asking somebody what the heck was going on, which is a prompt anyone could answer.
  2. So pretty much what I’m getting from catching up on the thread is that everyone is talking about the kandra and at the same time everyone thinks we shouldn’t be talking about the kandra: First off hunting for the kandra and hunting for the elims is not the same thing, as far as I’m concerned. Hunting for elims involves looking for evidence of hidden teamwork, which doesn’t apply at all to a kandra, whose main weakness is they have zero allies. Second, the kandra has a serial killer win condition and I would expect them to have the ability to kill, as befitting a serial killer. Third, do we actually know that the game ends if all the elims die but the kandra is still alive? @StrikerEZ That is all I will ever say about the kandra for the next few cycles. Lotta posts are clearly just made for boxings hehe. Can’t really fault that. I appreciate Araris sharing a trust/suspicion list this early. Kind of impossible to get solid reads at this point but it’s still phenomenally useful for later in the game when analyzing who is and isn’t in cahoots. Anyways I’ll vote… Kynedath, how do you plea?
  3. Yeah I figured It's also why my first post had 200+ words of RP in it
  4. Lorena stirred, eyes flickering open. As she shifted and stretched, a heavy fur-lined jacket that was draped over her tumbled onto the floor. The corner of the room was surprisingly comfy. She must have drifted off. This meeting was taking ages to start, but it looked like things were finally heating up. Rust and ruin, what was all that racket? Oh look, some bloke died on the floor with a coin through his head. Guess the investigation was going somewhere. Nobody paid the corpse much attention so it had probably been there for a while. But they certainly were having lively discussion. Mainly about who to kill next? Kind of brutal but you gotta do what you gotta do she guessed. The PLE was none too shy about that sort of thing. Anyway, there was probably stuff she could figure out by listening in. It was dark, with the windows boarded up. Hard to tell what time of day it was. Felt like a morning, though. “Mornin’.” Her eyes settled on one of the folks standing in her corner. “I don’t s’pose you could give me a rundown of what’s gone down here?” She glanced meaningfully at the dead body.
  5. All 16 metals? All 3 metallic arts? Black markets, cool items, and a chance to hoard boxings? I'm a sucker for fancy mechanics like this I think I won't be passing this game up. Sign me up as Lorena Blackburn, a distant relative of the late Thomas Blackburn.
  6. Lol that first cycle really threw me off Good game folks. Thanks Straw for running the game.
  7. Wait did you actually pull off a D1 bus that perfectly? I am suitably impressed. You deserve the win.
  8. Don't worry about it. I don't think Megasif and I have been cooperating in any particular way beyond having the same vote this cycle, but it doesn't really matter. I didn't think the village would probably win this cycle anyhow. Lynch needs two votes to turn around, which I doubt will happen, but @Sart @The_God_King if you happen to be around for the end I don't suppose you'd think about it? The number of votes I have right now should strongly suggest that eliminators are voting for me and it would be nice to turn this around if we can. Before this cycle, I'd have figured Archivist would be the final eliminator after Elbereth, Amanuensis, and Zillah, but I'm genuinely not quite sure whether it's actually you or not. EDIT: Wait no it couldn't be you one of my earlier trust reads has to be wrong it was either Archivist or God King. Interesting. Anyways good game folks. Like I said before it was fun getting back into SE.
  9. Yeah so I really wanted to vote Elbereth for exactly those reasons, because if we lynch her and she flips elim then I feel pretty good about finding all her teammates. The thing is I'm still kind of paranoid about you, Megasif. I pretty much agree that if I assumed you were a villager then Elbereth has a high probability of being evil, but I am wary of assuming that. This post helps, though. I kind of don't suspect you as much. So I guess I'm fine with Elbereth, especially because the village needs to consolidate votes. Le sigh. The timing of this is not ideal, but for the record I really had decided to vote for Elbereth before this post happened. But obviously now I am keeping my vote on Elbereth. Not only for self-preservation (although obviously in part because of that) but because the weird tacit opposition to the Elbereth lynch makes me think Megasif is on the right track. If you happen to be a villager and would be interested in hearing my response to these points, here it is: 1. I addressed this in my post. So far nobody has died of inactivity. I said I would change my vote if it looked like they actually would die of inactivity, but a lot of people have been barely avoiding the filter for almost the entire game, and I don't think it's unreasonable to plan for this pattern to continue. 2. No, I don't think most would agree the elims are the most active. I certainly wouldn't: We've been lynching all of the active players for 8 cycles and what do we have to show for it? More importantly, if we supposed your assertion to be true than the village no longer has control over the lynch. It's LyLo so if there are any more inactive villagers than there are inactive eliminators, the eliminators have already achieved parity and the village has lost. If that is the case, then if you are not yourself an eliminator then you should be seriously questioning your role as someone supporting the leading lynch right now. 3. I said there is evidence against Megasif, but I also said that if I was going to vote on one of Megasif or Elbereth it would be Elbereth. Which is what I have done. Is there a particular reason you would like me to vote for Megasif?
  10. Yeah I really, really wish I was actually being a clever elim. Earlier in the game you asked me if there was any questions I had that I could ask in order to trust you more. Considering the stakes of today's lynch, I am going to ask you the same thing. So, I'll be honest: my prediction is that the village is probably going to lose. The elims have shown signs of still being active enough to submit kill orders every cycle, and if there are equal or more active elims than villagers, then the game is done. Heck, if we're really unlucky the filter might even take out enough villagers to let the elims reach parity. For that matter, if God King is a villager our chances of winning have tanked as well, because as understandable as it might have been, they voted for another villager, and the elims can side with that vote to win the game. Even if the shades unexpectedly come through for us it won't help if we lynch a villager and reach even numbers with the elims. Even if we get this vote right this cycle, we have to do it again every single cycle until the end of the game if we are going to win. Villages just don't turn the game around from LyLo that often, especially when there are 4 eliminators still left. But let's do some analysis. The only suspect I'm gonna rule out a priori is myself, since I kind of can't not do that. The_God_King: Village read from their reaction to getting accused earlier in the game, but that only goes so far. Lord_Silberfarben: Lots of RP early on in the game and participation in the discussion that seemed mostly NAI to me. Kind of a village vibe though? Elbereth: Conflicted reads. Also interestingly I don't think Elbereth could probably be teammates with Silberfarben, God King, or Megasif. The_Archivist: Village read from their C1 vote but at this point what you did C1 is only worth so much and I know one of my trust reads was wrong. Sart: Their C1 vote made them trusted, and while we should probably be second guessing that at this point, most of Sart's later actions have also seemed village to me. Zillah: Neutral read, but it's also becoming increasingly evident that a fair few elims were hiding among less active players so I kind of suspect them on that basis. Amanuensis: Suspicious of Aman for similar reasons as Zillah but I also kind of wonder if he might have tried to knife CadCom and I'm skeptical the elims would have a knife. Although the elims attacking CadCom tonight is an IKYK-laden counterpoint to this theory. Megasif: If I were an elim I would have killed village!Megasif pretty much the instant I thought they wouldn't be protected by a medkit, and I'm wondering why that hasn't happened. Also, probably isn't on a team with Zillah, because Megasif tried to lynch Zillah and one of the only times Zillah voted was on Megasif in retaliation. A random choice would have a 50% chance of being correct. Unless there aren't actually 4 elims, but in that case we aren't at LyLo either. I am tempted to vote for God King, on the basis that they voted for somebody I know is a villager during LyLo, and if they even are a villager it might not matter who I vote for regardless. I am tempted to vote for Megasif, on the basis that the search for elims for 90% of the game has been fruitless, and that is strong evidence that the people who became trusted early on in the game are to blame. I realize that might be similar to God King's reasoning for voting against me. I am tempted to vote for Elbereth, on the basis that I want to make sure we put together a lynch with numbers behind it because that is the only kind of lynch that can be successful against the elim team at LyLo, and Megasif's vote is the only one I can side with. I have a feeling that 1 of Elbereth and Megasif is an eliminator and the other one is village. I'm leaning towards the elim being Elbereth but I don't feel that sure about it. But considering how the game has been going with us systematically lynching a bunch of active villagers, I kind of think that the eliminators must have a pretty high representation among inactive players. I believe the safest lynch is Amanuensis, but I could see there being a case for a different player in the same category. Nobody has actually died to the inactivity filter yet, but I might change my vote if it becomes clear that is going to actually happen. Thoughts?
  11. *facepalms* Yeah there were too many votes on Kidpen at the end.
  12. I am signing off for the night. If you insist on lynching me over last cycle then fine, I didn't expect it to come to this. But since we are that much closer to LyLo you will be making a graver mistake than the one I made. Also, Kidpen.
  13. Woo more people. I was the one who protected you, CadCom. I would really like to know what kind of attack I blocked.
  14. Yeah I can see why you might think that. Would it change your mind if I said I was okay with lynching God King? They aren't my first choice by a fair sight, but if we are the only people who are going to vote this cycle then we might want to agree on somebody. And you can understand why I might not want that somebody to be me I'm holding out hope that more people will post but yeah.
  15. *villainous laughter* At this rate everybody else will die to the inactivity filter and I will secure a village victory by virtue of being the last one standing Keep it up, guys. But seriously please don't