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  1. Also sorry for the double post but I'm laughing at how the first conversation in the spec doc is basically the same as my thoughts about how to play with the Honest role. Smh you guys were on to me from before I even started doing the thing that I did.
  2. First of all I will preface this by saying I'm no longer speaking in opposites. Sorry for making things sometimes more difficult than they had to be. Was kind of fun, though. Y'all should try it some time* You know for a chill cardgames MR this was surprisingly eventful. Lotus idk if you have GM'd before or not but if not this was a pretty dang good for a first game, in my humble opinion. And also thank you Illwei for counting my votes Was almost hoping to actually be an Honest player who was cursed to always say the opposite of what they meant, but hey I'm not gonna complain about getting to be a Cheater. I was actually pretending to have a tell for a bit (which naturally I included in every post), which was making typos (normally a thing I avoid doing... habits from coding I guess). I kind of gave up on that once I revealed my actual role, though, since it was a bother to slip typos everywhere and half of the time I forgot and had to go back and edit something in It amuses me greatly that the fake tell I came up with was actually a real tell in the game, and that Araris possibly repeated the "Voidbinger" misspelling for nearly exactly the same reason I made the misspelling in the first place. Good game. Close games are usually more fun. I will call out Ashbringer for the same reason everyone else has; it's a rare treat to see a village pull back from the brink of LyLo. I will also say that even though I made plans in case of evil!Archer, I really was pretty dang sure it was Fabien/Xino who was the evil one, and you tricked me pretty good, Archer. Speaking of Fabien/Xino, @Fabien you seemed cool and even if you had to leave during this one I hope you try out SE again some other time And Xino I'm sorry we welcomed you into the game by murdering you without hesitation Trusting Drake is always the right decision Okay, maybe not, but hey thanks for doing it this time, yeah? Or at least for listening to your very intelligent fifty cent coin I think the signs were there but seeing them was all you. It really did take a while for us to work together, didn't it? To all the doubters I will point out that elim!GC!Kas was in fact one of the possible setups Lotus had rolled up in the mod doc, but that is besides the point since I think by the end we were all sure Kasimir was village regardless of his role. Anyways idk if Lotus would have picked that distribution or not. Anyways inciting me to vote for you on C2 kind of worked perfectly, in a roundabout sort of way. I figure it lowered the probability of an NK (although I haven't actually read the elim doc yet so don't quote me on that) and I realized pretty quickly that with a vote that everyone was calling "parked" and a vote manip up my sleeve, I could potentially do some damage with a last-minute swap only by then my only option to switch onto was Striker sorry Striker *Ask your doctor if Opposites is right for you. Side effects may include: confusion, headaches, suspicion, difficulty making bets that both parties understand, difficulty formulating long sentences, and rarely death by misgrinch.
  3. Smh you are somehow already a more egregious liar than even me and I just spent the last I-don't-know-how-long-maybe-a-week on the shard speaking only in opposites.
  4. Yes exactly. “Evil!Drake could win a 1v1” is the exact opposite of what I assumed. And I am not retracting the thing that I assumed. I try to negate more than one part of a self-contained statement whenever I can, because double negatives are not at all wonky. I should probably stick to larger sentences. Negations are easy Wagons with zero pushback are great, because they tend to be successful. I wasn’t roleblocked on that turn. Which is a shame because otherwise I would still have the card to use up on C4. Hey, even when you’re right, it makes no difference whether you do analysis in the final stretch or not. And anyways your analysis is mostly wrong, although of course I wouldn’t tell you that. I do hope the spec doc for this game is boring There better not be any illicit betting pools going on in there!! Betting pools are highly immoral.
  5. Wow I really was the MVP for the village in this cycle wasn't I I mean, I couldn't possibly have suggested a third option. I rarely suggest third options when I don't like the leading two This cycle wasn't LyLo or anything, and it's important to move cautiously and deliberately about these things. If village!Araris and village!Drake were both up for the vote, we would have a lot to lose trying to start something else, I figure. And the Knights Radiant only needed to poach a single vote in order to win. It would make loads of sense for me to allow a tie between two eliminators, whereas it wouldn't make any sense at all for me to make aggressive plays in this scenario. My vote was a last second self-pres vote. It wasn't there from the start of the turn. I mean if you want to make a post containing only the text "I am village" and nothing else then I would definitely try to stop you from doing that. You had no opportunity to lie about being Honest, so I would simply feel too bad about doing something like this. I am not at all curious whether you think I have a vote manipulation card or not. Striker was probably my third place trust, at the time. This was somewhat unrelated to the following remark: I don't really get not putting in the effort to figure out what I'm saying. I am not doing anything weird in this game, after all. But, if you are putting in that effort now, why wouldn't you do it later? Just in general, I think using information as a primary justification is fairly trustworthy. Because, it is fairly specific to the target, and doesn't at all just work against any active player. This was only my third place trust, because justifying a suspicion is pretty much the same as justifying a vote. I'm sure about whether or not there are other reasons. I kinda did a great job of explaining this before, but hitting Araris with a vote-swap and vote-manip at the last second was the furthest thing from my mind in that cycle. Since my vote on you looked like it could make a world of difference, I had no intention of moving it elsewhere in a surprising and dramatic fashion. In a game this big, it would be impossible to genuinely catch the eliminator team on the back foot in that way. Fortunately, Araris was devoid of votes by then, and there was already a solid wagon, which definitely didn't steal any of my thunder But Striker was an unacceptable wagon to me, so I refused to add my vote to it. I'm definitely never pathological about avoiding wagons, but I am kinda less comfortable with last second wagons? Which I think is very normal, now that I say it, but there you have it. I notice that on that cycle, I expected village!Archer wouldn't make a very good target for the NK, which is why I didn't bother trying to protect them in the first place. In retrospect, the fact that I was completely off-target about who would be attacked was probably was probably fairly irrelevant to Archer's alignment I kind of didn't want to do that, even. It was really only because Archer wasn't already doing it that I did do it. I really like uncontested wagons ok? Hmmm. You know, you might be wrong about that I stand by my statement that village!Drake would have won in a 1v1. My initial thought was sorta that village!Drake could not have convinced one of you to burn the vote manip last cycle (neither of you offered to at any point), but I'm realizing that even then it probably would have been a total victory for me, and not a tie. Not that it would matter to me, because personally I'm usually pretty willing to settle for a tie Uhhh the One of Guards didn't appear at C3 and I definitely didn't pocket the Two of Guards from a cheating spree at the end of C2. For what it's worth you are probably worse at it than you think. There are a lot of players that would do the same amount of legwork you are doing right now. We won't be able to find out very soon what that legwork amounts to. I haven't said a lot of things in this post, but to me, the most solid evidence that I am evil is from C3. Your mileage will be exactly the same as mine, because me and Archer both have exactly as much information as you.
  6. Wow, I need to flip less coins. But yeah Kas there is a big rush to get a vote finalized right now, you have no time to chill and maybe think about it later, and I have basically very little confidence in your ability to decide.
  7. I was told that I was roleblocked. Also note that apparently roleblocks prevent the kill, so if I had tried to made a kill then Archer would have stopped it. Again, I figure I’ll let the cards fall as they won’t, at this point. I’ve been going out of my way to be evil, I certainly went out of my way to save Araris with both my vote and my card action, and I am fairly confident that village!Drake could have won by now.
  8. Yes. I was roleblocked. The card is still in my hand.
  9. I think it might ultimately be less confusing if I broke my rule at this point. But I can’t do a yes/no. Are you asking was I roleblocked yes/no, or was I not roleblocked yes/no?
  10. Ok ok so actually what happened is I was roleblocked by Archer As you can see, I did not stop the kill from happening against you. I will note that it makes quite a bit of sense for the eliminator in this scenario to forgo making a kill. No matter how you cut it, the odds are just a whole lot worse for the elims in a 1v1 setting. And considering my history, I can’t imagine why Archer would expect me to be selfish with protective abilities Archer, you played terribly. I was pretty sure you were the evil one and not Xino. I just didn’t feel the need to plan for the alternative.
  11. You thought I didn’t have a shardblade up my sleeve, didn’t you I have ALL of the shardblades up my sleeve. All of them.
  12. Well, I was right about some things, and wrong about others. I flipped some coins last turn, anyways. We’ll call it even, ok? Archer. I am not waiting on any clarifications from our terrible Game Masters, but for reference my action last cycle was “attack Kasimir” and I no longer have the card in my hand but it says I was roleblocked so... I don’t really want to know what that means. Maybe I drew two cards last cycle, and one of them was the same as the card I just used? Maybe Archer really did cardblock me for some reason? Maybe an eldritch portal in reality ate my card and spat it back out? Find out next time on Rothfuss Elimination!!