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  1. Good game, all. Faction games are always interesting, and this was a rather well done blend of faction and conventional elim strategy. It came really close to the end, with an outcome which I absolutely did not expect. @Practitioners and in particular @Mist you guys did a really great job of weeding out the Cultists after my death. @The Young Pyromancer you have my thanks for smiling upon our cause And congratulations on ending the game as the last one standing. As to my fellow Jeskeri of a more Cultish persuasion, you fought well. Now for some retrospective about the game setup, because I really can't resist examining a setup like this:
  2. Well, I should have some time in the next couple days. Maybe I can do some of my plans for this. I admit I'm unsure how much interest there is in starting things up again, but it doesn't cost much to try. It is possible that if people see activity resuming in this subforum it will draw in more people. @kenod re: location. I'm fine with sticking with Edmonton or not. What I had in mind was keeping Edmonton as a setting but with some fairly big changes to the city, but whatever people want to do is cool. There are definitely some fun options for new settings. @Ashbringer Biggish. I would love to work other people's characters into things if you have ideas. I will message you.
  3. Uh, yeah. Meant to say I'm pretty sure the Jeskeri would've tried harder to protect you if you were Jeskeri. Not sure why that was missing. Roughly speaking, contribution crusading is when you go out of your way to lynch less active players and keep active ones alive, although there's probably someone around here who's better at explaining it than me.
  4. Alright. I've been skimming a lot, but I think I'm more or less up to speed. @TJ Shade Re: Village losscon. Sure we don't immediately lose after losing majority, I never said we did, but any "village-like" faction whose main strength is sheer numbers is basically screwed once it loses majority. Hence why our strategy still basically needs to be racing to kill an enemy faction before we lose majority. Speaking of which. With three factions and only 21 players, I don't think we have a bunch of leeway with mislynches. There should likely be a greater amount of non-Korathi compared to a regular elimination game, and I kind of don't think I'm seeing enough concern with respect to when we might lose control of our own lynch. With respect to last cycle's lynch, seeing as the tie stuck, I'm gonna soft trust Illwei, I think. I'm pretty sure the Being a somewhat weird faction game, I kinda doubt many Jeskeri would feel a need to strongly participate if the lynch was between two Korathi, which is what I suspect was the case. The Practitioners at least should have a motive to be focusing on a different lynch, and they are who we want to catch. So... Tentatively, I'm looking for either somebody who was around but didn't vote, or somebody who put a vote down but not on one of the main two lynch targets. The behavior that sticks out to me the most is probably Hael's vote. Hopefully setting aside from the fact that I disagreed with lynching Sart D1 and if anything I think the reasons to do so if anything diminished after another cycle, I would argue that most of the other players who were active were casting votes that had a fairly high impact on the lynch outcome. Domi willing, I will be doing a more full post-by-post reading soon. I've been relatively disengaged from the game's discussion so far, and I think it would probably be valid to suspect me for that, tbh, because I do think it probably fits a pattern of a lot of Jeskeri and I might be willing to extend a slight trust read on Kas for looking for those signs. Except that I kind of do think I have legitimate reasons to have been less active, because I had two final projects to do on Tuesday and two non-school projects that needed doing on Wednesday, and this game has 24 hour cycles. Regardless, I anticipate being able to focus on the game a bit more, now. Also, I'm inclined to slightly trust read Matrim just for general activity and participation I've seen from them in the thread. By the same logic, I really don't think this game would be a bad one for contribution crusading. We probably get more out of it than you do most games, because I estimate there's a higher likelihood of seeing teammates defend each other in a faction game, and I also suspect that although it can be easier to find suspicions for more active players that many of the players focusing a lot on the thread are villagers. I think that's everything.
  5. I'm feelin a little behind on all the thread happenings and my brain won't work. But I can at least activate my tally script and get the lay of the land: Vote Tally Ashbringer (4): Elkanah, Illwei, Sart, The Young Pyromancer Illwei (4): Ashbringer, Gears, Matrim's Dice, DrakeMarshall Sart (2): Haelbarde, TJ Shade Matrim's_Dice (2): Kasimir, Young Bard Please tell me if this has mistakes. I don't really feel informed enough to decide which one is more suspicious, but I like ties. Very frequently gives us more to go off of. So Illwei it is. Also it looks like I was ninja'd by Matrim. With respect to your tally, I believe Sart's vote is still on Ashbringer. That's all now I gotta go catch up on the thread during rollover peace out.
  6. Hm, considering the placement of your post, that's a valid point. Kasimir. @Elkanah (Elkanah) consider yourself poked for the time being. Do you think the analysis/strategy is different for catching "Half-Villagers"? The checks and balances in this game are delightfully complicated. One way or another, I am expecting the late game to be rather interesting. There are just so many possibilities But as far as I can tell, I think not voting does put us at a rather significant disadvantage: The Jeskeri lynch will kill only Jeskeri. The Cultist kill will target more Korathi to compensate. So long as this lasts, Practitioners will only really be killed by the Jeskeri lynch, which will generally be controlled mainly by the Practitioners themselves. Since dead Practitioners is the Korathi win condition, this is not an optimal state of affairs. The Cultists can only really afford to kill Practitioners if several more Korathi are dead than Practitioners (since unless I'm mistaken they need to wipe out the Korathi before the Practitioners in order to win), but since one Jeskeri of some kind will have died every cycle due to the Jeskeri lynch, that can only ever happen if most of the Jeskeri Cultists are dead and the Practitioners are already close to winning. Best-case scenario, the stalemate continues and everybody's number's dwindle, but we still aren't really any better off than we started. Seeing as votes are happening, though, it might be a moot point. There's no voting minimum, and I will confess that I for one do not currently intend to end the cycle without a vote on somebody, it's probably best to proceed as if there's going to be a lynch today.
  7. Now that RP is finished, game talk. The way I see it it's not really too different from a normal elimination game. We pretty much need to root out a smaller and better informed faction before we lose majority. The catch is that the faction that's killing us (Cultists) is not the faction we have to kill (Practitioners). That should definitely change how we do analysis, but I really don't think it changes our overall approach to the game that much. Which leads us into the other topic. Like loads of peeps have already said, I don't think Sart's plan is so great of an idea, and I have every intention of voting. If we don't use our lynch, we're effectively wagering that the Practitioners will all get wiped out on their own before we do, which is a bad wager since neither Practitioners nor Cultists want that to happen. However, I also don't think Jeskeri!Sart would have suggested it. As much as I think the proposal would make us lose, to me it feels more consistent with Sart's attempts to be proactive as a villager at the beginning of a game, and it seems a tad on the nose for a Practitioner to be suggesting it, since I would argue it would benefit the Practitioners moreso than anybody else. So I also kinda oppose lynching Sart. Tbh from the part of my brain that's still in elim-mode from last game, it kinda occurs village!Sart making a suggestion with backlash would provide a pretty good pretext for a mislynch. Kasimir @Kasimir, what do you think?
  8. Merryn stirred, throwing off the covers of her bedroll and scrunching them up in the corner of her tent. It was warm, so the sun was probably up. She adjusted her blindfold to make sure it covered her eye sockets before leaving the tent. People were abuzz about something. Figured, considering the find they'd run into last night. Some kinda magic door if the locals were to be trusted. She wanted to believe it could be a way back home, but no, it wasn't practical. Probably just some dusty reliquary. Still, you never knew. Lotta weird magic hereabouts. Holding out her staff, a knotted and whittled piece of driftwood, she felt her way towards the campfire, accepting a bowl of porridge. It was surprisingly good; berries were her favorite. One of her companions appeared to have translated whatever writing was supposedly on the locked door. "I will open, if all ye be faithful." Huh. She wondered if it was real. Merryn didn't hold for any of that "multiple religions" nonsense. Whatever. She licked her bowl of porridge clean and found her way over to the door. "Does anyone wish to clarify what this is all about? It would be a shame to destroy what I've heard is a very pretty-looking door, but if there isn't another way forward couldn't we just knock it down."
  9. Yeah, if I'm being honest I've never been anything other than utterly bad at not triggering people's inner alarm bells when I'm evil. That's kinda why I go with the higher profile options, things where I can hopefully get people to act in a certain way despite their better intuition. It almost didn't work, and Kasimir was quite right to say we were very nearly too overconfident, but hey I do what I can and hope for the best Woulda been interesting to see what would have come next if the game was still happening, though. I'd be dead soon one way or the other, of course, having staked a little too much on the game ending sooner, but I daresay both sides would still have quite a few tricks left up their sleeves.
  10. Wow that was a heck of an ending. Figured it might be one of the writeup characters who was in plain sight, but for some reason I didn't think it could be the narrator Serves me right. The writeups in this game were unreal, and to juggle all the aspects of an SE game whilst consistently producing at least one awesome writeup for each cycle is certainly a feat. Thanks for running this game! I was a bit concerned that an eleventh hour kill from the village might throw a wrench in our plans. I figured I'd be the one to get killed, though, if anything. If one of our kills had also been blocked, it might have turned the tide of the game. @StrikerEZ you very nearly succeeded in making that happen. Very well done. I didn't see it coming at all, either; I thought MysticLotus was the only villager with a kill left. Apparently the dice were particularly bloodthirsty, and both sides ended up with an unexpected number of kills held in reserve. @Mist you also gave me quite a scare a couple of times there. Your reasoning about me giving reads was pretty valid and is a tell I will pay more attention to in the future, although I obviously loudly decried the reasoning as spurious before now I had a minor freak-out for a second when you questioned the timeline of my scan claim, which I hadn't actually screwed up, but for a hot second I thought I had, and I almost said something that would have outed me in response. I hope the living and the dead will forgive my occasional tendency towards irresponsible driving when permitted to have influence over a bandwagon. My eliminator compatriots, you all did a killer job A cracked glass dagger joins my collection of knives from SE. Good game, all.
  11. Zachary Holcomb, acclaimed among fashionable society of Elendel, paid very close attention to appearances. And if one were to look closely at his, they might notice a pair of aluminum cuff links adorning his sleeves, oddly touching his skin, out of place in how expensive they were. If one were to look very closely, they might notice a symbol engraved on each sleeve. On one hand, the symbol of Leras. On the other, the symbol of Ati. The Words of Founding taught that Ruin and Preservation flowed in all things. Two oppositional forces twined together to make the form and substance of the universe. One desired only for security. The other desired only for destruction. Of the teachings handed down from the priests, this was always Zachary’s favorite. It explained so much about this world. Ruin and Preservation flowed in all things, but Ruin colored outside the neat lines of civilization. Humans were supposed to contain more Preservation than Ruin, but Zachary never felt that was true, growing up. The only way to make everybody like him, the only way for a half-noble nobody from the slums of the Seventh Octant to rise up to become one of Elendel’s most respected members of high society, was to bury his Ruin. Bury the uglier impulses that lurked in everyone’s hearts. A piece of his Identity, sheared off and locked away by a rare feruchemical talent, trapped in an aluminum casing. So that he could smile and keep his face towards the sun. But Ruin could not be imprisoned forever. It ate away at it’s confinement with the inevitable promise of breaking free. It boiled over in it’s fragile casing, the metal at his right wrist feeling as if it burned into his skin with every waking moment. To empty the metalmind would be to court disaster, but by now the blasted trinket contained far too much of his Self for Zachary to bear ever parting with it. Maybe it was the stress, but he’d lost control, a few hours back. Blacked out. Woke up in the gardens, dirt and flour staining his clothes, knowing something had gone horribly wrong. When he’d heard the Lord Heron he’d talked to before had been blown to pieces, well, he was pretty sure he knew who did it. And when the other killers had approached Zachary, he didn’t have it in him to refuse their offer. It was the only logical way out. He needed to get away clean with this, and so did they. They would work as a team, in the service of a mysterious benefactor. They would plant rumors and forge evidence, they would work carefully to silence the voices that would tell a different version of events. And now, their labors had nearly come to fruition. It was a blessing in disguise, really, that he had been forced to attend such a dull party in a remote manor in Bilming. Far better to lose control here than back in Elendel. And there was still quite a bit of malice stored up that needed releasing. Maybe later he’d find a way to release it in more controlled conditions, ways that didn’t hurt people, but for now, getting away clean was all that mattered to him. Zachary Holcomb tapped into Ruin.
  12. I'd be interested to know what you had planned when all this is said and done My theories are more a loose collection of entertaining bits of tin foil than a single story or explanation, so I doubt they make as much sense as what you had in mind.
  13. It's a single-use role scanning item, which is now used up. I don't really see how elim!Drake would allow a tie between Devotary and Gears, among other things, but by all means, if you suspect me, go ahead and vote for me without fear of depriving the village of a reusable scanning ability. Not gonna lie, it feels like you're an elim bussing on Xino because it's too late to save them.
  14. In addition to scrutinizing Xino's previous activity so we can use it next cycle, which is something I've been working on in a google doc, Kas mentioned that there's a mystery hinted at in the writeups, which doesn't necessarily have anything to do with the elims, but is kind of a cool and fun easter egg if we could figure it out. Seeing as we've earned a (very temporary) bit of breathing room with Xino, I was wondering if we could try solving it this cycle. The things I was able to pick up from the writeups: C1: The current gardener has a hard time telling apart some of the plants. C1: Lady Prissy wanted to make sure the guests only went where they were supposed to. C2: Breezehome overlooks a cliff over the ocean. Talbot planned a boating excursion, which sparked an argument with Lady Prissy. C2: The gardens contain an herb with star-shaped purple flowers and dark-black leaves, which the old gardener said never to touch, but did not seem to harm one of the guests who touched it. The plant is most likely deadly nightshade. Deadly nightshade has five-pointed purple flowers and is very poisonous, but since it's only the berries that are poisonous (and generally only if ingested), it is also safe to touch. It could also be several plants in the Hellebore genus. Some of them have a similar physical description, and many of them are also poisonous. These are a bit more obscure than deadly nightshade, however. The writeups reference several other herbs growing in Talbot's garden which I wasn't able to confidently identify from the description. There was a different herb that El was found dead with, and another one referenced as growing nearby the study. EDIT: The Gardens PM also says that there's Henbane in Talbot's garden. Henbane is actually a member of the nightshade family, but it also doesn't look very much like deadly nightshade (flowers are kinda a speckled yellow with darker centers). So it looks like there are several plants in Talbot's garden that are known to be poisonous. C2: Talbot Oswin was found dead in the study with his throat slit. Door was unlocked, no signs of struggle except for a broken wine glass. Talbot's final expression was more surprised than scared. Judging by the broken wine glass, chances are this is really where he was cut down, and the body wasn't moved after the fact. C2: At Lady Prissy's orders, nobody was allowed to leave the manor until the killer was found. The manor is still on lockdown. C3: The gardener can't stand the sight of blood. C3: Lord Heron did not have a flattering reputation. A banned book I found on the misdeeds of the Heron family corroborates this. C3: The cook likes to read murder mysteries. C4: The servant Lady Prissy sent to fetch the constables was jumped, knifed, and thrown into a ditch before they could get very far away from the estate. C4: Lady Prissy seemed fairly unsurprised that the servants sent to fetch the constables got killed, and continues to handle the situation calmly. C5: Talbot used to keep the growlerly locked up, with even the servants not allowed to set foot in it. The growlery was open the night Talbot died. But that wasn't where Talbot was found dead. C5: The lock on the growlery appears to have been forced, or at least somebody tried to force it. The legitimate key is nowhere to be found. C5: Lord Ostlin's neck was broken in the bedroom. Takes a lot of strength to break a neck. All in all? I have no rusting idea I can theorize that maybe there was something important in the growlery. Either somebody forced their way into the room to get at it, or something escaped from the room to get out. Killer might've wanted to get at the room, too, because presumably Talbot was the sole owner to the key, and Lady Prissy said she couldn't find it after Talbot was murdered. Seeing as the lock ended up being forced, though, it seems that either the killer couldn't find the key on Talbot, or that somebody else beat the killer to the punch and forced their way into the growlery. I can theorize that maybe there was more to Talbot Oswin than meets the eye. It's not everyone who plants multiple herbs one would use to poison people's beverages in their garden, and judging by how comfortable both gardeners were around those plants it's none too likely they chose to put 'em there. Talbot might've been involved in something shady which ended up getting him killed. I can theorize that Lady Prissy seems awfully calm about the whole affair, keeping everyone on lockdown with a rapidly rising casualty rate and clearly no outside help, and that the circumstances surrounding Talbot's murder heavily implies that the blow came from someone he implicitly trusted. Although it hardly makes sense for her to be involved with the killers since they apparently win by lynching her. I can theorize that the Herons might not have taken kindly to somebody like Talbot Oswin being attached to them, spending their reputation and money alike. I have some reason to believe the ones pulling the strings of House Heron aren't exactly what you would call nice, and there is a certain logic to cutting off Talbot from the family tree, in a permanent sense. Idk what do other people think? I think we could use something to talk about right now.
  15. Hats off to fighting till the end, but I don't think you're getting out of this. Pretty sure we're not at LyLo yet so they can lynch me tomorrow if I'm lying and the village is on course for winning either way. I don't see how it would make sense for elim!Drake to do this. That is correct. You search the room you voted to go to on that same cycle, though. I voted to go to the Gardens and searched them on C3, heard I'd unearthed a battered and rusty metalmind I could use to scan people at the start of C4 (guessing the item flavor comes from the fact that I RP'd Zachary as a Trueself ferring, which is pretty cool ), and my action for C4 was to use the scan on Xino. EDIT: @Orlok Tsubodai @StrikerEZ @Burnt Spaghetti @The_Truthwatcher @Lahilt where are you guys at? I'm glad about the recent uptick in activity today, but still, it's gotten kinda quiet.