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  1. Huh... I'm.. Not sure how to feel about this either. I don't really like these votes. Mayhaps I will regret this but Pyro to Steel I am offend! Why would you do such a cruel thing to my innocent tallybot! Not sussing exactly, but the way you phrased it felt.. Weird. Should I be sus of it?
  2. Ooh but that's a lovely high definition picture of coal. This is acceptable Was that the "Death Comes at the End" murder mystery fun?
  3. aight but I'm expecting a bag of coal from you one of these days coal is surprisingly underrated whose line is it anyway? quality reference
  4. Edit: Would you mind referring me to one of those games? The thing about RNG, is that it also sometimes it works I used it to decide between two people I am already sus of, I figure either has about equal odds of being evil, so idk what the problem is with using RNG. My arbitrary decision wouldn't really be any better than RNG, and I really do think both of them are sus.
  5. Confidence? Not even slightly Intention to go through with it anyway? Absolutely. I like voting. What exactly else is there to even do?
  6. it would not work though bc it requires everyone to agree with it and im very sorry but I don't Hmmmm That's... A surprisingly good explanation It doesn't really mean you can't also be spending time in an elim doc though hm @Steeldancer what do you think?
  7. Color Key Village Read Slight Village Read Very Slight Village Read Neutral / No Read Very Slight Elim Read Slight Elim Read Elim Read Reads List Matrim's Dice: The bit Illwei said about putting in the work to notice somebody's tone not sounding normal Kasimir: Other than the frankly puzzling fact that they like durian I have no read on them at all The Unknown Order: Doing a weird thing with roleclaiming which I disagree with but tbh they seem pretty prone to just doing their own thing regardless of alignment Ashbringer: Hasn't said anything I'd call alignment indicative, wants Beedle to be autonomous which I don't really get since Archer's plan doesn't really encroach on Beedle's autonomy any but le shrug... I otherwise like their analysis of Plan Frog Azmine_king Archer: Someone gave me a PM with Archer which is cool! Very hesitant village read based on the contents. Dannex Szeth_Pancakes Steeldancer: A pointed out a post from them, idk stuff like reiterating village wincons feels a little sus to me Araris Valerian: Seems to be doing Araris things as usual, by which I mean they are inscrutable hyliara |TJ|: Their vibe definitely feels different but im not really sure how yet, so Devotary of Spontaneity _Stick_: following their response to my vote... If the thing I noticed was really an instance of TMI, or even a "right for the wrong reasons" kinda scenario, I woulda expected a bigger response... Probably. Illwei: First Zelda claim is slightly sorta good, I def thought about claiming Zelda at some point to bait out the strongman kill, although doing it in copypasta form kinda detracts from the whole effect Jondesu Alvron DrakeMarshall: Y'alls got to analyze me yourself I won't do it for you The Young Pyromancer: Everything they've been saying kinda suggests that they are pretty engaged with the game, but I'm not seeing a lot of thread activity and I kinda doubt Pyro has a bunch of PMs, which kinda says "doc activity" to me but idk Random Bystander: Catching up as of a few hours ago, hopefully they show up again soon WhiffleWaffles attic_gremlin YeetAroundABush: neutral read, please vote though!! None of us have any idea who to vote for either but we're still doing it purplewhiteandgold Tani: As erroneous and obviously misplaced as their vote is, idk I feel like an elim would be a wee bit less likely to just vote bc somebody else asked for it? quillinthestar I'm a little concerned by the amount of grey names who just haven't said much and probably hides more than a few elims But if LG77 is any indication that's probably not a great basis to decide upon a D1 exe So hm I have a problem My problem is that I don't really want to exe either of the people I'm sus of It's been a while since I've seen either of them and I want to play a game with them ...but I refuse to vote on somebody I'm not even sus of... y'all are putting me in a difficult position, you know? Um ok Pyro @The Young Pyromancer im sorry but the gods of RNG hath chosen you, unless you can give me a good reason to vote for someone else. I may live to regret asking this but who do you think I should vote for? Edit: Also I like the tvtropes reference
  8. Mate i dunno what to tell you hats dont tend to have feet if Yiga also dont have feet, well, im sure thats just sheer happenstance smh using a fake vote tally to prevent the vote from consolidating shame on you Mat Also bc I missed it before: I mean, why not? It's healthy to assume and thereby anticipate the worst. Is the elim team consisting of a Revali a worst-case scenario? Like, there are more dangerous roles for the elims to have imo, and "the elim team contains Revali" is a fairly specific bit of knowledge you aren't really showing any work for. Idk though I figure an elim would probably have a stronger reaction if I correctly called them on this... Stick. Yeah, but you also said that discussion of roles in general is ok, which I disagree with even though that seems to be what we're all doing toda
  9. I feel called out imma have to disagree on this one I know its a 180 but this is a different game The enemy's objective is to find certain roles and kill them You know how I worked out a bunch of people's roles in LG77? Some of that was based on process of elimination and the tidbits my Archivist ability gave me, and some of that was people straight-up claiming, but the rest was based on role-related discussion that did not directly relate to "who has what role". Just the ways you think about roles is still telling sometimes, yeah? I likes me a good head game but i also dont think its really a good idea for the village to talk about roles in a way that isnt intentionally misleading, and at that point if everyone is trying to be misleading, we might as well just... not. I get that roles are one of the only things we got to talk about rn, so maybe I'll get my wish later when we have a cycle or two behind us in the game and there are more pressing things to talk about, but yeah Drake.exe is not responding, Windows is checking for a solution to the problem... pls forgive me Kas but i no like durian I very disagree with unknown order's play, my stance on that kinda discussion in this game shouldn't be a secret but tbh not sure that I would call their behavior alignment indicative I mean I misexed them in the last game so there's prolly some of that talking here but even in that game I really didn't find their non-participation as evidence for alignment so much as just that when you do stuff you have the opportunity to become more trusted and process of elimination does the rest I can see where you're coming from here, an elim!Beedle would be bad news, but I disagree. Lotta the items can only be used one at a time and there's 2 durian-protections in play among like 5-6 elims, which is strong but probably not gamebreaking. And that's assuming elim!Beedle doesn't give items to any villagers which I figure they probably would want to in that case. Idk this is probably veering into tinfoil and a waste of time but I'm just not that comfortable clearing a role that the GMs didn't clear, when they don't appear to have been shy about confirming the alignments of other roles in the game. Hm that's a pretty good point about Matrim I'm not affording any special trust to any of the Zelda claimers though Vote tally! Vote tallies are good. Also my vote is on Stick I... don't really like any of the other votes that much, so it will stay there for now, but who knows. I mean to make a reads list before the day is done. Illwei why am I not on your reads list Agreed about Steel, kind of. Wait wait wait the items refresh? .. okay I take it back Beedle is very probably village not to shoot myself in the metaphorical foot here but Azmine doesn't have any votes any more so you probably shouldn't vote for them if your goal is to consolidate votes honestly it does
  10. If there is ever a rerun I absolutely support there being breakable containers to get items from oh ok well played what about your arteries Yeah this is pretty much what I figured was going down as well, or at least one of several possibilities Interesting. Also useful info. Paranoid!Drake is wondering how you are finding the time to dig up all of these interesting rules fax with relatively less thread activity but for now Paranoid!Drake can stay in his box it's good to see you again Pyro Hi! idk if I ever ask for a frog I kinda want it to be deep fried Upvoted. I respectfully disagree with everything you just said this is the only reasonable explanation I mean, I read Szeth as a villager, but not based on their being a Nicroburster, based on how they chose to use that ability. Similar to how people sussed you, but not based on your being a thief, but based on how you used it I figured an elim!Nicroburster was totally possible, and that something similar in this game would also be possible. Your argument in that game may have been bogus but the reason it was at least plausible was bc the premise wasn't fundamentally bogus. Thank you for subscribing with SELECT! You will now receive messages until the end of time and we will maintain the polite fiction that the unsubscribe button actually does something. you say in all caps
  11. Uh, no lmao does someone have the link to that post I've never seen it before
  12. Ah, that time-honored method never fails Now maybe I'm readin too much into this but Stick could you walk me through why you are assuming that the elimin team includes Revali? Tbh this game is still fairly complicated by SE standards Also hi I mean, you gots to trust some things. That's kind of our job, is to decide which things and people we are okay with trusting more than others. Reiterating the village win con in a post feels a lil sus to me, kinda laying it on too thick I guess? Why is it gamebreaking for elim!Beedle to do that? I don't get it Five eliminators sounds potentially reasonable to me but I'd agree that we should plan for six. Tbh I'm starting to get wary of this much early role analysis in a game where I'm judging role analysis is pretty much actively harmful to the village Oh rusts Illwei is on to us!! quick burn all the evidence Wait no my role is Satori, Araris must be a fake!! >:[ Uh Ok I don't know how to read this I think I like the thinking here though for reasonsTM But its weird ...very... Guys guys guys I think Archer is a fake, that isn't what the Yiga PM looks like at all Imma just note that isn't how math works but carry on Yeah this is pretty much the eventualities I'm thinking of too Like it really isn't a sure thing that Beedle is good or that everyone follows the plan, but even in the cases where the plan doesn't work it most likely costs the elims something to foil it Tbh I don't think a plan like this is going to win the game for the village but at least I promise I won't interfere with it So from this I am conclusing that Illwei is either "neutral" or "wolfy" what do you guys think All these interspersed all-caps words are giving me Homestuck flashbacks But anyways real talk are you really saying elim!Illwei who believed they had "one of the smoothest, highest expectation wolfing lives in WW history" wouldn't stir the pot just because? Because I think you would. But you get minor village points for saying the eliminators have such an easy job, bc I feel like the elims probably would be somewhat less likely to think that their job is "too easy". So congrats for that I guess
  13. Not sure how I feel about pegging each role with an alignment with that degree of confidence. I would say that making such bold assertions and hasty speculations about a role's alignment right out of the gates is a vaguely villagery thing, if Biplet hadn't proven me soundly wrong on that count in the previous LG In any case I don't really think being Beedle is alignment indicative. Like, none of the items are that strong, I don't really see a balance problem with it, so I could see an elim!Beedle who gets tradeoffs between buffing teammates or pocketing villagers (basically what Matrim was claiming was going on with Nicroburst!Szeth in LG77). I uh, may have put a somewhat similar evil role in a game once All things held equal though, I would very much like items to stay in the game But supposing Link and Zelda did want to follow your plan, shouldn't they ask for durian instead of frogs...? Idk how I feel about asking peeps to do their part to be village read Hm, I guess the presence of Kohga is at least a strong hint that the protect role is likely to be village, at least. Assuming the role is unique, which I am doing. I kinda expect an evil King Rhoam as well tbh, but my reasoning for this is shaky and two thirds based on writeup content, so basically take it with a couple thousand grains of salt and you'll be good. Ezlo?! Who's Ezlo???? My name is clearly Zoel, not Ezlo, as evidenced by my glorious and completely genuine and tape-free moustache. Whoever this Ezlo character is, though, they sound very intelligent. And handsome. Anyway, if ever you need my insight, press SELECT. I'll be happy to help! I mean, it's not a terrible gamble to make, honestly. Even though I agree that Beedle is not necessarily village, the potential payoffs are tempting. Idk. Then again Archer's plan would require that everyone cooperates with it, which tbh I have doubts about the viability of. Yeah a neutral gift-giver role is a fun time. I have a Nightwatcher role pretty similar to this in one of my google docs somewhere... Would have been cool to see how that played out. Anyways with regards to the hedging of bets, it really should only be Zelda who reveals no matter what. I guess the question I'm asking here is, what are the actual benefits of village!Beedle knowing who Zelda and Link are? For Zelda, a village!Beedle might side with Zelda in votes, which is pretty useful since Zelda should be better informed, but for Link it doesn't really help us much. So yeah. Smh everyone village reading Archer all the time Hmmm I could read into your role based on this if I was so inclined Imo scans are often better than kills and also its much more useful for a village!beetle to know who a scanner is than it is to know who a vig is, so I do think there are solid reasons for it to be Zelda and not Link. But yeah, I kinda doubt the plan will go off without a hitch.
  14. Sup Man you guys really don't mess around the thread's already at three pages and naturally it will soon be more than three if I have anything to say about it Anyways it wouldn't be a proper first post of the game without a baseless vote so Azmine_King @Azmine_king RNG chooses you and who am I to disobey it? Do you have any thoughts about the roles/items in the game? What is your favorite color and style of hat? ...and all of these unfamiliar players are confusing my vote tally bot quite profoundly It's a really good problem to have, though