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  1. Wow! This is simply fantastic! I loved the work you did for Shallan a while ago and I just came back and found all of these other ones. You continue to impress! Many, many thanks for making such amazing fan art!
  2. Slatrification is one power that Brandon has specifically pointed out as something he might change. MILD SPOILERS FOR COSMERE STUFF IN LINK: I cannot find the reference off-hand but I remember reading (take with a grain of salt) Brandon saying that Slatrification is a great example to him of how he used to be more willing to take risks with his writing. Remember, White Sands was written before Brandon was ever published. He admits that the power does not make a ton of sense; it would almost be like a Mistborn being able to generate metals at will; it removes one of the "weaknesses" of the powers. So, as far as I know, you are correct - Slatrification is odd in that it creates new water (presumably converting investiture and sand into water).
  3. The link is to a "cage match" between Kelsier and Moiraine. The reason I linked it is because Brandon, through Kelsier, makes fun of himself for using obviously Earth-based phrases in his "translated" works. Another area we see this is in the Stormlight Archive. Shallan makes an incredible number of (questionable) puns. E.g. In one of her flashbacks she makes a plant-based pun on how the "lief" in relief sounds just like leaf. Now unless Veden also happens to have the same sounds for leaf and relief in their languages and also have the "re" (i.e. do again) prefix then we just have to accept that, even though Brandon claims these works are "translated", they are actually just written in English. So, if you need head canon for that phrase then I recommend accepting that in whatever language they speak in Elendel, there is a word for "vindication" that also happens to sound like Vin's name.
  4. “Touché.” “Does that word even make sense in-world?” “Damned if I know,” Kelsier said. “We got away with ‘hat trick,’ didn’t we?" [Source: ]
  5. I just purchased the Vin & Elend dancing print! I am so excited! Thanks for putting that up @JemmaMYoung!
  6. *mind explodes* There has to be a reasonable explanation for this! ... Right?! My equations are utterly useless now! I am undone!! *deep breaths* *reassembles exploded mind* Ok, let's think about this then. A good example of what happened to Vin might be someone who is pushing their hands out in front of them. If they do that with nothing but air in front of them then their hands move forward with little resistance. If, however, they push their hands out in front of them and suddenly meet a brick wall then they are pushed back. The coin is similar in this case. If the Allomancer is pushing a coin through air then there is little to no push back against the Allomancer. If their coin strikes a wall while they are still pushing on it then they are thrown back just as if they had pushed against the wall with their own hands. These two scenarios are similar in that the same amount of force (arm strength or Allomantic strength) is being brought to bear. The difference is that the arms/Allomancy are pushing either very little mass (the air/the coin) or a comparatively tremendous amount of mass (the wall/the coin + anchor). In the case of the former the person/Allomancer is not affected very much at all whereas in the case of the latter the person/Allomancer is thrown backwards. There was no change in force applied in either scenario, there was only a change in the amount of mass the force was being applied to. So, mathematically, what does that look like? I have not the foggiest at the moment haha. I will think on this and write back later. Thank you @Scion of the Mists for the wonderful discussion this has been. It has given me much to think about!
  7. My head canon is that the F in the equation is determined by the Allomancer's "strength". The "stronger" the Allomancer is at Allomancy, the greater the F they can produce*. Vin remarks that Elend is able to push/pull with much greater strength than herself and the reason for this is that Elend had "stronger" Allomancy due to his abilities not being diluted by genetic drift. *It is also important to take into account the distance the Allomancer is from the object (the farther away the Allomancer is the less force they can exert). Example (all numbers are arbitrary and are merely used for demonstration purposes): Elend, a 50 kilogram Allomancer, can generate 20 Newtons of force at a distance of 1 meter using a steel push. Elend pushes on a 0.1 kg coin that is lying on a frictionless surface 1 meter away. Assuming Elend is also standing on a frictionless surface, at what acceleration do Elend and the coin move? Example #1 50kg * A(elend) = 20 N = 0.1kg * A(coin) A(elend) = 20 N / 50 kg = 0.4 m/s^2 A(coin) = 20 N / 0.1 kg = 200 m/s^2 Now, assuming the same parameters above except that the coin is now glued to a wooden board with the glue and board weighing an additional 0.9 kg, what is the acceleration of Elend and the coin? Example #2 A(elend) = 20 N / 50 kg = 0.4 m/s^2 A(coin + glue + board) = 20 N / (0.1 kg + 0.9 kg) = 20 N / 1 kg = 20 m/s^2 So, in these examples, I lay out, according to my head canon, that the "strength" of the Allomancer combined with the distance they are from the metallic object determines the force involved. Then, the mass of the metallic object, plus the mass of anything else that is resisting the push of the Allomancer, are used to calculate the acceleration of the object. Let's do one more thought experiment! Supposed the parameters are the same as our last example except there is no glue holding the coin to the board (we will also assume the glue's mass is negligible so we can keep the same mass as example #2). In this scenario, Elend pushes on the coin and, initially thanks to either the angle or the friction between the coin and the board, the coin and board remain together. Then, after some amount of time, either the board rotates or the force of friction is overcome and the board is no longer resisting the push. That would mean, ignoring the decrease in Elend's "push strength" as the coin gets farther away, we would initially see an acceleration of 20 m/s^2 but once the board moves out of the way (the "anchor" is removed), the acceleration would increase to 200 m/s^2!
  8. I don't know if an Allomancer can produce enough force to flatten themselves that way? If the coin was against a wall or something and the Allomancer used Duralumin but did not have access to Pewter than I could see them harming themselves (though probably not flattening themselves). In the example with the anvil I was assuming (though I did not state it and for that I apologize) that the Allomancer could generate enough force to stop the anvil (in reality I do not think even Elend, using Duralumin, had that kind of power). It is whatever is bracing the metal object/Allomancer and preventing it/them from being moved when a force is applied. This could be friction (an Allomancer has to overcome the force of friction when pushing on a coin, no?), it could be the screws that hold a lantern to the wall, it could be a person who is holding on tightly to their gun and, therefore, the Allomancer has to push harder to knock the gun away as opposed to if the gun was simply lying on the ground. Whatever increases the force needed to move the object counts as an "anchor". You are correct in that a person standing on the ground does not actually use the entire planet as their anchor. Their anchor is the durability (for lack of a better word) of the ground underneath them or even their own body if the ground is more durable than they are. An anchor only provides as much resistance as it can withstand force. The person holding a gun while an Allomancer pushes on it? That "anchor" is only as strong as their grip and/or their arm socket haha. The ground provides as much "anchoring" as the object can withstand. Perhaps I am missing some key concept here or am maybe underthinking this but I have never really had an issue with understanding how the mechanics of pushes/pulls work. I think they are fairly well suited to physics once you accept that investiture is allowed to be converted into energy.
  9. An "anchor", as I understand it, is just a throw away term for whatever helps hold a metallic object, or the Allomancer, in place while force is being exerted. If a lantern is attached to (i.e. screwed into) the wall of a building then the wall becomes part of the equation because when the Allomancer pushes against the metal lantern they are also now pushing against the wall. This is what causes the Allomancer to move away from the lantern despite the lantern being lighter than the Allomancer; the weight (read: mass) of the wall becomes part of the equation so the Mass on one side is bigger so the Allomancer's Acceleration must go up to match. Let's say someone, in the spirit of Wile E. Coyote, drops a massive metal anvil (10,000 kg mass) towards an Allomancer. The anvil is falling towards the Allomancer and this silly Allomancer decides to try and push back against the anvil because they have the weight of the world behind them. What happens then? If we use the simple M*A = F formula without accounting for other factors then we might, mistakenly, assume that the Allomancer can send the anvil flying off due to the "anchor" mass that the planet provides. Unfortunately for our Allomancer, what happens instead is that, if they exert too much Allomantic power pushing against the anvil, they will be flattened as if the anvil had fallen upon them! But why? Because the Allomancer's frail body is not capable of withstanding the force! The same force that is exerted on the anvil by the Allomancer is equally applied to their own body! So, if they exert enough force to launch a 10,000 kg anvil directly away from themselves then an equal force is exerted back towards the Allomancer (and the ground). The body breaks, the Allomancer dies, and we all learn a valuable lesson in physics, no? You can see this when Vin uses Duralumin and does steel pushes. She also burns pewter at the same time to help cushion her body against the power of the steel push. So, theoretically, if one has the weight of the world behind them as they steel push then yes, they push with the weight of the world. But remember that unless they are Atlas himself, their frail body cannot withstand the weight of the world. (This is simply my thoughts on the subject and I am aware that I could be way off )
  10. I think we are saying the same thing? Maybe? The Allomancer pushes on only the metal portions of an object but the entire mass of the object (both metallic and non-metallic) is used to calculate the force exerted. This force applies equally to both the object and the Allomancer. MobjectAobject = F = MallomancerAallomancer In this equation, the Mass of the object is the mass of both the core and the rest of the planet which means the force that ends up being equally exerted against the Allomancer is also related to the full mass of the planet and not just the core. So, even though the Allomancer is "only" pushing on the metallic core, the Mass used to calculate the Force is the Mass of the entire object. Or, at least, I think that is how it works. Thoughts?
  11. This is not a guaranteed progression in all orders. See this WoB: Questioner Do you have to have done the third oath before you can convert your spren into a Blade? Brandon Sanderson In most orders, yes. Questioner What about Shallan then? Did she do it, cause she was a kid when she first-- Brandon Sanderson Yes, um... you will find out more. source
  12. I think you have to consider the weight of the entire planet as you are not moving the core alone but everything connected to it, right? E.g. If you were to steel push on the barrel of a gun then you still need to consider the weight of the wooden stock. Or a wooden ball with a core of lead; the Allomancer would need to consider the total weight when pushing on the lead, no? Right! Totally agree! Technically, *any* force applied to the planet "moves it". The OP's question is vague enough that the answer could be "jump up and down". That's why I just made up some arbitrary conditions to see how the math panned out. Yeah, I just pulled that out of my... hat. I did one for what I, personally, felt was an appropriate number (100) and then I did an extreme one (1,000,000) to show that, honestly, it doesn't really matter because planets are so heavy it would take an insane amount of force to make any noticeable impact.
  13. Weight of the Earth (approximating for Scadrial as I don't know how much Scadrial weighs): 5.972 × 10^24 kg (about 6 septillion) Weight of an average Earth human (again approximating for a Scadrial human): 62 kg Number of humans needed to match the weight of Earth: ~1 x 10^23 (100 sextillion for those who are interested in the term) I, uh, frankly, cannot even begin to imagine how many people that is. For the sake of the discussion, let's assume that one A.Steel and F.Iron twinborn can safely tap, and hold for some amount of time, the weight of 100 humans (6,200 kg or ~13,700 lbs). You would now need ~1 x 10^21 twinborns to simply equal the weight of the Earth much less have more weight to push it (edit: the preceding sentence is poorly worded and I address that in caveat #2 below). Even if you get real, real weird with the Feruchemy and claim that a single twinborn can safely tap, and hold for some amount of time, the weight of 1,000,000 humans, you would still need ~1 x 10^17 twinborn (that is 100 quadrillion which is the name given to stupidly big numbers after trillion). Please note that in the entire existence of Earth it is estimated that a only measly ~1x10^11 (100 billion) humans have existed. For further math fun, let us assume that the twinborns would require a total of 10s to tap, push, and move Scadrial. How long would it take a single twinborn to store enough weight to effectively equal their weight x 1,000,000 for 10s? Please note that this part I am less sure on as I know there are weird interactions with Feruchemy storing/tapping at higher rates, especially when that tapping occurs over small periods at high rates. Someone storing 100% of their 62 kg every second and needing to tap that weight at a rate 1,000,000 times for 10 seconds would require, at a minimum, 10,000,000 seconds of storing. This would require the twinborn to maintain weightlessness for about 4 months (give or take a few days). Not too bad, eh? If they wore weight belts or something to keep them from being too inconvenienced then this might work! Unfortunately, we still need ~1 x 10^17 twinborn. Hmmm, from this post we have a guesstimate that 1 out of every 2500 people (most optimistic) is a twinborn. Earth's population is about 7 billion so that would leave us with 2.8 million twinborn. There are 256 combinations of twinborn so 1 out of every 256 twinborn will be correct for our purposes. (We could do some A.Iron + F.Iron combos and stick them on the opposite side of the planet to have them pull but then compounding happens and I have NO idea how to account for that haha) So, generously, Earth has ~11,000 A.Steel and F.Iron twinborns! To make up for the missing ~99+ quadrillion other twinborns, each of our Earth twinborn would need to store 100% of their 62 kg for, uh, like 40 trillion months (I think). That is, about 3 and 1/3 trillions years. So, I would hazard a guess and say that it is probably impossible, especially in Era 1 or Era 2, for there to be enough Crashers (A.Steel and F.Iron twinborn) to move the Earth/Scadrial in any effective way. There are, of course, a TON of caveats to the above: 1]: My math may be super wrong haha. I wrote this up real quick while at work 2]: You might not need to have enough Crashers to equal the weight of the Earth as the Earth is not fixed in place like a wall. With a smaller, but still significant, number of Crashers you could, theoretically, move the Earth/Scadrial out of its orbit. tl;dr - No. (?)
  14. I will low-key be stalking this page until I see the Mistborn print haha. I'll also be sure to check out the other art and share this site with other fans! Thanks for doing this!
  15. Welcome to the 17th Shard @JemmaMYoung! I saw Brandon tweet some of your work at ECCC and was really impressed! You obviously have put a lot of time and effort into developing your skills! Well done! Per chance, is there a way that I can exchange US dollars for a print of your work of Vin and Elend dancing together with Elend holding a book? It was love at first sight when I saw that!