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  1. So it's not the soulcasting that causes you them to change like that, it's the act of using stormlight and interfering with the Cognitive Realm? So if someone using an Honorblade or something like a soulcaster that has a different function were to use it too much, they might change like the old soulcaster users do? Then why did that not happen to Szeth?
  2. I started a thread that talks about what might happen (here). After all, both White Sand and Mistborn have cases where overusing their power increases it. Surgbinding could very well have it's own form of savant-ism.
  3. Gaining all of the allomantic powers from one source would be incredibly hard to control. if you wanted to pull something to you, you might set them all off at once, suddenly having your "tin" flare, blinding you, and both pushing and pulling on all the metal around you, causing things to just fly around chaotically and throw yourself around, as well as messing up all the emotions of the people around you, both soothing and rioting at once. The separation of the metals is what makes a mistborn able to control them effectively, as fine tuning a push or a pull can be incredibly difficult. It is easier for the internal metals to be controlled, and the emotional as well, but iron and steel show how difficult it can be. To have to fine tune something with all of them at once to only use one might be the equivalent of a soft steelpush, but probably much worse.
  4. True. It would probably be most obvious in those who use Honorblades. And it was said that surgebinding too much with one of them could be dangerous, for various reasons.... perhaps this was one of them.
  5. I'm not sure if this has been confirmed, but I've been thinking about the possibility of excessive surgebinding having side effects. On Scadrial, Allomantic savants are, while somewhat rare, not difficult to create. There are already signs that stormlight could be addictive, and I was thinking that if it was possible to gather enough stormlight to be constantly infused for a long period of time they could become not only addicted but perhaps stretch their bodies like an allomancer who flared their metals for too long. If this is possible, what could the effects be? Perhaps become more susceptible to stormlight, and be able to hold it longer? Be able too draw out more power with less infusion? In White Sand, overusing their power increased it greatly, and in Mistborn, it did so as well. Allomantic savants have drawbacks, as shown by Spook in the second and third books, but it definitely increased his power. There's plenty of examples to be found all over the cosmere, and I want to know what it might do to a surgebinder.
  6. That quote up above of crossing races and the red hair gives me some Hallendren royal family vibes.
  7. Makes me wonder if there could perhaps be any side effects, like with Allomancy. In WoA and HoA Spook stretched his body way too far with his constant tin burning. Perhaps there could be a similar side effect for using too much stormlight?
  8. I haven't been on here is a while and there was apparently a major update while I was gone, so I don't to edit my signature. Can anyone help me with this?
  9. Ah, That makes sense now. But still, what would using a divine breath to awaken do?
  10. I'm pretty sure his nickname is Kid Wayne, but what's his real name? Wayne what? Lol it would be funny if it was Wayne What. But no, this needs to be figured out for real.
  11. That's another of my theories actually.
  12. Divine Breath is incredibly powerful compared to normal Breath. What if it was used to Awaken? What would happen? What if a Lifeless was created using a Divine Breath? Would it become sentient?
  13. It might not be anything like a spren or a Seon. We don't know if this was before or after Adonalsium's Shattering, and they had Aethers in the Liar of Partinel, which was before.
  14. Who was Decay? He wasn´t quite like the Fell Twins, and he was definitely similar to their father, who we don't know exactly what he is, but is likely a Shard. So what was he? He could be a Shard, a worldhopper, or something else entirely. We don't even know if this is before or after Adonalsium's Shattering, so he could be any number of things we've never even heard of! Theorize away!
  15. Thanks! Edit: I used ctrl+f and it wasn't in there! What's wrong with it?