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  1. Where are you buddy? Never said where you went or anything. You doing okay?

    1. Hydra


      Life suddenly and forcefully caught up with me. Eagle project due dates, college, internships, work. I had to cut something to manage my time... sorry I never really told you. I didn't mean to hurt any feelings

    2. Inklingspren


      No problem. I was just wondering where you went and if you were coming back. Life can be that way sometimes. No hard feelings.

  2. @Life&Death
  3. Gunshots rang out from the private room. Kothar was quite startled, but his body jumped into action. He jumped into the air, burning steel. Pushing off some small metal plates embedded in the wall, he soared over the bar counter and several tables, reaching the door to the private room as fast as he could. Kothar then burned iron and pulled the door open as he sidestepped, not wanting to be shot as soon as the door opened. He readied several coins.
  4. Kothar took the coins and poured her a cup from the freshly tapped barrel. "If you would like some more, feel free to ask." He said, moving from behind the counter to go refill a few more cups all around the place. After the refill he stood behind the counter and popped a new stick of root beer flavoured strawberry gum in his mouth. His brow furrowed. He was gonna need to hire a server to help with all the refills.
  5. Kothar frowned. "Water? If you want something nonalchoholic, the root beer is perfectly alchohol free" he said to Mejin, tapping connection a bit. "Think about it for a bit" he said, putting the requested glass in front of her. He poured another glass of root beer for the merchant-like fellow. "If you would like something stronger, please tell me" he said distractedly as he felt the emotional alomancy touch him. The loudest fellow seemed to be the source, but he was no bronze misting. Just to be safe, he pulled on an aluminum lined hat. "Finest you say?" He said, turning to Kane with a smile, "It's all good I assure you." He said as he poured Kane a glass of root beer.
  6. Kothar was rather busy moving about between all the people. Open for only a day and the place was already booming! He had drained a small metalmind of connection to get this, however, He wanted a big first impression, so it was worth it. He moved to the two newcomers. First, he tapped a fresh barrel of root beer and poured it into some glasses. After setting a freshly chilled glass in front of the portly man, he moved to the irritated looking woman standing next to the dirty stool. "Sorry Miss, most of the furniture was bought used." he said with a smile, producing a rag and some water, "Let me get that for you!" He wiped the chair and moved back behind the counter. "What can I get for you? Sapphire wine? Or our classic root beer?"
  7. Kothar shrugged and took the money. After handing the cup of violet to Soul he poured a few more and took them to one of the quiet booths on the side. "If you need anything else, feel free to just wave me down"
  8. Kothar moved to refill Rashan's glass, only to have violet wine pour out of the keg. "What the-" he said before shrugging it off. Free wine was free wine. "Managed to find the violet wine you wanted" he said to Rashan as he brought him the glass
  9. Kothar finished pouring Soul another drink regardless of the whims of dramatic timing. He then moved to the newcomer "Everything is top quality I assure you, but what is good and bad is up to you" he said with a smile, "but the rootbeer is good. I would recommend that"
  10. Kothar tapered off his connection. That was enough for now. "Well, that is mighty interesting. When you burn your compound does it consume all your metal at once?" he added quickly, "That's what most think."
  11. "Kothar Demsworth" he said, putting out his hand and smiling. Tapping his connection a bit more he added, "And you?"