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  1. You can't control me!! *incoherent war-cry*
  2. Just being pedantic here. The exact quote is " כי קרן אור פניו וייראו מגשת אליו". "Ki karan or panav ve'yire'u migeshet elav". "For his face shone and they feared to approach him." Other than that you were spot on. "Keren" (קרן) can mean horn or beam of light. Karan (spelled the same way because vowels are picked up from context in Hebrew) is the past tense verb form of the word, so the correct translation would be "his face emitted light." (or "the light of his face sprang forth" depending on how much you pay attention to word order.) Unfortunately, the translators were idiots and assumed it made more sense if a side-effect of talking to G-D was spontaneous horn growth. (although I wouldn't really mind having horns...they would be super cool.)
  3. This made me do a double take. Because in Hebrew the word "mother" is אמא, pronounced EE-ma. I tend to spell it "Imma" so I thought for a split second you were upset about people addressing their mothers.
  4. Cashew chicken Ingredients: 3 grated carrots 2-3 stalks of chopped celery 1 package of chopped mushrooms 3-4 chicken breasts chopped into cubes Wine Potato/corn starch Szechuan sauce Marinade the chicken in the starch and wine Brown the chicken in oil (it doesn't have to be completely brown) Add the chopped vegetables After the vegetables cook down a little, add the szechuan sauce and stir Cook covered for about 20-30 minutes Add whole, fresh cashew nuts before serving Enjoy!
  5. Update: there was a semi-happy ending to this story. There was this one high-ranking guy in charge of things like this who was helping me that I pegged all wrong. In front of his subordinates he put on a tough act, but he told me to meet him next to his car. So, long story short, he drove me personally to another base where he got me a pair of brand new boots and then drove me to a bus station. On the drive he opened up to me and told me about when he was stolen from as well and how he felt about it and that he empathized with me. He also kept saying how sorry he was and how embarrassed he felt that this happened to me on his watch. And when we got to the bus station, he asked if I needed money because all of mine had been stolen. I told him no because, as a soldier, I get free public transportation. Despite my protests he got out his wallet, but he didn't have anything there. So you'd think that would stop him, right? Nope. He got out of the car, went into the building next to the station (with all the convenience stores), found an ATM and took out 50 shekels for me (about 14 US dollars). And, to top it off, he gave me a shopping bag full of sweets. He was such a huge teddy bear. The lesson here is don't judge books by their cover.
  6. So I haven't posted in forever, but, hoo boy, I've been having a frustrating day. I am currently in the army and for the last month and a half I have not had a room in the base. Literally every night I've had to look for another person who happened to not be there and sleep in their bed. The reason it went on for so long is because I'm generally only in that base for a couple days of the week before going off to another one (I have responsibilities in both). So last night, wonder of wonders, I actually got my own permanent bed. I was so relieved. Then today I woke up, got dressed and realized my shoes were missing. After searching the entire room, I came to the conclusion that they'd been stolen. Also, remembering what happened a week ago, I checked my wallet. Empty. So not only do I have absolutely no money on me at the moment, I also have to somehow get home wearing flip flops.
  7. This is genius! Atla reference ftw!
  8. You are a badchull warrior princess and you can do this! I believe in you!!
  9. I'll take a look at that when I've got time. Edit - watched it. Excuse me while I go cry a bucket of tears. Here's another one of my favorites
  10. Aaaahh! *flails* You're posting/referencing all of my favorite web animations!
  11. @Darkness Ascendant I love your new profile pic. The Backwater Gospel is one of the darkest animations I've ever seen. Just be warned, here lies extreme violence, gore and disturbing imagery. If anyone's interested: Enjoy!
  12. @Kaymyth could you elaborate on what this God Auction is? Like, to someone who doesn't know the first thing about paganism. It sounds really interesting.
  13. "Yours was the face I saw when murder entered my heart" -Percival Frederickstein von Musel Klossowski De Rolo III (you can call him Percy) from Critical Role
  14. Funny. That's exactly what my recent burn was like.
  15. A lot of people here seem to like John Simm as the Master. I do too personally, but a lot of fans didn't like his over-the-top insane performance. Why do all you like him? Just out of curiosity.