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  1. Ooh, I really like that. It would fit. I wonder if you could store a number of attributes in a single metalmind, or simply any one attribute in one metalmind. Probably the latter.
  2. Elhokar. I'm still angry he's been killed literally a word away from being able to heal himself. (screw you, Moash!)
  3. Moash (aren't I original!). I've hated him since the end of WoR, and he did nothing to redeem himself in my eyes in OB (not to mention he's killed my favourite character). Also, Taravangian. I don't like him; I don't like his meddling; I don't like his bleak outlook on life and kingly duties. Though, actually... if we could kill high-intellect Taravangian and leave the low-intellect (or middle-low, let's be merciful) one behind, I'd be quite fine. He seems like an OK guy when not sacrificing the entire planet for a highly-suspicious plan. I didn't like her either until reading it. She's bounds and leaps above her performance in main books there (and it's a good story, do read it!).
  4. I fell like Divine Intervention is something all Shards engage in, to some extent. Any time a Shard changes something in the Physical Realm could be considered a Divine Intervention, so I think the concept is far too broad to apply to just a single Shard. As for non-intervention, I'd say Autonomy has "prevent others from meddling with each other" covered as part of her Intent.
  5. I'm not alone, then. Good. When Atlantis came on screen for the first time, my first thought was "I really want an underwater Shardworld".
  6. I'm a sucker for discussing things ad nauseum, so for me, it's all the little details that the posters here draw out of the books. What brought me first to this forum was a thread about deciphering the Alethi women's script, and what made me stay were the WoBs upon WoBs upon WoBs, and all the discussion surrounding them and the anticipation for what's coming next.
  7. Being as it is three hours into 2019 for me right now, happy New Year! May it bring you lots of good fortune, great successes and excellent WoBs.
  8. "Look at how poorly Odium's doing with Ashyn! It's a good thing we're not letting him into our place."
  9. The Second Ideal of Knights Paramedic. (sorry, bad joke)
  10. "Oh my, Aona and Skai have been shattered? Gee, I wonder who could've done such a thing!" (dunno, this kid's face just looks very devious for me)
  11. The only way this makes sense to me is "they were the first to Recreance (recreant?), and they were the last Knights Radiant".
  12. Mini-thread necro! There's another one in the final chapter, in the wide spread where Kenton raises the fallen building.
  13. Merry Christmas to you too!
  14. I'm curious to see more of Vivienna, and find out what she's up to, other than getting Nightblood back.
  15. Ooh, that's fascinating. I never even thought of trying to decipher the names, and I didn't caught the connection between Ado and Adoda before you pointed it out. I've been looking for any words that sound similar to "ba" or "mishram" over at Coppermind's glyph index, but found nothing. The one thing of note is that Mishram shares the last syllabe with Amaram, but we don't have the meaning of "maram" given ("merem" means honor, though, for what that's worth). Your interpretation sounds pretty valid, and it fits what we know of the glyph grammar (for example, Bridge Four is written "Four Bridge", so adjectives always go before nouns). I'm really not sure what else it could be, apart from really far guesses. "Ba" could be a suffix like "en", so "ba-ado" would be "to enlighten", and "ba-ado-misharm" could mean "one who enlightens", as in "provides forms of power", but enlightening is really more of Sja-Anat's thing, isn't it?