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  1. Trace metals can fuel allomancy. Perhaps not super intuitive to eat more metal, but all it takes is one guy to notice that using metal drinking cups allows them to access more of their abilities.
  2. Do we know what exactly a Dustbringer can do with the division surge? I have a feeling it's going to be the Duralumin of the Stormlight Archive. Also, do we know how "luck" works in the cosmere? Is it minor reality warping? Does it only effect things that fall under the uncertainty principle? Can it change things that are not measured, similar to how spren changing as long as they aren't given defined measurements?
  3. You know, replicators are a bad idea even /with/ an override command. To make them even more terrifying is just not well thought out.7 What if less efficient creatures(like say humans) are a threat to the replicator's replication? Then you've just created the threat, rather than prevent it.
  4. Um, you guys are allowed to say Generic [insert Description here] guys. E: Generic Bloodmakers Generic Augurs Generic Hemalurgist Throw together and bake for twenty minutes.
  5. If Ruin really cared, couldn't he allow the Inquisitors that still exist to fight in this battle(To Ruin the Rosharans?)? I mean, if you strip the inquisitors from the Scadrians, you've removed a large amount of the setting.
  6. Not to mention that Hemalurgy can be used to buff up any of Scadrial's soldiers at the cost of some prisoners of war. If the battle started to go especially poorly? I would imagine that Inquisitors would being to hemalurgically enhance Scadrian troops.
  7. Some of Bridge Four are Windrunner Squires. I am fairly certain that counts as Invested.
  8. Scout out members for your team and explain why you picked them. However, I would expect any combat against unknown enemies to require scouting. More than just harmony can speak to those with Hemalurgic spikes, but I'll allow it. As long as we all agree that Harmony doesn't do anything but work as mission coordination Well, via Imgflip Meme Maker I like how your the only one to even consider the Parshendi. Bonus points. Extra Bonus Points for using almost entirely uninvested individuals.
  9. Okay, in an arbitrary amount of time, an arbitrarily powerful enemy will exist in the Cosmere. You have to scout out and recruit a Special Forces team to fight against said threat. Who/What do you pick and why? Rules: 1- No Shards 1a - No splinters that have not been seen to have clearly demonstrated abilities in the novels 1b - No "Infinite Invesiture" assumptions 2 - Assume all abilities work as is most intuitive unless a WoB/Novel clearly states otherwise. 2a - WoB that contradict will give precedence to the most recent quote. 3 - Assume that no exceptionally invested individuals exist/are willing to joining(I.E Vin, Heralds, Nightblood ect...) 3a - Hemalurgy will not be possible on such individuals 3b - Creation of said invested individuals are only allowed as follows the other restrictions 4 - Assume that political/theological differences are trivialized(I.E All factions will unite against this threat) 4a - Surge Binders will follow their oaths as much as possible
  10. Do shards count as sentient life on a planet?
  11. Blades aren't /that/ heavy, so the entire discussion should be focused on if the hold on the shardblades is strong enough to outweigh the coinshot. Either the force of the push will be mostly on the allomancer or on the blade. If it's mostly on the blade, then the effects on the coinshot can be ignored. If it's mostly on the allomancer, then it's relatively pointless.
  12. I should specify, I was specifically asking on how efficient each form of healing was across the three realms. I.e is Gold better at healing Spiritual damage to Stormlight being better at physical? That and for any given amount of investiture in, how much healing does the two grant? I.E Assuming equal amounts of investiture, a Radiant would heal more than a ferring.
  13. Does anyone have a comparison between feruchemic gold and stormlight healing? Mostly on which one is more efficient with raw investiture?
  14. People mentioning that the Pashendi might swing the scales back to Roshar: We are counting the Kandra and Koloss because they are species that have allied with the scadrians with several members of each species being intimate with one another. So they have motive and precedence in working togeather. Where as Pashendi are at war with the Rosharian Humans. Beyond that, only non voidbringers Pashendi actually make sense in this conflict. In Stormform, they lack unity within their own leadership and martial forces. In many ways, the traces of Odium leave them uniquely unsuited for any allied war effort with Roshar as a whole. I think the implication is that he made the Scadrians more rugged against the diseases, causing them to die out naturally. Otherwise he would be lowering the scadrians odds of survival.
  15. Each member of the Nathis population produces 1 breath at birth. Since population increases exponentially, then likely the price of breaths will decrease over generations. That, and I'm pretty sure it's possible to turn Stormlight into BioChromatic Breath.