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  1. Stop. That would be heaven. Just stop before it gets painful. Orrrr.....write them yourself. Either way lol.
  2. But...if Harmony fixed the world, wouldn't he have undone the bacteria as well? edit: Though if I could eat ash to survive, I'd save a butt-ton on groceries....
  3. Regardless, I'm sure it'll happen eventually, if not by his own hand then by a fan's. Either way, we need more books in the Cosmere for either to happen.
  4. Yeah, now that you mention it that sounds familiar. I just read through the last 2 State of the Sandersons but didn't find anything there. The closest would be, as you said, the short story anthology. A close second would be Hoid's series, Dragonsteel, but that one is a LONG ways away. He still has, what, 7 Stormlight books to write before he does Dragonsteel?
  5. Ooh, or a real version of the book Spook wrote that was given to Wax. That'd be awesome.
  6. Well that'd be great and all, but I'm talking a history book, practically a textbook. Something like a complete encyclopedia would be pretty cool, too.
  7. Had to look up chull, as I haven't read Stormlight yet. But that doesn't sound too impractical. But if there's no seaweed around...what happens?
  8. That's what I'm saying! So far I've only read Mistborn so I'm not familiar with the Cosmere as a whole (besides some unintentional self-spoiling from Coppermind), but the other series' are next on my reading list. It would be suuuppppeeerrrrr awesome if Sanderson wrote something like this while I'm catching up on the other books. *hint hint, wink wink, nudge nudge, if he ever were to see this*
  9. Thanks for the warning. Imma just wait it out for the book to be released and not read any previews though. It's like waiting until Christmas morning to open your presents; it's all one big surprise
  10. So this is the whole reason I joined this forum, before I let my ADHD take hold and got distracted. I would love to see a real-world copy of the Historica along the same lines as the secondary books JK Rowling wrote, ie. Magical Beasts and others. I enjoy the snippets of post-Catacendre history I've learned through the Era 2 books, but snippets only go so far. To be able to read a real copy of the book the characters learned all their history from would be extraordinary. Thoughts?
  11. I'm a licensed bartender in NY! Does that translate well into the Cosmere? 'Cause if so, I would love to join the Church of Wayne! My skills, though rusty, are still effective.
  12. What, will I get the ability to grow a shell around my body or something?edit: Wait wait wait wait. Which of us is getting stabbed first, the shell or me?
  13. I took you up on that offer. Slaying evil sounds like a great way to spend a day off lol.
  14. My b, I thought it was sufficient. Is writing it as **** unacceptable? I don't intend to be vulgar.