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  1. I was unable to find a WoB on this; but for those unfamiliar with Lucian, here's the Wikipedia link. I would guess that A True Story's status as one of the first "western novels" and the (currently known) first Speculative Fiction novel (see below) would make it possible that BS may have drawn inspiration for the Windrunners (and other KR) from Lucian - since it is likely he studied it in college. Wiki Excerpt: Good catch, and hopefully somebody at a signing/Q&A/AMA will ask for us.
  2. Have you considered an alternate version of option 2? Call it 2a (or option 3): 2a. Sazed, while remaking the world, realized through glimpses of Future-sight (like Preservation used to Batman Gambit Ati) that Metallic Art driven Fabrials would be essential to developing Scadrial. Without details (such as Medallions) he adjusted things like Snapping adn sDNA inheritnace to help start the progression to Era 4. I think the key here is that the changes likely had to be made while during the Catacendre and the large influx of power from taking up the Shards and before any internal conflict arose on using them*. So he may not have known/understood the details of MA Fabrials or the form(s) they would take - he just set into motion an environment that would eventaully lead that direction. HoA Ch 82
  3. Pease see PM - I tried some zoom - PRT SCN shenanigans and ended up with the relevant section at 3250x1600. Hope that helps
  4. Body builders aren't just the Schwarzennegger "get as much size as possible" Mr. Olympia types - they are also the Jet Li "lean and strong" types. And I'd bet your Marine friend was also a body builder, just as I lifted weights for most of my military career. But a lot of that is beside the point. This is a common misconception based on story and rumor (and also plays a role in Houdini's death). What's happening when you tighten your abs to take a hit (and prevent being winded) is the energy received is spread across the abdominus (with it's unique cross hatch structure) to spread the force rather than it traveling to the diaphragm (which is how somebody is normally winded when struck in the high-abdomen - the diaphragm presses against the lungs and expels the air). When you tense a biceps before getting hit, you get a rupture or a charlie horse. That said - it's your story and your magic. Bullet tough muscles are a trope for a reason. However, based on what we know of compounding, I think you'd have a stronger rationale if your Twinborn "discovers" Reverse Compounding* and is able to feruchemically store (and access/multiply) Allomantic Pewter's "damage resistance" properties.
  5. Have you checked out Fan Story? Sure, it a bit of a micro-transaction site; but it's a good way to solicit feedback from anonymous users (or develop a writing group) and you can trade time instead of money, by providing reviews (instead of buying points) to earn the points to display your own work for reviews. Also, have you checked out books like Fiction Writer's Brainstormer? I'm sure it's not the only one, but it's the kind to book that has tools to help with the "business" of plotting, writing, and editing. Even if you don't use the specific tools, it helps you to learn how you work and develop your own tools tailored to your needs. Awesome, good luck to you. That is a lot of metalborn in only two generations of one family. Remember Straff had dozens of children (by almost as many concubines) just to get 5 or 6 mistings and, eventually Zane. This is a huge strain on credulity before the writing has started. It's easy to believe "Misting meets ferring, fall in love and have a twinborn child." It is very difficult to believe "Metal born are rare, but meet the Kholins of Scadrial - who the genetic lottery decreed every family member is a misting or ferring." I don't think the mists have much, if anything, to do with Snapping now. The only confirmed information we have on Era 2 Snapping is: I would expect it to be the opposite, if Muscle were dense enough to stop bullets, it would probably be unable to move at all (much less move with more strength). Strength of muscle comes from elasticity - the ability to expand and contract along the long axis (thereby moving the joint to perform work). Check out EAP fibers as artificial muscles. So, like a rubber band, if all the strength is on the long axis, then it is more prone to harm on the short axis (like how easily a rubber band is snipped from the side - especially while stretched). This is also why competitive bodybuilders are seriously prone to torn muscle and ligament injuries while training. Having had a torn hamstring (and the nine months of PT needed after I got off of crutches) I can tell you it is not an easy injury to overcome. The "Muscles so strong that bullets bounce," is a Superman fantasy trope, but doesn't hold up to biology or physics at all. Especially not to the degree that Sanderson designs his magic systems. From what we know, so far, the Terris are so insular because they are trying to reverse the genetic dilution so that Full Feruchemists can be born again. I would imagine a Ferring (especially middle-class without the "noble marriage duty" excuse) that deliberately turned their back on that would suffer social fallout from, at least, a very vocal portion the Terris community. TLM Spoiler: I don't know that we have enough Resonance examples to find a likely answer - but I also get the feeling that while SA resonances are fairly standard, Metalborn resonances may be more individualized by, not only which powers you have, but also how you tend to employ them (i.e. I don't think a different Crasher would necessarily end up with the same Resonance Wax developed). I think you should let the character develop and see where that leads - then let the direction develop into how you use a possible Resonance.
  6. This was also discussed here, if you want some more feedback/opinions. If you are the type who also likes to reread things, you can knock out Secret History now or after Bands of Mourning (based on your choice from the feedback so far), then later you can check out this thread that details how Secret History integrates into the timeline of Era 1 - that way you can experience MSH the first time normally, and use the re-read to refresh Era 1 at the same time. My personal opinon matches @Frustration's. As I said in the other thread: As always, YMMV. Hope that helps.
  7. That's great. There's nothing wrong with that at all; I was just hoping to explain why, in a non-latinic language, "Nimi" might not have any internal gender reference.
  8. Very interesting theory. This was first seen in Oathbringer, Ch 31:
  9. This has also been discussed in this thread. As I said there, my personal opinion is that it would just heal the blade deadened limb since Awakening creates a connection between the things that is Awakened and the Awakener - and a shard wound is simply severing the spiritual connection of that limb to its body. Unlikely to end up with something like Scrivener's Bones.
  10. Please avoid double posting. If you are unfamiliar with the tools the forum offers - maybe this can answer some questions: Please use Multi-quote or post edit instead of double posting. Do you mean this post? If so, we don't know why she didn't quite finish the book - but since she made it over halfway, I would guess that "Life happened," time was lost and by the time she could have read more it had been so long she would have had to restart. At least > 70% doesn't imply a dislike of the content or story. The break between Words of Radiance and Oathbringer would be a great time to knock out Era 1 Mistborn and Warbreaker.
  11. Great synopsis and glad you enjoyed it. For me, the groundbreaking part wasn't them meeting, or fighting, or even their similar uses of Surges. It was learning how much difference there is between a live Shardblade (Sylblade) and a normal Shardblade - not to mention learning that the blade Szeth was using was also not a normal Shardblade. You may even consider some other Cosmere works (Warbreak - Mistborn Era 1) in that break. I'll note, however, that based on your preference for Szeth, you might consider the Edgedancer novella as well (maybe book, Edgedancer, book(s), Oathbringer).
  12. As odd as it may sound. . . It's not that I hate Wit. I would have given him a 7/10- post-TWoK, but after all books that's down to about 5/10. Hoid has consistently been a 9/10, for me.
  13. Coins, maybe Dice. It's a title from Mistborn Era 2. Similar to the way Windrunner means you have access to the Surges of Gravitation and Adhesion. Or, if you may recall from starting Mistborn before, where "Thug" was the nickname for person with Hammond's ability. Spinner is the "nickname" for a user of s specific ability. Slight non-story spoiler: So if you see these terms you'll know it's likely a Mistborn reference. BTW - you can cheat and see the list here, thought it unfortunately doesn't show the reference for each.
  14. No reason to be sorry. We want to help, but we also don't want to spoiler things inadvertently. It seems evident you have read Elantris and Emperor's Soul - but have you read "Hope of Elantris"? Arcanum Unbounded? Any other Cosmere works like Warbreaker, Mistborn and Stormlight Archive?
  15. Welcome to the forums. In case you are new to this type of forum, here're some tips that may help: There's a WoB for that: