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  1. Well, it is a bit confusing, especially since there hasn't been a whole lot released about Spiritwebs or how they work. This is my (likely flawed) understanding: The Spiritual Realm is made up of Investiture and energy (kind of how the Physical Realm is "made up" of matter and energy. So, in the item you quoted "Connections and Investiture" is because the SR is made that way "Innate Investiture" is a quality, not a quantity e.g. Vin had Innate Allomantic Investiture. Which is why I was confused in my first reply - AFAIK you can't heap "innate investiture" you can invest an object/person on in the Cognitive or Physical realm and , as they become heavily invested, their spiritweb will expand (as the Identity changes to confirm the level of investiture) It would depend on the magic system. As you mentioned, Awakening Breaths are primarily in the physical, but so is Stormlight. Ultimately, if your question was "would adding unkeyed/unaligned investiture to the Spiritweb form into capacity for random Invested arts" then I would say no. Any capacity that developed would be shaped by Identity and Connection, and most invested arts require something else (Metallic Arts - genetic, Surges - Nahel Bond, etc.) that would not be covered by just a quantity of investiture. My first answer included the only known "abilities" that are based solely on how "invested" something is - rather than in which realm or how the investiture was added.
  2. Concur. Disagree. I don't want to derail the thread discussing Wax. My only real point was that F-Savantism without compounding is nearly, but not quite, impossible.
  3. First, I'll restate that we know: The Iriali migrated to Roshar, but not from Ashyn The Sleepless and Siah also likely emigrated from somewhere other than Ashyn The Natan people are Human/Siah hybrids Unkalaki and Herdazians are Singer/Human hybrids We also know: 16 is the number of Preservation (maybe Scadrial) 10 is the number of Honor So, I noticed this on a Row Reread (Ch 69) I wonder if that indicates they either migrated from a Shardic system affiliated with the number 12, or are hybrids with immigrants from such a location.
  4. Row Ch 73
  5. Not quite. . . Coppermind - WoB Very difficult is not impossible. Wax could be a Skimmer Savant with how much (and how dextrously) he manipulates his weight.
  6. He probably also knew Sibling no longer had Tower Light, and it was nigh uninhabitable. He probably also knew Midnight Mother was settled there (and probably had no way to know she was rousted - but that was after Dalinar and co arrived). By the time it was discovered, he was already happily making his little cult-kingdom and more focused on whatever experiemtns he is running on Spren. Since we can guess he needs his cult of humans to go to Shadesmar and capture spren for him, living alone in Urithiru wouldn't let him accomplish those goals; and I doubt he thought he could care for a cult in Urithiru without the Sibling. PS: He should have his own honorblade, based on his displays of surgebinding so he could unlock a gate on his own (if nale unlocked the Urithiru side); but would he really want to be activating Oathgates in public. IIRC, all but the one on the Shattered Plains and Aimia are in large cities/public areas; and he thought the SP gate destroyed and could not access the Aimian one either. . .
  7. Don't forget generational pressure. For at least the first (and likely second) generation born post-catacendre; the parents (grandparents) that were plantation Skaa would likely counsel against farming. "You don't know what it was like" "You have so much opportunity that we didn't" "Anything but farming" "Learn an important skill" etc. Also, we don't know what, if any, effects the metallic arts had on Farming in and around Elendel (especially when starting - need crops fast? use Pewterarms and Steelrunners)
  8. Agreed. Also, wasn't she shown to have some attraction to Wax in AoL? Wouldn't that imply she's not Aro? D/R - covered in OP.
  9. Depends on perspective, but I agree. I was mearly linking the relavent information we did have (showing the lack of information directly related to the question). Common parlance hasn't quite encapsulated all the different "why"s and "how"s. Wikipedia: As far as Marasi is concerned, we only have the WoB I quoted above and know that, though cisgendered female, she has not been identified as asexual. We also do not know if BS knows/accepts/understands a difference between the two.
  10. Exactly. But there are unknowns and assumptions here too. How big was the "refugee population," since it seems implied that it was most of the population of Ashyn (though some must have remained, or they wouldn't have developed their new society with the Floating Cities). Combine a population much greater than the current Shin population with a prediliction for war and combat that the Dawnsingers might not have had, and its possible that over the first decade the humans had already started trying to populate outside of modern Shinovar. Also, we don't know that the first/early wars were against all Dawnsingers everywhere. If Urithuru and Oathgates didn't exist, and travel was resticted each time a Human population settled a new area - then fought for the terrirtory - it could have been a localized war rather than a full-scale continent wide war. There's just too much unkown to draw conclusions, so we are left with speculation.
  11. I wasn't doubting your theory or reasoning, just pointing out he was both a King and Emperor (if the wording should matter)
  12. Shardblades can't be taken off of Roshar (at least not through the CR) for the same reason(s) Spren and Heralds can't leave Roshar. After all, that's part of the reason Nightblood was created (something like "Oh, we can't take one of these back - well lets go make our own Shardblade"). . .
  13. Don't forget, Sazed was already a (reluctant) King before that too. . .
  14. If this is the case, then the Heralds would have had to have found some way to extend their life (slow aging or some other means) since they (except possibly Ash) were in the migration from Ashyn to Roshar.
  15. @Eternal Khol Did you not get the PM? I was unsure of the meaning of your "What" and thought you did not know/recall who Phendorana was. As for the quote where I mentioned her; all I was trying to accomplish was to add evidence to support your quoted statement.