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  1. Axehinds and axehounds are different.
  2. Ordering will hopefully happen around December 1st and it should start shipping right away. We're supposed to get the books delivered here in a couple weeks so Brandon can sign a lot of them before it's time to send them out. There was editing done on almost every page, but most of it people won't notice—just small word-level stuff. Isaac also redid one map and made one new map. The paper quality is better than Elantris's, and the text is much less cramped than the original hardcover's.
  3. It's not a retcon if it doesn't require changes to anything in canon.
  4. The calendars don't appear in Arcanum Unbounded, but they're mentioned on the map as old calendar/new calendar. Since the Lord Ruler actually kept the calendar the same, what this is referring to is only the placement of seasons, since those have to change from year to year because of the orbit.
  5. 12 pages of the White Sand comic plus the prologue and chapter 1 of the prose version.
  6. Not for five years. So if you want to read it, the whole book is the only way.
  7. Argent, I think it's an artifact of the book being split. It was planned to be the final book, but now book 5 will be the final book. This book was not as satisfying as previous books because there wasn't really a meaningful climax or ending. Kip doesn't figure out what he's missing about the situation, and then we see the big enemy gathering at the end just as a hook for the next book. Sometimes splitting works well, and sometimes it doesn't. This doesn't affect my enjoyment of the rest of the book, but it feels like I can't recommend it quite as wholeheartedly as usual until the final book is available.
  8. Those could go in the typos threads for the individual books. There isn't an audiobook for White Sand, so they wouldn't go in this thread.
  9. None of these are typos. Note is a joke. Flare is a pun. Isaac's name: Kindle app's fault. Not fixing this one because trying to isolate a fix just for the Kindle app is a huge pain. The app may get fixed in the future. Bastille's note's location is on purpose. If people miss it, that's their problem.
  10. I just stumbled across the annotations file that Brandon started writing for Way of Kings. It goes from the beginning up through chapter 12. So we are probably going to post these someday. EDIT: Probably next year in the run-up to the Oathbringer release.
  11. I'm working on getting a lot of these issues fixed for the ebook and for reprints. Cynder wears blue and Jon wears white. We really screwed that one up.
  12. Hmmm, I wonder whether anyone will see Hoid in this volume...
  13. I'm aware of the thread. Looks like we have some work to do.
  14. Nope, three different artists for three different covers. This cover is by Dave Palumbo. The White Sand excerpt is indeed meant to hook novel readers into trying the graphic novel. Plus it was important to Brandon to have the Taldain system map and the essay from Khriss in there.
  15. On the Coppermind the article Paliah says Pailiah is one of her aliases. But the spelling "Paliah" is never used in the books, only Pailiah.
  16. Yep, you've got it. No worries.
  17. I thought about this for a while, but this isn't an error. Kelsier is still in Shadesmar, and all the stuff (like the walls) in the Physical Realm manifests as misty stuff where Kelsier is. So even if he's carrying the knife and the orb, he can walk right through it.
  18. We need some good lines from the Alloy of Law that Brandon can write in people's books. The only one I can think of off the top of my head involves shooting a dog in an interesting place. Mi'chelle mentioned one a while ago but it wasn't really quotable in that way.
  19. Anime update: We have been trying out a lot of newer shows. Here's our current status. World Trigger After 48 episodes, a filler arc is starting. We're ignoring this show for now and will get back to it later. Bleach filler has burned us. (Though, looking ahead, it seems the filler ends and then they don't get very far into the original material before going on hiatus. Oh well, I read the manga every week and like it a lot.) Ace of the Diamond 20 episodes in. Enjoyable, but not as good as Baby Steps or Yowamushi Pedal. Not something we want to watch too often. Active Raid Watched the first episode, and it's good enough to watch another. The character interactions are interesting, how this established team ignores the new girl who thinks she's there to whip them into shape. Toradora! 1 episode. We are checking it out because it's by the creator of Golden Time, which we liked. The first episode was entertaining enough to continue. Re:ZERO -Starting Live in Another World- 3 episodes (really 4, since there's 1A and 1B). So far this is the most entertaining new show we're checking out. Portal fantasy with a gamer kid who arrives expecting to have a magical power, but doesn't. Then it turns into Groundhog Day, which is one of my favorite movies. What's not to like about that? Well, the villain lady is stereotypical in an annoying way, but everyone else is quite entertaining so far. Still, this is nowhere near as compelling as ERASED, which was the previous season's highlight for us. KIZNAIVER 1 episode. Good start, will give more episodes a shot. Kid who can't feel pain. Typical secret group of special-power kids at a high school with different personality quirks. JOKER GAME 3 episodes. Spy agency in early World War II. After two episodes I was really liking this show. After 3, I'm much less enthusiastic. The first two had a continuing plot focusing on one character. Then the third one is a different story about one of the side characters from earlier. The fourth episode preview looks like a story focusing on yet another character. It could be interesting in a "these are the types of things that spies do" way, but it's hard to get attached to characters when it's done this way. Flying Witch 1 episode. This is essentially a slightly older version of Kiki's Delivery Service. Relaxed pace. We will watch another one, but it needs to bring something compelling to the table. Tanaka-kun is Always Listless 1 episode, dropped. We hoped it would be something funny like Tonari no Seki-kun, but the basic conceit doesn't drive it enough for us. Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto 1 episode, dropped. Not as bad as some. Kind of random humor. I'm sure this would appeal to a number of viewers. Ace Attorney 1 episode, dropped. Laughably bad. I know Phoenix Wright is popular, but this mockery of a courtroom procedural is just so terrible. The Asterisk War 1 episode, dropped. Too much fanservice. AOKANA: Four Rhythm across the Blue 1 episode, dropped. Too tropey, and the aerial racing thing just didn't make much sense. Main character's voice is grating to listen to. Say "I love you" 5 episodes. I've been watching this one by myself but I'm not sure if I'll continue. Shoujo romance series. It's just so...melancholy. No one is truly happy on this show. I want to watch more romance shows, but I want it more like My Love Story. Not so much moping around. Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches 7 episodes in. I'm watching alone since Karen doesn't like the fanservice or kissing-consent issues. (The magic in this show is based on kissing.) I have read a lot of the manga and like the characters and the clever plotting. I like the "sort of delinquent slacker with a good heart" main character trope.
  20. I am a Viz Shonen Jump subscriber, and I do read Bleach. It still has far too many characters and we see too many backstories. For the past year and a half that I've been subscribed, it's been nonstop incremental fights leading up to the big bad. Ichigo, Rukia, and the other characters who started out the series are rarely onscreen—but occasionally get to do awesome stuff. There are a few interesting things revealed here and there (with some things like first-time bankai reveals in the last couple months)—things that have been years in the making—but it tends to get buried under the endless battle. In my opinion, character creep is the biggest issue. This final arc basically has everyone in it who's still alive from all previous arcs, plus all the Quincies they're fighting. And he wants to show us what all of them are doing. That means less than a day of story time has passed in the last year and a half.
  21. Did you read Secret History?
  22. It isn't. What we said is that Mistborn doesn't give anyone's eye color and only says Vin's eyes are dark. (Shan Elariel's eyes are also dark.) Kelsier's eyes will now be considered canonized as hazel, which is not dark.
  23. Newish shows: We watched one episode of Ace Detective. So, I know that Phoenix Wright is very popular, but this show was just terrible. I sure hope the Japanese legal system is nothing like this in real life. We won't be watching any more. Watched one episode of Aokana: Four Rhythm across the Blue. I didn't think it was quite as terrible as Karen did, but we're not going to watch another episode. The main girl's voice is super annoying, for one thing. Watched one episode of Active Raid. Not too bad, actually. We will probably watch at least another one to see where it's going. I liked some of the character interactions.
  24. We finished watching ERASED. I found it very satisfying, and I was happy with the show all the way through. More like this please!
  25. We've been very slowly watching Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet, and this week we hit episode 9, which is one of those "this changes everything" episodes. I'm hoping the show can pull out a satisfying ending. The pacing feels a bit off. In manga, the most recent chapter of Spirit Circle was essentially the climax, and it was very well done. This series is fantastic and very unlike anything else I've read. It's a reincarnation-eternal-antagonists story, and the different cultures are all fascinating.