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  1. you guys skipped tha part where Kaladin is the most aligned with Honor's intent.
  2. will you add the recent youtube Q&A to your next episode?
  3. brandon went out of his way to make sure that the ending of mistborn doesn't happen when he had odium shatter Honor, yet every one act like thats not an issue. you can bend over backward to make it happen but from a doylist perspective its just not happening.
  4. where is this idea that shardbearers would just stand there for mistborn to swing around and attack comes from? urban areas are just as beneficial to shardbearers as mistborn. the can hide behind walls, enter building, jump between roof tops....etc. they can jump tens of feet in the air, kick bodies more than 20 ft, run faster than horses. again, cracking the plate is just a prelude to more cracks. breaking the plate takes minutes long effort the shardbearers won't give you. and those were 7ft tall war form parshendi. and I doubt they cracked it with one blow. shardbearers stand under hails of arrow fire like they were pebbles, and pushed coins aren't that different. now you may say coins rip through bodies. but that's only because the force pushing the coins leverages the the mass of the pusher against the mass of soft intestine or skull or ribs. but the moment coins hit plate the force that was supposed to rip a body will transfer back pushing the mistborn away seeing how shardbearers are are heavy enough to break the back of a horse if they more the wrong way. and no, coins are not launched with the same velocity of a bullet even if it seems like it. if you stop pushing on an object it just drops. they have no momentum.
  5. full Shardbearing radiant without surges but with stormlight beats Mistborn final empire version nine out of ten times, argument for waiting out the radiant's stormlight are not arguments for who can beat who in a straight fight. shard plate cracks are a prelude to it breaking in 2 or 3 consecutive strikes at the same spot is a misconception, that only happens with shardblade strikes and it has more to do with the Conection severing nature of shardblades (separating the soul from the body, separating the lesser spren from each other?) than with the strength of the blade or strike, I think.
  6. The only person we see Gavilar mistreat was Navani. and she herself admits that she was just as hurtful in other arguments.
  7. so, what do we know ? - that shardplate is made up of multiple spren. - can change to accommodate the radiant like a spren blade (lowerglow,closed eye slits). -it gives glass-clear vision from inside the helm and not foggy like dead plate. Speculation : - plate can exist in a spectrum from completely in the physical to completely in the cognitive and a middle ready-to-manifest like state we see from kaladin. - the ability to manifest plate on others, which I assume is not a regular radiant like ability, or even a windrunner ability. I think it has something to do with adhesion (which has been emphasised this book specifically to be the surge of bonds). but I wouldn't be surprised if other windrunners managed it too.
  8. He fits the Stonewards much better. Edgedancer would require too many sacrifices from him to progress.
  9. from a writing perspective this allow kaladin to go from the cool yet repetitive role of a battlefield commander and place him in a more dynamic plot.
  10. link isn't working. Edit: working now
  11. Ishar mixing truth with lies creates a more engaging narrative than him lying all the time. I think he was lying to nale about the radiants accessing greater surges might restart the desolation, but I think he was telling the truth about radiants accessing greater power without honor to regulate them being a problem.
  12. there is a theory circulating in reddit that Dai-Gonarthis the unmade was involved in Moash's sales pitch
  13. I feel like it's underwhelming for kaladin to only get his plate after a two book arc. it's also kinda strange for him to get armor once he accepts that he can't save everyone and he has to allow others to risk themselves. I think when kaladin swears the fourth oath every windrunner in his vesenity get armor too, through Conection,Spiritual Adhesion,or even basic resonance (we know its strength of Squires, could it mean more than just their number?) would be cool that as kaladin accepts and willingly send his men to danger he gives them the greatest protection there is. of course there would be limitation, only those closest to kaladin through shared experience and ideals (basically mostly bridge four) and within limited distance of kaladin.
  14. my theory is that the Fused get a continuous stream of voidlight that corrospond acordingly to how much is required to continually fly, and whenever they use more for healing,lashing or speeding then they are operating at a deficit, that can only be restored if they stop flying all together for a while. that's why they rarely lash or speed up.
  15. My theory, Gavilar found ba-ado-mishram and they made a deal. He binds her to him and frees her, by freeing her he restores the minds of parshmen around Roshar and she gives them powers just like the false desolation. Powers not directly from odium. The peace treaty act as a base for equal cooperation. If one unmade can defect, why not two? I think the more sepiant unmade are coming to the realization that an Odium victory is not in their best interest, because it means they cease to exist. Gavilar is not a vorin fanatic, you can observe this in the oathbringer prologue where he talks about the history of roshar, yes he talks about glory and Destiny but not in vorin terms, he even knows about the almighty dying & the heralds abandoning their duty. a knowledge that broke a devout like amaram but doesn't seem to bother Gavilar in the least. Gavilar got the visions, sought knowledge, discovered and joined the sons of honour and used them, he knew to much and didn't share with them becouse their goals didn't align, the same with aesudan and all the people he named as he was dying. Gavilar saw the big picture that we all have to acknowledge that this isn't about humanity defeating the forces of evil (odium), this is about humans and singers coming together to defeat Odium. Shards dont hold ground, and neither do fused & unmade. Odium needs the singer to willingly join him, becouse if he can't that's game over. He can't win against a United Roshar with just several hundred fused and nine unmade. And...and... sorry went on a tangent there.