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  1. There are several thought that popped up in my mind about the spren Firstly, helping the humans to keep desolations at bay. What exactly is their stake in the game? Spren are in and by themselves quite happy in their own cognitive realm/Shadesmar it seems. Now, why were they even interested in humans in the first place? They emulated Honor, bonding to humans to give them surgebinding to fight off Odium and the desolations. But why? Are they in any way, as a species or individually, negatively affected if Odium takes over Roshar, so do they gain some advantage if they prevent Odium from taking over Roshar? Next, apparently all spren that are non-conscious in our realm, but seem to have some kind of conscious representation in the cognitive realm. Aren't they furious that humans trap some of them to harness their power in fabrials?
  2. As I understand it, there aren't many spren around that would be willing to bond with a human. They don't have a death wish.
  3. I guess the unbalanced impression comes from the fact that most of the time in the books we see K interacting with lighteyes in power, not with normal, low rank lighteyed citizens like the quartermaster
  4. He doesn't stigmatize them in general, he is quite okay with Dalinar's quartermaster, despite being a lighteyes. He only has a problem with lighteyes in a position of power. Why? Because since Wistiow as a child until Dalinar all he had been confronted with have abused their station and harmed him considerably.
  5. We also have to take into account that Alethkar doesn't have a UN carta of acceptable warfare techniques. Taking hostages was a perfectly acceptable strategy in medieval Europe. I would despise Dalinar if he had raped women or slaughtered civilians to shock the enemy into submission or something
  6. Indeed. The Sons of Honor and Taravangian are the most deluded and dangerous players on Roshar. I wonder how the situation as a whole political, religious and social structure on Roshar will play out, now they get regular everstorms and monster infestations to cope with while crazy T and Dalinar both stupidly compete for control instead of working together.
  7. Oh, I like Jasnah. It s just not very advisable to step on her toes. She is not very erratic in her aggression and her ultimate motivation always seemed rather constructive and not overly selfish.
  8. As far as I remember, Dalinar bonded one of the blades that Adolin had won in the duel.
  9. Yeah, sweet Jasnah. LOL. Adolin would duel you to get rid of you, Jasnah would send an assasin or soulcast you into a ball of fire. Sweet.
  10. We also have to keep in mind, Adolin's chosen Calling is not warfare or politics, it s duelling. That s more of a fairness based gentleman's activity, not something cunning, or crudely aggressive. He seems to be a very, very capable generic good guy growing up in a basin full of sharks and is only accpeted in his society because he is so good with a sword. With his attitude he is almost as much of a misfit in his society of cunning, backstabbing a-holes as his brother is.
  11. Frankly, in the flahsback chapters to Kaladin's early years we always get to see him during times when some kind of trouble is brewing for him or his beloved family. It is mentioned that Kaladin feels quite miserable every year through the weeping weeks and his brother helped him considerably to get through these. The rest is situations that wouldn't be easy or happy for any teenager. After the death of the old citylord he is isolated and has no friends, his family is living in a situation of oppression and isolation, his father urges him to become a surgeon to enable him to escape the life in Hearthstone. Would you feel in general happy and relaxed growing up like that?
  12. The problem with you is not that you disagree with something, the problem is, that you aggressively attack people with different opinions,claim that your opinion is the only valid opinion and you are entitled to call people with different opinions "ignorant". Again, we are talking about OPINIONS about a work of fiction. This is not mathematics. There is no absolute wrong or right when interpreting a piece of fictional writing. It's all subjective OPINION. So stop trolling threads on this board.
  13. Nah, Kaladin has had seasonal depressions all his life (means he had considerable periods of time where he was not depressed) and recently went through some serious traumatic experiences. I would rather call him a PTSD sufferer right now, not the typical clinically depressed. Kaladin lost his brother, was betrayed and enslaved by Amaram, several times beaten to unconsciousness, forced into risking his life twice a week while again seeing friends die, and then put under the strain of being responsible for the life of Dalinar s family and the training of the ex bridgemen while figuring out his strange new abilities, training to fight shardblades, riding etc so he probably had 16 hours work days. Clinical depression is when you get depressed without a plausible drastic outer cause for the mood problem. Kaladin had plenty of reasons to lose his emotional balance over the course of the past year.
  14. The level of entitlement as the opinion police of this forum and the impertinence you display while trying to enforce your superiority complex this is intolerable. The only ignorant person in this thread is you.
  15. Ah, and you are the allknowing judge on who is ignorant and who is not.. Yeah, great......