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  1. He's confirmed to say the third. I am unity is not an oath (for now)
  2. If you look at the coppermind he only said the third. This question has been asked before and there's a WoB out there that he didn't say more than one oath in Oathbringer.
  3. Don't forget Truthwatchers! Renarin isn't a typical Truthwatcher, granted, but he used illumination in some way to finish off the Thunderclast. He definitely used it as a weapon. It may have been the voidbinding version, but he used it as a weapon. Edit: And with Hoid's knowledge of the science of light, I'm sure he will come up with some pretty sick applications to Lightweaving as well. I'm thinking summon your shardblade and use it to focus light and sound then shoot it out of its tip towards someone. That'd be cool, but resource heavy, I'm sure.
  4. I think all Bondsmiths have the same abilities. Only Dalinar is different, and that's because Tanavasts cognitive shadow merged with the Stormfather.
  5. I agree with you on Rysn as a Willshaper. I really hope Rock becomes a Stoneward. He hasn't spoken the second Windrunner oath yet so it's not too late!!!
  6. Aren't these just resonances? With Renarin healing Adolin and showing him a perfect sense of himself is a result from healing in general, I think.
  7. I thought they tried to infuse it like a dun sphere or something. But I guess only Dalinar could do that now, right?
  8. I thought it was her breath as if "to prove to everyone her breath don't stink."
  9. I'd say Shallan has yet to use transformation. Also Lift heals with her mouth, Renarin with his hands. And Kaladin mixes his two surges with a reverse lashing. I think that's unique to his order (maybe?).
  10. Abrasion is similar between Bondsmiths and Windrunners. Dalinar can stick things to other things just like Kaladin. I do think there's a combination surge ability, however.
  11. This is exactly why I think Navani will make a great Willshaper candidate. She's an inventor and is fascinated by what may be. But everyone else thinks she'll be a Bondsmith.
  12. A great series, though I've only read it once, and found the first couple of books less exciting than the last.
  13. This, plus the fact that all the uncommitted Spren in Shadesmar will fully make themselves available to be bonded. That would be nice.
  14. So this will be really hard to do because spren take on Radiants that would be best suited for their orders. Furthermore, WoB says Radiant spren congregate around other Radiants and their families. I'm all for spren finding the best candidates for their orders and believe that Adolin is an outstanding candidate.
  15. Yes it was a writing error.