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  1. Of course I do. I'm not sure why you thought I didn't. I said it's normal for some people and cultures. That's a fact. I didn't realize I had to give my opinion. My opinion is that it's wrong. Be careful not to judge people to be evil just because they don't give an opinion. That's dangerous. There's too much of that going on in the world.
  2. I didn't realize I said it was right. Oh wait, I didn't lol. I like that you guys are passionate about this. It's great that today we can be so open with our opinions with no chance of reprisal / retaliation.
  3. I can't wait to see Vatha onscreen as a warrior Lightweaver. Should be pretty sick.
  4. They are however Brandon says they are.
  5. I see this as something that was normal 100 years ago in some cultures (arabic, east asian to name a few). So Gavilar would have felt right at home. Dalinar did degrade her sometimes imo, though.
  6. Dalinar did the same to Evi, didn't he?
  7. So yesterday Brandon explained what some of the confusing categories are on the KR quiz, such as dispassionate and flexible. Because of this I'm now a strong Dustbringer.
  8. I'd use a Lightweaver to create a large cloud covering only the bottom and sides of the bridge, a Stoneward to repair the bridge, an Elsecaller to turn any projectiles into smoke, and a Windrunner to divert projectiles away from it.
  9. Bro, Radiants can use Transformation at a distance. Only soulcasters require touch.
  10. I can see Jasnah dropping them in, then checking in every day at a certain time and place to bring them back out. She'd need a lot of stormlight but if she came prepared she'd be good. It'd also be good practice for her.
  11. I thought this too but someone posted a WoB that Drehy spoke it only and that Skar is still only proto, behind Lopen in advancement. I wanna say it was this thread but I'm too tired to check, sorry.
  12. Question based on the Amazon RoW description. So why send Shallan and Adolin to visit the honorspren? Why not send Elsecallers since they are the primary liaisons? The only thing I can think of is that Adolin has spent lots of time talking to Maya and she is slowly reviving. Sending Adolin to demonstrate this would be smart. If not, it'd be extremely stupid to send a guy with a dead spren to convince the honorspren to recommit...
  13. I don't think you meant Shallan, as she and Adolin have a different mission. At least according to the new book description. But I suppose it could be later in the book when she goes on that mission. Shallan just had a PoV in that chapter, but wasn't necessary physical where Kal was.
  14. Looks like Windrunner squires will go to Stonewards?