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  1. A great series, though I've only read it once, and found the first couple of books less exciting than the last.
  2. This, plus the fact that all the uncommitted Spren in Shadesmar will fully make themselves available to be bonded. That would be nice.
  3. So this will be really hard to do because spren take on Radiants that would be best suited for their orders. Furthermore, WoB says Radiant spren congregate around other Radiants and their families. I'm all for spren finding the best candidates for their orders and believe that Adolin is an outstanding candidate.
  4. Yes it was a writing error.
  5. Elsecallers: they call on spren to do their bidding/change to do their will.
  6. 1. Is there any history on multiple people possessing a Shard at once? 2. Can a sword even be a Shard holder?
  7. Tension, perhaps?
  8. That's what I was thinking. That, mixed with tension (Stonewards) could probably pack a punch.
  9. I think if any order could it would be those with transformation, cohesion, or tension. Also, the transportation surge let's you walk on water when you go to Shadesmar
  10. Through Dalinar's vision we know that on at least one occasion Windrunners and Stonewards teamed up. Do you suppose it was because their ideals were similar or because their orders' surges worked really well together? What other orders do you guys think would work well together based on their surges? How would you deploy Radiants based on their strengths and weaknesses? What tactics, techniques, and procedures would you adopt?
  11. Was Urithiru the vehicle by which humans arrived to Roshar?
  12. I like Jasnah's POV the most. She, Renarin, and Adolin are the most like me. I'm very analytical and don't like forced interaction with people because I don't feel it's sincere. I'm a public figure so I have to be outgoing but I'm really an introvert at heart. I noticed only one person so far said Teft in passing. So many on Reddit love Teft because he currently (and most definitely always will) suffers from an addiction. I guess there's more addicts on Reddit than here. So I say Jasnah/Renarin and if Adolin becomes a Radiant, him too.
  13. What is Intuit?
  14. Yeah Windrunners don't need a combination of the two to fly but I agree with the Lightweaver comment. I was thinking that a a Truthwatcher could take a fruit seed, use illumination to serve as sunlight and the regrowth surge to speed up the growth. Granted a Lightweaver could just soulcast food but still.
  15. Posted this on Reddit today. Thoughts?