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  1. My question is nearly similar: Given that each platespren are made in different shapes and properties, and are attracted to different things, does anyone suppose that they will provide their radiant with different benefits or perks? WIndspren are faster, and thus is makes sense that they can fly speedily to protect others. Do Creationspren offer some advantage more than Windspren? Thoughts?
  2. If you could pin Stormwardens to a particular KR order, which would you guys place them in? I'm thinking: Dustbringer, for wanting to keep innocents from great destruction. Truthwatcher, for wanting to find proven methods to predict storms. Lightweaver, because Cryptics love math!
  3. I thought Szeth confirms this in Oathbringer.
  4. Didn't Evi forgive Dalinar also from the spiritual realm? It makes me wonder if the spiritual realm IS the beyond.
  5. Not in present day but in past days we've seen Dustbringer Squires.
  6. Why do you all suppose mistspren are more prone to approach Sja Anat? As far as I can tell from her Interlude, the only "greater children" of hers that we see on screen are mistspren. Yes, she has enlightened children (windspren among them) but they are not "greater children." Any thoughts?
  7. Remember that Edgedancers are also refined. I take that as they have particular taste in fashion and wine
  8. I thought the spren she was in contact with were Timbres people, not the honorspren.
  9. Would an Edgedancer push his people to resist so strongly with such high casualties or retreat and try to save as many as possible? I still think he's a Dustbringer, along with Navani.
  10. You bring up the Syl Interlude. Isn't his new position the chief Surgeon? I think Syl will convince a cultivation spren to bond with him so that he can progress with both orders' ideals.
  11. Ishnah has wanted to be in the ghostbloods since she first met Shallan. It's totally her..
  12. Whatever it is, we'll hopefully get a 5th oath Radiant by the end of the book!!!!
  13. Of course I do. I'm not sure why you thought I didn't. I said it's normal for some people and cultures. That's a fact. I didn't realize I had to give my opinion. My opinion is that it's wrong. Be careful not to judge people to be evil just because they don't give an opinion. That's dangerous. There's too much of that going on in the world.