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  1. Thanks for the super nice compliments everyone! Glad you like it so much <3
  2. Thanks for the kind words everyone! ... You... you just made me notice that I uploaded a version where I flipped the canvas horizontally. Now all the metals are mirrored. I didn't notice because the composition is so symmetrical. *headdesk* Oh, well. To answer your question: I just pulled up the table of allomantic metals and basically followed the order of metals there. So the four physical metals went in the top left corner, then the mental metals went in the top right, etc. I also considered having the feruchemical symbols in there too, but their spikey design clashed with the rest of the image quite badly. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to replace my uploads with a non-mirrored version. I'd be honored! Make sure to get the non-mirrored version though
  3. Alright, I uploaded it to the gallery! You can find it here: Thanks again!
  4. I painted this after finishing Shadows of Self. It didnt help much in dealing with that ending though... You can find this on my tumblr. should you feel inclined to share it there: http://artisticappel...-you-hurt-me-so Thanks to WeiryWriter for helping me quickly fin the symbol for Harmony! *edit* ... So I accidentally uploaded the mirrored version of the painting, so the allomantic symbols were mirrored too. Whoops. This is the proper version
  5. Ahh, sweet! Thanks for the quick reply! I'll post the painting if/when I finish it
  6. Or, at least, the symbol for Harmonium? Both Atium and Larasium have a symbol, and I recall coming across one for Harmonium/Harmony a couple of days back, but I can't find it for the life of me Can anyone help me out here? (It's in the name of Art!)