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  1. No comment on the imagery, but the Sorting Hat is obviously of Nalthian origin.
  2. I've been wondering why so many death rattles have such a lofty tone. Maybe this is the answer: Moelach is the twisted, super-invested cognitive shadow of an ancient playwright.
  3. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the last cosmere story before Space-Mistborn (the grand finale) will be Dragonsteel, the origin story. And that's not an accident. We can't yet grasp how the cosmere story ends because we still don't understand how it begins. We know that Adonalsium was shattered, but we still don't know how, or why, or even what Adonalsium really was. I'm not saying it's pointless to theorize, but I don't think you can build a good theory on just the evidence in the books so far. You have to imagine the evidence that doesn't exist yet, and extrapolate from there. You must predict both the beginning and the end.
  4. I suspect he'll eventually be able to do it, and it would be awesome if he did, but think of all the ecosystems it would destroy! Haven't the chasmfiends suffered enough?
  5. It's not weight that you're storing, but time with weight. Feruchemy is all about reallocating attributes across time. Otherwise the time you spend storing wouldn't mean anything. Edit: @Quantus has the right idea. You have to wrap your mind around a new measure, weight-time. If you weigh 2 weight-units and live for 100 time-units, then your whole existence amounts to 200 units of weight-time. As a normal human, you must experience those 200 weight-times at the normal rate of 2 weight-units per 1 time-unit. But a feruchemist can defer some weight to a later date, slowing the rate initially and speeding it up later. But, without compounding (which uses allomancy to make the whole process end-positive) you can never experience more than your allotted 200 weight-times in your allotted 100 time-units.
  6. Nice catch. I've always liked the Navani-for-Bondsmith theory. If Urithiru is one giant Sibling-powered fabrial, who better to bond the sibling than a leading fabrial scientist?
  7. Rosharan spheres would make good ornaments.
  8. I've just started my first Stormlight reread, and this is the first thing that's caught my eye. It's the first death rattle we get in WoK, the very first epigraph in the Stormlight Archive. The Coppermind article on death rattles offers no commentary on this one. I checked Arcanum and I couldn't find any WoBs about it. All I have is my own thoughts. And I have many. I think Brandon chose the series's first epigraph carefully. Remember how important it was in MIstborn? The first part, "you've killed me," sounds like it could be nothing. It could just be a dying person screaming at the Silent Gatherers, or whoever's actually responsible for their death. I'm guessing that's why the "sample is considered questionable." Then again, maybe it's not nothing. "Bastards, you've killed me!" Bastards, plural. The speaker was killed by a plurality of bastards. So if the speaker, who has been killed, came back from the dead, one of the bastards might say "we killed you!" I propose that whatever Odium saw at the end of Oathbringer is the same being who is speaking through this death rattle. And Odium is one of the bastards who killed him. We talk about the infamous "we killed you" like it came out of nowhere. But maybe it was alluded to at the very beginning of Way of Kings. So maybe it's Honor. Maybe it's Adonalsium. Maybe it's some other thing called Unity. We don't know, and Brandon's RAFOing this topic. There's nothing left to say about this theory. But there's another clue in the death rattle. The last part: "While the sun is still hot, I die!" Sounds simple enough. Whoever the bastards killed is dying during the day. It's still sunny. Or maybe there's more to it than that. Maybe we should take this literally: this person is dying while the sun is hot, as in before the sun itself gets colder. But why would the sun get colder? Lots of reasons. I'm not an astronomer, but I know different stars burn at different temperatures, and sometimes they shift from one temperature to another. And a star's temperature affects its color. Hotter stars are white and yellow. Colder ones are red. So when this death rattle implies that a sun is going to get colder, maybe it's saying the sun will turn red. Maybe there's something in the cosmere that turns stars red. Maybe the Scar (aka Taln's Scar and the Red Rip), the infamous cluster of red stars, wasn't always red. Something turned those stars red, and it might not stop there. The interesting implication of this is that the redness of the scar might not be related to redness of corrupted investiture and various red-eyed evil things. Two completely separate issues. Thoughts?
  9. Conflict! All stories are conflict! Conflict in every scene! Conflict in the hearts of your characters! And use exclamation points sparingly. They're tacky.
  10. Or just use a hammer.
  11. To Vasher at the beginning of Warbreaker: Just use the phantoms.
  12. Probably symbiote or symbiont.
  13. Ubeka makes some very good points. It sounds like this magic can do pretty much everything, so the best advice I can give is to refer to Brandon's 2nd law. What are the limits of the magic? What can it not do? Who cannot use it? What are the costs of using it?
  14. I have a few questions. Frist, aside from healing and reliving memories, what does this magic do?
  15. Looks like you'll have to wait until Book 5, when Dalinar starts making Unityblades.