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  1. Actions define people not their thoughts. If i walked into a school and bled 100 5 year olds because I believed that would save humanity from extinction. If I said oh but i felt really bad about it and had to do it because of my beliefs. Even if what I said was true I would still be considered evil by most sane individuals even though my intent was selfless.
  2. he also kind of had a shattered leg, and he was depressed and both of those probably would make it extraordinarily difficult to do spear things.
  3. The thing is Kalidan has reason to hate the light eyes. It's not like he hates them because of their eye color he hates them because of what they represent and what was done to him and the people he cares about.
  4. Now I haven't read WOK in a hot while, but I remember Kaladin killing Helaren for revenge
  5. the cold is a virus antibiotics do squat. Immunizations/exposure allows our bodies to recognize the cold and make sure we have the correct antibodies.
  6. Eye color is the product of multiple genes its more complicated than that. two brown eyed people can have a blue eye child if they had the correct recessive alleles
  7. I thought Rock was the third son?
  8. I had a theory pop into my head today and I think it could actually be a thing. So I think that one of Shallans future truths will be about Helarens death and the anger she will probably feel towards Kal and I imagine it will be something like "Helarens death wasn't Kaladin fault". I think it also fits into Brandon withholding Helarens death from Shallan for so long.
  9. So as I was rereading Wor I noticed that Kaladin couldn't read the note between Jasnah and Navani. He apparently couldn't even tell that it was upside down. However we know via flashback that Kaladin had studdied how to be a surgeon from books as well as being taught by his father. So whats with the change?