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  1. True, but this is purposeful and necessitates the pairing of young actresses with older actors for these characters (though no others) if they want to keep that aspect. Though, as Siri would probably be slightly aged up and Susebron can be played by a somewhat younger actor than his official age - but there will still be a gap
  2. This would be less extreme in the film I’m sure and the actor playing Susebron can be younger as he is meant to look younger, but the age gap is meant to be key, as it demonstrates Susebron’s naivety being a result of his sheltered life
  3. Siri is 17, the God King is 50 years old
  4. Isn't young woman with much older man the only canon relationship between living characters in this book? And plot-specific?
  5. If we want people to believe Denth is the good guy until late on (btw I think the movie would need to be in 2 parts, part 1 ending with Vivienna escaping from Denth once we discover he's the bad guy), a good way of selling this and capturing his charisma would be to cast Dwayne the Rock Johnson
  6. Vasher - Naveen Andrews
  7. I like the whole cast to be honest. But Nightblood steals the show.
  8. This is the best I can find - "“Now!” Vivenna snapped, hair tingeing red at the tips" Though it can also turn almost instantly, the way it is written at points
  9. I was rereading it recently and I'm not certain but I think the text alludes to the colour going from root to tip actually
  10. ACtually, reading above, Oscar Isaac is a brilliant Lightsong
  11. I'd quite like new actresses for Vivenna and Siri, but if not: Vivenna - Jessica Brown Findlay Siri - Eleanor Tomlinson (though both would be Dawson's Casting...) Otherwise: Vasher - Richard Armitage Lightsong - Sebastien Stan Blushweaver - Gemma Arterton Denth - Chiwetel Ejiofor Endowment - Clare Foy
  12. I was watching this youtube video about colour in films, and it made me think how amazing the visual story telling and cinematography in a Warbreaker film could be!
  13. The other thing to bear in mind is that due to hubris and complacency, demonstrably TLR DOESN'T always come out on top... he should, but his personality is part of the bundle, and we know that he has been sloppy enough before to allow those with the means to kill him, so I think Susebron would get one chance to one-shot him
  14. On the Nightblood front, if Susebron could make Nightblood (which I severely doubt he has the actual knowledge to do, raw power be damned), he wouldn't need to hit TLR with it. Just leave it unsheathed and TLR could be in trouble, as I'm not sure he would be pure of heart enough to resist it.