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  1. I'm not convinced that Moash is actually that self-loathing though. He's hurt by the fact that his betrayal led to his friends hating him but reading through his sections, I'm not sure he accepts yet that he actually did anything wrong.
  2. Someone provided me a WoB on another thread to say that Seekers could hear Radiants and distinguish classes, so I think it's safe to say it's a Cosmeric concept. Also, musicality is a key concept on Nalthis too.
  3. I think we already know? Autonomy is responsible for at least 2 separate magic systems on 2 different solar systems, no?
  4. I think there's a good chance she did this to allow for the creation of Nightblood itself, no? Also, could a Shard (maybe Autonomy is doing this?) start up on multiple systems until they ended up with the perfect magic system?
  5. He's too old now. A decade ago, maybe. I also back Keen, or someone new. I also, however, think having Vin as someone mixed race would carry a lot of thematic significance, especially if they made the World of Scadrial colour blind. My favourite call for Kel is still Tom Hiddleston, and Marsh is Mark Strong.
  6. Maybe anti-Investiture isn't the right concept, but more like an Investiture Black Hole. I just think there's no evidence of Nightblood emitting any Investiture, rather nullifying and absorbing it all, and Black has a deeper meaning that just a colour of light attached to one Shardic Intent. Though you could argue the Intent of "Destroy Evil" relies on Ruin to work. I think obsessing too much over the colour, though we know Colour to be important, is dangerous as Stormlight already has colour-coding attached with the 10 gemstones and Heralds and colours of 10 Radiant Orders, then you add in colours for each Shard and finding 16 truly distinct colours is a tricky one, especially when the implication of blending Lights would be that Adonalsiumlight is feasible and, by every actual rule of Light, that should be White not Preservationlight and its total absence Black rather than one of its components. Any object that sucks in all Investiture from all sources, which from what we've seen of Nightblood in several worlds and several Shardsources, appears to be the case whatever else he might be, would appear Black. Drawing conclusions past that is tricky. It may be something different happens with NB and Investiture but there's no clear reason, imo, to believe so right now and thus Occam's Razor suggests NB is Black and associated with Black because of that.
  7. I agree that Colour (what is Colour but Light like Stormlight?) and Music/Tone have clear Cosmeric importance, as does Metal. I wonder if Language/patterns do too, allá Sel, and Glyphs actually have power in themselves? I think every Cosmeric world gives us a glance at a fragment of whole picture of magic as well as its own unique systems, and we are always seeing new constants. As for Tien, I don't know but I think it's possible as we know he had a Spren attracted to him. As for NB, we've had some hints that Ruin is vaguely involved, but I think NB borrows from all Investiture, made crossing several systems by Vasher et Al., and that he is his own unique thing that Shards can't predict. I think he is connected to black more as a Black Hole, the opposite of Light in general and thus the embodiment of anti-Investiture than as the colour Black connected to Ruin.
  8. Interesting concept, though to really Compound he'd basically need a way of multiplying Investiture. We don't know enough about Heralds to know whether they could do that with their Honorblades: for others, using an Honorblade drains Stormlight dangerously quickly, but I think there are hints that it's not the case for the Herald attached to their specific Blade, who being Invested by Honor themselves might be able to access Stormlight direct from the source I guess, or even form their own. In which case, I can see them being very dangerous, especially if they had a Nahel Bond and thus an inherent channel to Shadesmar
  9. It's Syl, who is the best character full stop! But I have a soft spot for Timbre And Maya
  10. True, but it's also the problem for ALL groupings. Not just all possible Shard groupings that we are basing on conjecture, nor even groups of other things like the groupings of Metals on Scadrial. All groupings are based on characteristics that were chosen when another set were available. All. Elements. Kingdoms of Living Things. There are lots of possibilities. Given Shards are defined by their Intent rather than anything else, that's what I think would make sense to group them. And Intent is intrinsically linked to Motivation, the way we make decisions and why, rather than relationship with physical laws which seem to be a think that cross Shards rather than define then, and I think more likely to be related to the Unintentioned Dawnshards You could but I wouldn't. I wouldn't say Cultivation was an endpoint at all Because I don't think they fit at all here, certainly not based on how I'd define either of those things. But they could be. Whatever the groupings, if they exist, are, you won't find categories you couldn't argue a Shard should swap for another. Again, I think the distinction between those Intents is clear. You can disagree, but Odium as a ideal characteristic just doesn't make sense to me, and Endowment isn't a characteristic of being. It's a characteristic of action. Anyway, we'll find out eventually. I like the patterning of Internal, External, Positive, Negative, Physical, Emotional, Cognitive, Temporal compared to Mistborn classifications, but we haven't yet seen that aspect of magic applicable across systems, so the fact that there are 16 Shards isn't enough to convince that the same categorisation works. Though maybe it is, and it would be interesting to see how and which characteristics could be applied to say Radiant Orders. I theorised that Orders could have internal and externally focused pairs, based on interpretations of Honour. I wonder if there are obvious pairings based on Cognitive/Physical/Spiritual/Temporal (looks a hard sell to me) or Positive/Negative? Is Cultivation the Shard of Nature? Surely it's the Shard of guiding Nature, by the implication of its name. Nature without input from "outside" of it (though technically all things that occur are within Nature, surely?) Wouldn't be called Cultivated.
  11. I'd group them slightly differently but I agree with the broad concept. I think they will be based on how Intent drives them. Outcome Shards (Consequentialism): the end aims you wish to fulfil Ruin, Autonomy, Preservation, Dominion Instinct Shards: underlying emotional/instinctual drives that motivate actions (existentialism) Odium, Devotion, Whimsy, Ambition "Journey" Shards (Deontology): how you go about fulfilling aims Honor, Mercy, Cultivation, Endowment Ideals/Virtues: the type of person you try to be, basing choices on a specific ideal (Virtue Ethics) Valor, Prudence (or similar), Invention, suggested Shard of Honesty (based on the unaccounted for attributes of an Abrahamic God) And they all get rough pairs as well.
  12. The Anti-Light/Rhythm of Adonalsium? Would explain the destruction of ALL Investiture...
  13. Strongly implies that they are all paired though with his choice of phrasing...
  14. Can we ask him if Surges produce pulses like burning metals does? Also, on Warbreaker, a quick search of Rhythm comes up with little but tones: And there a lot of musical references and linking of Awakening and Breaths to music, and of course the Iridescent Tones themselves are both a reference to colour and music. I think there's evidence Edit: Also, I just realised, what is Colour if not Light, and thus a link with the concept of Shardlight from Stormlight Archive too?
  15. I presumed that was because 1) a Dawnshard was used to Splinter him (strong implications of this I think) and 2) that meant he could no longer, as the epitome of rules, set the boundaries and rules that kept the Surges under control.