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  1. Syl mentions that Urithiru used to be filled with a strange kind of light. This seems to imply something other than Stormlight. Is it possible she's speaking about Voidlight? There are three Bondsmith spren, the Stormfather for Honor, Nightwatcher for Cultivation and the Sibling. Is it such a crazy stretch to think the Sibling is of Odium, and being the spren that powers Urithiru, the Sibling supplies Voidlight? Just because the Sibling is of Odium does not mean he is necessarily evil. Maybe he switched sides at some point in the past, or the Radiants found a way to co-opt him for their purposes. There also seems to have been some level of Bondsmith powers used to get humanity from Ashyn to Roshar, and if Odium had influence there it would make sense that one of his spren was on Ashyn as well.
  2. Not sure if this was known or not, but Brandon confirmed on Reddit that Tor will be releasing a chapter (chapters?) a week leading up to release, similar to Oathbringer.
  3. Kaladin's symbol has always looked like an eclipse to me. As the series progressed and with the theorizing that Roshar will be destroyed and/or the good guys will flee to another planet, I've come to think that the background represents the closing of a portal. Kaladin takes over leadership of one of the groups, either the one that leaves Roshar (maybe after Dalinar Ascends?) or the one that stays behind, and one of the closing scenes of the front 5 books is Kaladin rallying the troops as their new reality sets in.
  4. You know, I never made the connection before reading your comment, but 'I will unite instead of divide Stormfather, I will bring men together," sounds EXACTLY like what Rock does with Bridge 4. (Especially with the stew.) Throw in him being the (probable) de facto ruler of the Peaks, and you have serious Bondsmith potential.
  5. I never noticed that when I was reading. If Kal's the only one who is referred to as such, I would assume a direct (many, many, many generations later) descendent. Maybe the story of the Queen of the Natanatan people and the Moons comes from Tanavast sleeping with a mortal?
  6. I hope Brandon and Tor again release all of Part 1 in weekly segments leading up to release. One, it makes the book arrive just that much sooner, and two, combing over every word and theorizing with all you Sharders was so, SO much fun.
  7. I never thought of it like this before. Adolin reviving a dead Spren could be a huge 'scientific' development for Navani on her path of restoring Urithiru.
  8. I wasn't hooked right away either, but it ultimately blew me away. I've seen so many of my favorite series become mockeries or bomb the ending, but I think The Burning White knocked it out of the park.
  9. The novella we never knew we needed until now.
  10. If he's still going with RoW, maybe Release of Woe? I can see that being an in-world Singer book/song while also tying into the themes of the series.
  11. Oathbringer essentially answered all major questions readers had going into, rather than spreading that info out over books 4 and 5. (Recreance, Odium's champion, Order that did not break their oath etc.) I expect RoW to do the exact same. Sounds about the time to discover what Dawnshards are, where the rest of the Shardblades are, Feverstone Keep, Aimia, the Sibling and more details about the Recreance. Can't even fathom the questions we're going to have afterwards for book 5. Crazy Cosmere Spoilers (This is an exciting day, let me dream...)
  12. Just finished the Burning White and LOVED it. Bumped the Lightbringer series into my top 3 of all time. Will hopefully write a full review some other time, but for anyone who hasn't read the series yet, I would highly, highly recommend it.
  13. It would be a nice juxtaposition if the second half had, instead of the Stormfather, the Everstormfather who merged with Rayse's Cognitive Shadow.
  14. I really like Knot of Woes. Taking into account the conversation between Gavilar and Nale/Kalak in the RoW prologue, and what we know of the Oathpact, it could have a threefold meaning. 1. The Oathpact keeping Odium trapped on Roshar, leading to Roshar's devastation. 2. The Oathpact keeping the Heralds trapped on Roshar and therefor trapped in their insanity. 3. (Because it's Szeth's/the Skybreaker book) The storm of chaos Szeth has (partially) created for himself and Roshar due to blind obedience to the Shin ways and his Oathstone, and the similar 'knot' many Skybreakers must be twisting themselves into in justifying their fighting for Odium.
  15. For anyone with gmail, gmail clips overly long messages so you might not see the whole chapter at first. I didn't realize this, and thought the chapter ended rather abruptly. Hit 'view entire message' at the bottom if your chapter was cut short.
  16. I believe Brandon has said there will be more Dustbringers in SA4, so I think the Mink is a prime candidate. I'd guess either Dustbringers or Stoneward. though I'm leaning towards the latter. After all, one, we know so little about them, and two, Stonewards are the 'impossible task I don't care I'm making a stand' order. Sounds a lot like what the Mink was doing in Herdaz.
  17. Here's my line of logic: 1. Warbreaker, and thus Vasher and Nightblood, is a prologue to the SA. 2. If Warbreaker is a prologue, Awakening is going to have to be described at some point during the 10 book SA. 3. The back 5 books are the perfect point to introduce a new magic system that can compliment the existing systems. (Especially if book 5 ends with the destruction of Roshar and escape to Nalthis.) 4. Lift is also important. In a world of no highstorms, she will be possibly the only Radiant who can reliably use their Surgebinding. (I imagine some Radiants will have issue using Breaths to fuel Suregbinding.) Put all that together and what do you get? Vasher Awakens a cupcake with his Divine Breath, Lift eats said cupcake, and thus becomes a Returned Edgedancer Awakener wielder of Nightblood. If Odium is not dead by that point, the rest of the SA is about him fleeing in terror.
  18. This! Preferably via a quick video of Brandon dressed as Santa, updating the rough draft progress bar to 100%.
  19. As far as I know, the only cognitive things to show up in the physical realm are spren, which are bits of a Shards power. I think it stands to reason that something that would appear in the physical realm to a significant enough degree to show up on a space chart is likewise a Shard or part of a Shard. I'm pretty sure Endowment has strong foresight abilities, which to any Cosmere Big Bad would be a major problem to any master plans. So what if the anomaly is just a Shard, part of a Shard, or some Shard designed means of spying on Endowment and the Nalthis system. It could be just to gather information or a means of striking at an opportune time.
  20. theory

    Excellent write up! I wish I could add something substantive, as this is the first long theory that didn't make my eyes glaze over at some point in the middle (which isn't meant to be a knock on long theories-I love them-it's just many Sharders are far more versed in WoB's and lore and faster than light physics than me,) but don't have much more to say besides great theory.
  21. I don't think Kaladin saying the Fourth Ideal will be another save everyone moment without consequence, so I think him realizing he can't save everyone (if the 4th oath does revolve around that concept) will lead to a semi-major death. Probably one of the core bridge crew. Nale is in an interesting spot. Moash/Vyre is presumably going around soul sucking Heralds, and what do you know a Herald is essentially walking right up to Odium and asking how he can serve. Now, killing/soul sucking Nale may release the other Skybreakers from their oaths, so he may actually be fairly safe as far as Heralds go. Depends what Odium values more. If not soul sucked, Nale probably survives to book 5 and falls to Szeth. Ishar's another Herald who's proclaiming loud and clear, 'hey Odium I'm right here!' But Ishar seems like a major plot line, not a drop from the skies and remove in a back alley plot line. Plus being the Bondsmith Herald, he's probably a book 5er since that's going to be more Dalinar than book 4. If Mr. T really does know a Herald is in his library, I imagine he'll let Odium know, and that Herald, having no screen time, is probably going down via Moash/Vyre. (Sounds like an interlude to me.) Malata probably bites it, as do some of our non-major Radiants (some of whom will be introduced in book 4.) At least one core bridge crew Radiant is probably on the chopping block as well. I keep going back and forth about major, major character deaths, but I can't really see it. Even non flashback characters like Navani and Adolin would have greater narrative impact dying in book 5, which supposedly will have a lot more Dalinar than book 4.
  22. My opinion of Jasnah as a character has changed fairly significantly across the three books. Post WoK - I basically didn't care about her at all, but that's because I found the Shallan chapters so boring compared to the rest of the book. It was hard for me to get excited about anything relating to that plot line. Post WoR - Shallan became great, but Jasnah was dead. Except not really, and I think it was obvious to most readers that she would be back. (Missing body etc.) So after WoR I essentially had no view of her at all. Her name would be brought up by another character after 'dying' and I essentially thought 'right, she's coming back.' But I still didn't have any attachment or feelings, good or bad. Post OB - And then she went Super Saiyan. But more so than any other scene, it was the almost killing Renarin scene that really made her a full fledged character in my mind. That decision and Ivory/Renarin's subsequent remarks really hammered home just who Jasnah is. Personally, my favorite part of her character is the devotion she has to her family, and I want to see more of her from that perspective. Scholar Jasnah, Super Saiyan Jasnah and Queen Jasnah are all nice, but 'Touch My Family and I Will Balefire You' Jasnah strikes a cord with me.
  23. theory

    Excellent theory, and something I haven't heard anyone else come close to mentioning before. I don't really have anything to add right now, except that this does tie together a bunch of Stormlight mysteries in a way that seems feasible. (And now I really want to see a Shard baby.)
  24. So Kalak wants out of Roshar, presumably because he thinks his leaving will get him out of the Oathpact. Nale is listening, but basically tells Galivar, 'nah you're gonna be dead soon.' Which could mean he was leading Gavilar on until he had confirmation of something and then arraigned the assassination, or that he somehow knew of the assassination attempt and just now determined he's not going to stop it. I'd guess the thing brought back and forth from Braize are the black spheres, which Kalak and Nale would have thought impossible because of the Oathpact. But now that they were moved from the place they were 'bound,' Kalak sees it as proof positive that he can get away.
  25. Airsick Lowlander. (I have no idea, that's a good question.)