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  1. Perhaps instead of corrupting a spren, they copy the abilities that sprens bond grants? And Syl's pain was that Voidform's moment of copying. I would like that better than each order having a seemingly equivalent mock voidform. (Plus it fits with Stormform not really matching any Radiant order.)
  2. Kaladain (and Syl's) moral dilemma in his last chapter seem to be the main focus for this book, so I think it would be a little odd for them to be left out. Though Dalinar will be going through similar moral qualms, so perhaps Kal gets put to the side since Dalinar will have that aspect covered. Ultimately I just want more Bridge 4. Plus glowing Lopen.
  3. At first I thought those Windspren were going to form into Shardplate... But if I remember correctly Adhesion is described as pressure and and vacuum, which sounds a lot like what Kal did in the storm. Since he leveled up at the end of WoR, it would make sense that his Adhesion abilities do as well.
  4. Jealous Syl is the best Syl. Though 'I'm the raw power of creation so listen to me dumb bridgeboy' Syl is a close second.
  5. Shout out to all the Sharders who made these past Tuesday's something extraordinary. As much as I plan on burning through Oathbringer once released, I'm going to miss these weekly discussions. Journey before destination indeed.
  6. "There was one moment halfway through the book where I stopped everything, and my heart flew to my throat in disbelief at what Sanderson had just done." I can't imagine such a reaction unless someone dies or turns evil/is forcibly controlled via forced removal and replacement of a bond.
  7. Knowing Brandon, her 7th, 8th and 9th personality will all come about quickly in the final few chapters, and we'll have 3 years of theory crafting regarding Shallan=Odium's Champion. Only for the first chapter of book 4 to reveal a 10th and 11th.
  8. If Mraize's chicken is actually
  9. Yep, I think there are going to be alt-versions of Veil, Radiant and others we do not yet know running about Urithiru now. And Shallan's ultimate confrontation with them will probably lead to another oath, or at least some confrontation with her multiple personality problem.
  10. Ooooo I like this. Or maybe instead of taking a wound, he purposely leaves a chunk of himself behind? To make his attempt at the next desolation more likely to succeed? I can see it either way.
  11. “I think that in a coming highstorm, Queen Fen of Thaylenah is going to have a quite remarkable experience.” Of all things, who would have thought Dalinar would become a master hacker capable of uploading Stormfather.exe to the stubborn. Navani feels like the type of person who would keep a list of all the people who mocked him for his highstorm visions too...
  12. That was my thought as well. It just seems out of place in a paragraph with Honor and Cultivation. Unless it's a subtle hint that Ishar now thinks of himself on the same level as Shards, be it because of madness or some other cause.
  13. "The art on the walls was more enigmatic. A solitary figure hovering above the ground before a large blue disc, arms stretched to the side as if to embrace it. Depictions of the Almighty in his traditional form as a cloud bursting with energy and light. A woman in the shape of a tree, hands spreading toward the sky and becoming branches. Who would have thought to find pagan symbols in the home of the Knights Radiant?" The latter two are Honor and Cultivation, do we know who the bolded segment is supposed to represent? It reminds me a little of the Ishar art that was released, actually. Obviously he's not hovering, but does have arms outstretched before a 'blue disk.' But my guess would be Adolansium, or even Odium.
  14. The rambling nature of this, the mention of humanity and being named a monster, coupled with the talk he had with Dalinar, makes me really think this is Mr. T.
  15. WOW. I don't even have anything semi-witty to say. Three best chapters so far. I did not realize just how much I missed Bridge 4. Confirmation the Unmade can break and replace bonds. One of the more fascinating battle scenes, in every shape and form. (No pun intended.) And yet ANOTHER Azir mention, which makes me even more certain we are getting more Awesomeness than just an interlude chapter.
  16. Thanks to Cultivation's foresight, they unlock the unbreakable door that's hiding an infinite supply of food and bag of infinite holding. So everyone's favorite Edegdancer can remain Awesome forever, of course.
  17. It would be fascinating if, as part of the Oathpact, the reason the heralds have to go back to Braize after a certain amount of time is because they need Odium's Investiture as well. And without it, over the many years they've lost some cognitive or spiritual aspect of themselves. But then the Everstorm comes along and boom, Odium's Investiture floods back into them, but with the troublesome little stop on Braize.
  18. It is consistent with the WoR cover. Could just be because it is the one blade (I think) we have a definitive, canon version of.
  19. But think of the fun you could have! [REDACTED] was so enraged he/she actually [REDACTED] the [REDACTED] and in doing so [REDACTED] the [REDACTED] that bound [REDACTED]! Then of all things, [REDACTED] came back, [REDACTED] turned traitor and [REDACTED] got it on (hubba hubba) with [REDACTED.] Lift, of course, remained the best character, emphasized when she stole [REDACTED]'s dinner.
  20. And we will still pour over it for Cosmere Easter Eggs. And we'll find some too.
  21. What are the 'rules' of Highprinces declaring war on each other? Because I would love it if Amaram begins drawing Adolin into a politicking/destruction game vis-a-vis Dalinar/Sadeas, only for Adolin to throw up his hands and say 'Screw it, kill 'em.' Adolin in his current state would not, but two or three Oathbringer parts later...
  22. Shallan also mentions Jasnah's desire to find technology and knowledge in Urithiru, and so far they have found nothing. Maybe it's staring them all right in the face. Urithiru could be one giant Fabrial, or the strata/stormlight is used to disguise and keep hidden useful information from the eyes of enemies.
  23. Maybe he accidentally wrote a book again and the mystery project is its second draft? If he was clarifying the backstory and powers of a certain sword I can see how, Brandon being Brandon, that would magically turn into an unanticipated novel.
  24. I like it. Renarin already has a history of 'leaving creepy sketches behind for others to find.' Granted in WoR they weren't really sketches, but same difference. The little we know of Truthwatchers, I believe they were not prone to sharing much information. Maybe hints and sketches is what they do, for whatever reason.