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  1. This is my biggest and only concern/pet peeve with SA so far, so this may turn into a mini-rant. Because the Recreance still makes no sense. Every single Knight Radiant deliberately goes out and kills their spren. Their constant companion, the one who knows all their secrets, the one who-as the Stormfather explained-holds a closer and more intimate bond than many a spouse. The KRs killed this-relationships like Kaladin and Syl-because of something that happened multiple MILLENNIA ago? How in damnation does that make sense? The last desolation happened over 4,000 years ago. The first desolation (when humans came to Roshar) was well, well, before that. Why in creation did the Knights Radiant give a flying cremling of a damnation about that? Because they not only gave it a thought, but they gave up their powers and killed their dearest companion spren. The the Stormfather does imply there is more. “It is more than that. My memory of all this is … strange. First, I was not fully awake; I was but the spren of a storm. Then I was like a child. Changed and shaped during the frantic last days of a dying god. But I do remember. It was not only the truth of humankind’s origin that caused the Recreance. It was the distinct, powerful fear that they would destroy this world, as men like them had destroyed the one before. The Radiants abandoned their vows for that reason, as will you.” But why would even the fear of destroying Roshar cause the KRs to mass murder their spren? Can't you just stop surgebinding? We haven't seen any (to my knowledge) overly addicting effects of Surgebinding, where Surgebinders HAVE to use their powers like an addiction. Can't you-with the massive amount of minds and powers, including an entirely different realm-come up with a different plan? Even the mass enslavement of the parsh doesn't seem like it would be enough, even coupled with the other possibilities. I can see it causing significant infighting amongst the KRs, but not mass spren murder and abandonment of duties. The only thing I can think of that makes some sense has to do with bonds. Specifically, we know Honor was going crazy towards the end. Maybe somewhere along the line the KRs gave an oath to fight the voidbringers. But because Honor went crazy and cared only (according to Odium) about the words of the oath and not the meaning behind it, suddenly the KRs were 'Honor bound' to kill humans instead of Odium's forces (mostly parsh.) I know there are many issues with that train of thought but it's really the only thing I can come up with. It still doesn't really explain Dalinar's vision of Feverstone Keep. The KRs lined up, stared the humans there down, and broke their bonds/abandoned their shards. The way that scene is presented, I always thought it was the KRs way of saying 'screw you guys, you're on your own.' If my brief theory above is correct at all, I can't see how that scene makes sense. Anyway, rant over. I really, really hope there is a LOT more to the Recreance then we've been told.
  2. Merry (belated) Christmas all!
  3. Wait, Jasnah's book is the conclusion to the whole series? I thought for sure the last two would go Ash then Taln. Really curious how Jasnah's flashbacks will play into the conclusion of the whole SA.
  4. I'm curious to see more of Nightblood, and not just because of all the obvious story potentials (and humor) Nightblood brings. The main characters now know of two not-shardblade Shardblades (Nightblood and Azure's,) and Moash's mystery knife seems to have some not-shardblade properties as well ('Moash pulled the yellow-white knife free, it trailed dark smoke and left a blackened wound.) Not to mention it either destroyed or captured Jez's soul. These pseudo (super?) 'Shardblades' are clearly going to play a major role in the future of SA, and I'm very curious to see the direction Brandon takes it. (Nightblood's first ever 'real' Shardblade encounter better not be against a Spren we know and love.)
  5. Definitely Sesemalex Dar because of Ishar. I think we'll see a fair amount of Shinovar as well. Regardless of whether or not Szeth begins his self-assigned mission in Book 4 as opposed to his book, Book 4 takes place one year after OB. There's no way Shinovar, holder of an Oathgate and 8 Honorblades, is ignored by the main cast.
  6. Kelsier, with a shoutout to Dox.
  7. Idk where OB is viewed as a drop in quality. For me it was my favorite book he's ever written.
  8. I'm firmly in the camp that believes Cultivation intervened with Mr. T, but just to throw something out there...is it possible Dalinar's request of forgiveness and the Nightwatcher's utter confusion caused the Nightwatcher to seek out 'human' things she was not aware of? And then thanks to a crash course via Cultivation or something else, the Nightwatcher gave it a rudimentary go with Mr. T? Maybe it was even a Syl/Stormfather-esque 'I don't know this thing until I know it. Then I've always known it.' Again, just trying to throw out ideas to how it could still have been the Nightwatcher.
  9. Based on the end of OB, it seems like Moash might be putting (or at least gathering) his own 'Bridge 4' together. (Notably, Khen was a Parsh Kal semi-befriended who actually survived the slaughter.) I could envision a scenario where Moash and Parsh Bridge 4 end up in Kaladin's home town, and Kaladin arrives to save his family only to realize in doing so he would have to kill the Parshman (rough) equivalent of his own story. Kal's breakdown in Part 3 of OB seems like something he might have to confront again at some point. Though one major argument against Moash ending up in Kal's village is that Moash seems a little too...important in the Fused world to 'waste' going to some unimportant minor town. (Unless there's a Herald hiding there we don't know about.) If it does happen, Brandon is very good at avoiding cliche's and coming up with unique twists on commonly seen things, so I wouldn't be worried even if it does.
  10. I know, I know. Like I said above, that little tidbit references the theory that something is wrong with the afterlife on Roshar, and some or everyone who dies gets trapped somewhere (Tranquille Halls, Braize etc.) before they can pass to the Spiritual Realm. I don't actually want her back, I was just trying to come up with something that would make the flashbacks interesting to me.
  11. I'm definitely a little worried about the Eshonai flashbacks. Yes, the lore and deep dive into listener culture could be fascinating, but that's not what the flashbacks have been for in the past. In each of the first three books, the flashbacks served two purposes. One, to provide a more in depth look at a main character. (Which, assuming Venli is one, the Eshonai flashbacks should achieve to a degree.) But more importantly (to me,) they served as a way to boost and provide suspense/tension in the main narrative as well. Each flashback had 'shock' moments and mystery that tied in perfectly with what was happening in the present. I just don't see how that's going to happen with Eshonai dead and gone. As I mentioned in the other thread, Brandon is going to prove me wrong on the Eshonai flashbacks, but sitting here two years out I just can't get excited for them. There's nothing there. There's no brooding mystery or dark secret in Eshonai's past that was ever hinted at, and even if there is, what good will the revelation/conclusion be...because she's dead. Hopefully that was coherent and not harsh, it's way too early. I'm extraordinarily excited for SA4 and everything that comes with it, but the Eshonai flashbacks do have me worried. I feel (similar to most Shallan's POV's in WoK,) I'm going to read them once (be bored because of all the other far more exciting stuff going on,) and never go back to them in subsequent re-reads. Yes there will be listener culture things, but that can be worked into Venli's POV's anyway. To mention again the previous thread, the one faint hope I have is that the fan theory that something is wrong with Roshar's afterlife is correct, and we will learn of it with Eshonai. There's a WoB above that says 'Eshonai left for the Beyond' but I'm hoping against logic that Brandon is being full on Aes Sedai with that statement. Yes Eshonai is not hanging around the cognitive realm. Yes, she went to pass into the Beyond. But then she got stuck. Tranquille Halls, Braize, who knows. But somewhere. THAT would add a shock impact to her flashback chapters. I don't actually believe that, I 100% think we won't ever see Eshonai in the present or post-death ever again, but it would be nice. (And yes, Brandon has a habit of bringing back 'dead' characters, but personally I really haven't minded yet. Maybe Szeth should have been moved to book 3, but that's the only one, and I only felt that way on re-reads. He's also said rebirth is a major theme in the Cosmere, so I expect more of it in many different forms. This would be a way to 'bring back' someone while they actually stay dead.)
  12. I agree. Never was overly excited about Eshonai, and I don't see how the flashbacks can play into the main narrative like the previous three if the flashback character is dead. Brandon will of course prove me wrong, but I just can't see it right now. The one faint hope I have is that the... (SA spoilers just in case, not sure what the rules on the General Brandon forum are:) Back on topic, Brandon's comment about the new LotR and Kingkiller tv series being successful potentially leading to live Cosmere adaptions is interesting. I get that for a studio to invest that kind of money they would want other similar adaptions to be successful, and I get so many tv and movie ideas are basically copycats. But Stormlight is so, so different from anything else I've read I really hope the studios approach it differently. Besides, so many 'copycat' productions end up terrible, a poor imitation of the original success. I hope Stormlight is seen as 'the Stormlight Archives' not 'Fantasy Attempt #17'.
  13. Part of me feels like there is going to be a point where Brandon brings in other authors and/or friends to help him write or seriously outline projects. Granted, that may not be something he ever considers, or it may be something the majority of his fans see as sacrilegious, but with all these projects (and let's face it, there WILL be new ones that pop into his head that require his attention,) I feel like it is inevitable. We're already seeing that (to a degree) with Whitesand, and I can see it happening again to other non-major projects, just because there is (theoretically) only so much one person can do. (Though Brandon has done the seemingly impossible before.) All that said, it is extraordinary the work and quality Brandon puts out, and I'm just happy we get what we get. As much as I can't wait for more Stormlight or Mistborn, I love that Brandon recognizes he needs time for mental breaks and other, different projects. Watching how he balances it all in the future will be interesting in and of itself.
  14. It's up: https://brandonsanderson.com/state-of-the-sanderson-2018/
  15. I'm so ready for Brandon to announce he accidentally wrote Stormlight 5 while mentally preparing for Stormlight 4.
  16. Proof: Not only is Lift awesome, but she created a whole magic system based on her awesomeness. A magic system only she can use. Only a Herald could do such a thing, and she is too awesome to be a Herald for anyone else. Theory: Vin didn't actually go to the Spiritual Realm in Secret History, she just pretended to in order to give Kelsier the necessary push to do what he needed to do.
  17. As incredibly interesting as that would be, I think this is one case where Brandon is not plotting a crazy twist. I've always seen Seb and Pal as very much devoted to their princedom and the country/Roshar as a whole. They come off as nonchalant and aloof, but that's (obviously) the persona they're trying to portray. (Though the nonchalantness is probably partially to fully true.) Every significant moment Seb has is ultimately helping Dalinar and showing a strong brain behind the facade, from the economic prowess to taking over the confused armies at the end of WoR. All of it was intentional, even if not outright stated. There could be something else there, but I hope he is what he seems, a highprince who actually sees the world (and himself) for what it is, and takes the steps he sees necessary to save his people/(generally) do the right thing.
  18. Seriously not fair. Kaladin gets 0 while Adolin has 3.
  19. I think the questioner was just trying to be clever. Any simple answer from Brandon could have been construed as 'spoilers.' Yes - omg Kaladin dies in book 5. No - omg Kaladin dies in book 5. RAFO - omg Kaladin might die in book 5.
  20. I think in either SA 4 or 5 we're going to see a major spren death via broken oath or Nightblood. Right now our major spren characters are Syl, Pattern and the Stormfather. I can't imagine the Stormfather dying, and I don't think it would impact Dalinar like Kaladin or Shallan would be if they lost their Spren. Syl and Kaladin already went down the 'losing the bond' route, and those two are so intertwined I can't see Syl dying while Kaladin lives. Which leaves Pattern and Shallan. Not only does Pattern semi-frequently reference Shallan hating him/being killed, Shallan's multiple personalities (or whatever you want to call it,) could certainly lead to some Odium shenanigans. If Pattern dies, especially if it's because of something Shallan did, I can absolutely see her (after realizing what she has done, even if she thought it was the right decision at the time,) turning to less savory ways to either bring Pattern back or reinstitute a bond to get her powers back. Which would (potentially) get her to Odium.
  21. I've always had a thought that he could be a Dysian Amian. Take the picture of Arclo on the Coppermind, reduce the 'obvious critter' portion of it, and you could easily have the picture of a man 'covered in scars.' Would explain how he is so good at obtaining information. His cremlings can sneak just about anywhere, all at the same time.
  22. May Aladar.
  23. Pure overly rampant speculation on my part, but during a reread of SA, one specific passage in WoR struck me: Adolin stepped up to join them, the hum of conversation all around giving them some privacy within the crowd. He had found a cup of orange win for her somewhere, which he held out. "Shallan Davar?" he asked. "Um..." Was she? Oh, right. She took the wine. "Yes?" Now before you say anything, I am fully aware I'm reaching and it's probably just Shallan being lovestruck. But that brief internal monologue by Shallan is very reminiscent of her mental breakdowns in Oathbringer between Shallan, Veil and Radiant. Could Brandon have hidden something big in that little line? And as a tiny bit of not-evidence evidence, a few paragraphs later Shallan is reciting her knowledge of the high princes in her head and: One was Aladar, a renowned duelist. The short man was listed in Jasnah's notes as fond of taking risks, known to gamble in the type of games of random chance that the devotaries forbade. He and Sadeas seemed to be on very friendly terms. Weren't they enemies? She'd read that they often squabbled over lands. Well, that was obviously a broken stone, for they seemed united as they regarded Dalinar. Turns out Aladar ended up on Dalinar's side. Brandon laid in plain sight reason to be suspicious of Aladar's allegiances. So, is it feasible Shallan is not Shallan, or at least not Shallan Davar? Has Brandon ever said anything in regards to Shallan pre-Patternstabbing her mom? Wouldn't she have had to progress somehow before getting her blade? I really don't know where I'm going with this, just thought-if even remotely feasible- it would be fun to speculate just who Shallan really is if Shallan Davar is just another persona, and where she might have come from.
  24. I think this is the probable course of MB4. Brandon will pit the surviving fan favorites against each other, and give each faction a legitimate reasoning for their beliefs and methods. There may or may not be a 'big bad' lurking somewhere amongst them, but I think it's likely we see the equivalent of Dalinar v. Kelsier v. Sazed v. Khriss v. Nightblood. (Not necessarily those characters, but that general idea.)
  25. If the Chana=Liss theory is true, Chana dying next book is very likely in my mind. Jasnah is queen now, and undoubtedly Liss/Chana will have offers to assassinate her and her family. Per their discussion in WoR, this will at lead to on screen discussions. I can easily see Brandon writing Liss/Chana into the narrative in Jasnah's storyline, them becoming friends, only for Jasnah to make the connection and then kill the Herald herself. Would be a big Jasnah development moment (especially if it turns out to be the wrong decision.) Not sure how that would play into Moash soulstealing(?) the Heralds though. Maybe Liss/Chana gets caught in Shadesmar after death and Moash stabs her then.