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  1. There are a lot of jumbled thoughts bouncing around in my head, so I'll try to make sense of them. Overall, while a good book, I think it was the weakest of the four Stormlight books by far. Absolutely loved WoR and OB, and really enjoyed WoK, but RoW fell a little flat. Part of my problems with the book admittedly come down to my own expectations, which were sky high coming off of WoR and OB. But right now, post RoW, the stakes feel so much smaller than they did throughout OB. I think part of that is the details of the contest of champions, but I also don't think it's a stretch to think that when the contest goes down, it's going to be nothing like the contract stipulates. (Like I said, a lot of jumbled thoughts.) Anyway, first my main problems with the book: -Nightblood being used to kill Rayse, and how it was done - Yes my jaw dropped, and yes the implications are harrowing, but I don't like the concept that a relatively unknown item (for Stormlight) was used to ax a big baddie in such an unheralded way. For a villain as built up as Rayse, I would have liked to see him go out some other way. It felt very Deus Ex Machina for non-Cosmere readers. (I don't think Stormlight can be considered a 'standalone' series anymore.) -Shallan's 'secret.' Really, that's it? You killed your spren? After the reveals in WoR I expected something so much worse, but it basically went by with an annoying whimper. The whole plot point with Formless and even the trial fell flat. There was a decent amount of time spent on promising looking side characters as well that ultimately went nowhere. -Venli. This was not Venli's book, no matter what the official sources say. She barely did anything with or learned anything about her Radiant powers, and she was at best an unsympathetic hero. Her flashbacks were easily the most unnecessary of the four flashback viewpoints, and she is basically a bystander for all of the important plot points. I expected so much more, both from her and Willshapers in general. She could be written out of the story right now, and nothing would be lost. -Navani's 'science' - Not to be confused with her overall journey, which I really enjoyed - but the nitty gritty details of discovering the anti-magics felt a little too hand wavy and not as clean as I'm used to from Brandon. My eyes kind of glazed over when the 'technical' details kept coming up. -A general lack of lighthearted moments - I feel the story really missed the normal doses of Rock, Lopen and (as of OB) Lift. -The part three Dalinar and Jasnah scenes - while they contained some interesting moments, it felt like filler, a plot excuse to get them away from Urithiru. I see why it was done, but I can't help but feel the story would have been so much better if the two of them were at Urithiru the whole time. -A general lack of 'high' moments: Completely personal preference here, but nothing in this book came even close to 'Honor is dead, but I'll see what I can do' or 'You cannot have my pain!' or the Tower or the fight at Thaylen City or the onset of the Everstorm/Kal's arrival. But there was still a lot I liked about the book: -Kaladin - really enjoyed his journey this book, even if parts of it was hard to read at times. -Shallan and Adolin - Despite my earlier complains about parts of this arc, I still enjoyed reading most of these points of views and seeing their interactions. Dabbid, Rlain and Teft - All were outstanding this book, for a variety of reasons, with Dabbid being perhaps the most unexpected positive outcome of the novel. Navani - With the exception of the aforementioned, I really like Navani's journey throughout the book. It was pretty obvious she was going to end up bonding the Sibling, but it was still done in an exciting way. The flying ship - I mean, they built a storming flying ship. Raboniel and to a lesser extent Leshwi - great villains, and Raboniel's story was fascinating to read. Just like Navani, you knew she was using Navani for some horrible purpose, but you still sort of liked her along the way. Cultivation's endgame - Just what the heck is it, and is she really the big bad of Stormlight? Was Mr. T ascending part of the plan or an accident? If accident, a happy or unhappy accident? Dalinar and the Stormfather interactions - always good when the two of them are 'arguing'. Really can't wait for Dalinar to learn more of his powers. The brief bit we saw of Ishar unchained has terrifying potential. Stealing bonds, forcing spren to be bonded against their will? It almost feels like their is no upper limit to Bondsmith powers. Things I'm still mixed or uncertain on: All the cosmere references - If you had told me before reading this book that it would pump the cosmere connections into overdrive, I would have been overjoyed. But having read it, I kind of miss my Stormlight focused Stormlight, if that makes sense. Wit falls into this category too, this was the first Stormlight book where I didn't fully enjoy his character. The Sibling - Although interesting and sympathetic at times, not as interesting as the Stormfather or as mysterious as the Nightwatcher. The ending - As with my thoughts for the book as a whole, I don't fully know how I feel about the ending. After OB, it felt like anything was possible, now it does not. Which I admit is foolish, because if I had to guess, the contest of champions will happen early in book 5 and everything after that will be one giant unknown crazy storm. But sitting here right now, for whatever reason, I'm less excited about the future of Stormlight than I was at the end of books 1,2 and 3.
  2. I read this as Ba-Ado-Mishram.
  3. Congrats on making it to 1 million! I can't remember how I found my way to the Shard but I can't imagine experiencing Brandon's books without this place. The theorizing, back and forth and deep dives all of you do on a daily basis has made this incredible journey all the more memorable. If I had to pick just one memorable moment, it would be the Oathbringer preview chapters. The daily threads and instant theorizing (May Aladar!) was an incredible experience. The Oathbringer release and reading chapter by chapter or part by part reactions and predictions from everyone was so much fun too. Of course, the most memorable moment is going to be when my grand Cosmere prediction comes to pass and everyone reads on in shock and horror:..
  4. Kaladin is my favorite Stormlight character, so this chapter hit hard. However, from a writing perspective Kal speaking the 4th Oath will probably happen differently from the 2nd and 3rd. Those two happened at climactic moments and involved saving main characters. In OB, it looked like it was going to happen again but Brandon pulled a bait and switch. When Kal speaks the 4th Ideal, it seems like it will be a more personal moment this time around. Honestly, if Kal is going to be hanging around Urithiru, him spending some time with Lift might do wonders for his mental state. Plus I really want the two of them to have some screen time together, just to see how they interact.
  5. "Kaladin knelt, bathed in that warm light. Yes, warmth. Kaladin felt warm. Surely… if there truly was a deity… it watched him from within that light." This reminds me exactly of the warm light vision that Dalinar receives at the end of WoR. At the time, Dalinar had a budding connection to Honor, but also a connection to Odium. (Being groomed for his champion and all.) Now we have Renarin producing a similar occurrence, and we know he has a spren that is part Honor/part Odium. The way this warm light is described, and the mention of 'if there truly was a deity,' makes me believe that this warm light is a side effect or combination of Honor and Odium, and a sign that the two will eventually be combined into one. (The same could be applied to Cultivation and Odium.) I'm more convinced than ever that at least two Rosharian Shards will be combined, and I still think 'Justice' will be the new Shard.
  6. A lot to digest for just a single chapter: 1. It seems the Ghostbloods are going to be a major factor in this book, as opposed to a more background presence. I love it, and I have a sneaking suspicion that the battle with Odium will conclude in the front 5 Stormlight books, and the Ghostbloods will be instrumental in the back five as main villains. 2. House Sadeas and the various heads have been great antagonists in Stormlight so far, but I'm glad we seem to be moving on from them. Didn't need another book of Sadeas plotting, too many other things going on. 3. So the Fused have a fabrial that seems like it's taken directly from Mistborn Era 2. First major glance at the 'arms race' that the Amazon(?) description mentioned. If it can be turned around on the Fused, what happens if you activate it when a Teleporting Fused is mid-teleport? 4. My brain reads Godeke as Goku, and the image of little Lift dragging Goku to safety made me smile.
  7. I know some of the other highprinces haven't exactly had a lot of screen time, but it was still odd to hear Thanadal was so casually killed offscreen. I wonder if there's more to his death than what is suspected. Maybe Moash added highprinces to his assassin's list? I'm really enjoying the 'new' Shallan and her constantly shifting personalities. Very curious to see where this Ialai and Sons of Honor plot goes, and if it's just the launching point for something altogether different or if they really are going to be main antagonists this book. Leaning towards the former. Glad to have confirmation that regular Truthwatchers can use Illumination like Lightweavers, and that Renarin cannot. And something's brewing between Kaladin and Leshwi. I don't think it's going to be romance, but there's been way too much emphasis on the 'honorable' Heavenly Ones for it to be coincidence. Why can't November be tomorrow?
  8. Just when I thought we'd seen the last of the literal Bridge Four, Brandon goes and transforms it into a storming flying ship! I love how ubiquitous Windrunners and Edgedancers are now, and Lift trying to mimic the gracefulness of other Edgedancers is adorable. I have no idea what to make of the Shallan section. I thought a year of having a solid relationship with Adolin and having her brothers around would help her mental state, but she still seems in a not too healthy spot. I can't even fathom what truth her personas was referring, I thought we had learned everything there was to learn about her past. All in all, two fantastic chapters.
  9. Syl mentions that Urithiru used to be filled with a strange kind of light. This seems to imply something other than Stormlight. Is it possible she's speaking about Voidlight? There are three Bondsmith spren, the Stormfather for Honor, Nightwatcher for Cultivation and the Sibling. Is it such a crazy stretch to think the Sibling is of Odium, and being the spren that powers Urithiru, the Sibling supplies Voidlight? Just because the Sibling is of Odium does not mean he is necessarily evil. Maybe he switched sides at some point in the past, or the Radiants found a way to co-opt him for their purposes. There also seems to have been some level of Bondsmith powers used to get humanity from Ashyn to Roshar, and if Odium had influence there it would make sense that one of his spren was on Ashyn as well.
  10. Not sure if this was known or not, but Brandon confirmed on Reddit that Tor will be releasing a chapter (chapters?) a week leading up to release, similar to Oathbringer.
  11. Kaladin's symbol has always looked like an eclipse to me. As the series progressed and with the theorizing that Roshar will be destroyed and/or the good guys will flee to another planet, I've come to think that the background represents the closing of a portal. Kaladin takes over leadership of one of the groups, either the one that leaves Roshar (maybe after Dalinar Ascends?) or the one that stays behind, and one of the closing scenes of the front 5 books is Kaladin rallying the troops as their new reality sets in.
  12. You know, I never made the connection before reading your comment, but 'I will unite instead of divide Stormfather, I will bring men together," sounds EXACTLY like what Rock does with Bridge 4. (Especially with the stew.) Throw in him being the (probable) de facto ruler of the Peaks, and you have serious Bondsmith potential.
  13. I never noticed that when I was reading. If Kal's the only one who is referred to as such, I would assume a direct (many, many, many generations later) descendent. Maybe the story of the Queen of the Natanatan people and the Moons comes from Tanavast sleeping with a mortal?
  14. I hope Brandon and Tor again release all of Part 1 in weekly segments leading up to release. One, it makes the book arrive just that much sooner, and two, combing over every word and theorizing with all you Sharders was so, SO much fun.
  15. I never thought of it like this before. Adolin reviving a dead Spren could be a huge 'scientific' development for Navani on her path of restoring Urithiru.