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  1. Every single member of Bridge 4. If the remaining Stormlight books need to be 4,000 pages each, so be it.. I'd also like to see more of Shallan's brothers.
  2. I would definitely recommend the Lightbringer series by Brent Weeks. The first book is The Black Prism.
  3. I'm still a firm believer: Cosmere spoilers
  4. I expect book 4 to be like book 3, where just about every question/theory we had was answered and a whole host of new ones presented. (Things like the Recreance and Odium's champion were largely speculated to be book 5/climax things, and Brandon threw everything in OB instead.) With that in mind: Shallan: Everything Ghostbloods. I think the Ghostbloods will do something truly horrid this book, but also something truly great. Shallan will be at the middle of all it, and readers will be vastly conflicted regarding the Ghostbloods. Almost all Ghostblood secrets will be revealed. Kaladin, Venli, Moash: I'm lumping these together because I feel like their story lines are going to intersect. At the end of OB, Moash (Vyre, whatever,) seems to be picking up his own parsh following, including one of Kaladin's former parsh friends. Even though Moash is seemingly going to become Team Odium's Herald Slayer, I think Moash is going to continue his 'yeah Team Dalinar sucks but so does Team Odium' talking points to any parsh who will listen. This will result in a mini-arc for him somewhat resembling Kaladin and Bridge 4 in WoK. At the same time Venli is going to begin the process of breaking some parsh away from Odium, but will have to compete with the Fused and Team Moash for their minds and time. Kaladin's mainly here because of the Moash/friend parsh connection, and this continues his arc from OB where he couldn't act because his friends were killing each other. This will tie in to helping Venli. As a Windrunner and very anti-Moash, Kaladin will probably also be at the forefront of the 'save the Heralds from Moash' bandwagon. Dalinar and Navani: I think the viewpoint will primarily be Navani, as Brandon has said less Dalinar in book 4. A lot will be Navani reflecting on the 'new' Dalinar. Politics and inventions, mostly. This will be the one area where there will be unanswered questions, as the extent of Dalinar's powers and the whole 'Unity' thing will be for book 5. Adolin: He will continue being awesome, have a mostly happy marriage, and continue to try and figure out how to fit in in a world full of 'superheroes.' He'll figure something out by the end. I hate to say this, but I think there will be a major death in book 4, and Adolin is one of the heavy favorites to be that death. (As much as I do not want to see that.) Renarin and Jasnah: Will remain background(ish) characters who will play important roles but we won't see inside their head. Lift: Will continue being one of the best characters ever. Will be adopted by Rock. Kaladin will groan. Szeth: No idea. If Dalinar is less of a focus this book, and Szeth is adamant about guarding him, Szeth might not have much to do. But with Dalinar's new powers, he may convince Szeth his need for bodyguards is significantly less. So let's say Dalinar sends Szeth off with Kaladin. Because Kaladin, Syl, Szeth and Nightblood sounds like a fantastic road trip group.
  5. My opinion on Kel seems to be different from what's been mentioned here, but I think without a doubt Stoneward or Windrunner.
  6. As great of an idea as this would be, I think Odium implied such technical shenanigans wouldn't fly. In OB he says he cares more about the meaning behind the words rather than the words themselves, or something to that affect. Where Honor (at the end at least) became obsessed with the exact lettering of the oaths, Odium implies the exact words are less important to him. So if Dalinar and company appointed a champion from Kharbranth, Odium (I think) would just say 'That's nice, but we all know what I meant with that promise. Your champion is no longer covered by it.'
  7. Beyond Dalinar being a great character, what's most intriguing to me about his future is Brandon saying Dalinar is his favorite character. Now, that could mean nothing, just that Dalinar is a character Brandon has had in his mind forever and loves finally being able to portray him as intended. But in a cast of so many (both SA and Cosmere,) I can't help but assume being Brandon's favorite means Dalinar has very, very big things ahead of him. That doesn't mean he necessarily survives, but does some great thing that has long and far reaching SA and Cosmere significance. I can envision something akin to creating a new Shard with the combined power of two or three shards on Roshar, but then having to pass it on to another. MAJOR MISTBORN SPOILERS Regardless, Dalinar being Brandon's favorite and a Bondsmith in a world heavily based on bonds, says to me that whatever he does it's going to have effects beyond SA.
  8. Grab a Dustbringer, spike the bond into an Edgedancer. Grab a Dahkor Monk and spike them in the right way to turn them into a Koloss. EdgeDustBringer divisions Dahkor Koloss. You know, somewhere in the Cosmere there is definitely a mad scientist doing exactly this. And I really hope Brandon writes about it someday. Even if it's more of a for fun, semi-non canon sort of way. (Plus the interplay between the Edgedancer Spren and stolen Dustbringer Spren would be comedy gold. For as long as the poor Radiant can keep it together.) EDIT: To answer the question, I assume as long the EdgeDustBringer was strong enough, he could division away the other Frankenstein.
  9. The only part of SA that I don't love is the Shallan sections of WoK. Not only are they really slow, I don't think they contribute much to the overall story. Besides the character introductions, that entire plot was just an exposition heavy way of saying parshman=voidbringers. Disappointing is too strong a word, but if you made me pick a part of the SA that I tend to skim or skip in rereads, it's that. Truthfully, if there was one thing I could change about the SA it would have nothing to do with the series itself. I just wish Brandon had never revealed who the ten flashback characters would be. I think we're missing out on a lot of fun speculation since we know who the ten 'main' characters are. (Just think of the Adolin vs Lift Edgedancer book debates. Adolin vs. Ash vs. random seemingly minor character here for Dustbringer book etc.)
  10. I was initially against the title because it didn't fit with the 'nobility' (probably a poor word choice, but it's early) and uniqueness of the past titles. But the more I think about it the more I like it. After the events of OB and a year in-world jump, it makes sense for the conflict to have become a full scale back and forth war. As much as I'm still a little hesitant on Eshonai flashback chapters and focusing on the Listeners in general, I think it will be fascinating to see Venli try and practice her surgebinding while under the watchful eye of Odium and the Fused. Every radiant so far seems to focus on one surge well before the other, and I'm curious to see which it is for Venli. Seeing the specifics of teleporting and more of Shadesmar would be really cool, but I'm leaning towards wanting to see Cohesion just to see what the heck it really is and can do. (Plus I imagine Venli teleporting to and from Shadesmar will be a big obvious easier to detect 'hey wait should she be doing that?' moment for Odium and the Fused.) I can see Venli's arc being ostensibly one of uniting the non-Odium Listeners, but really about peace with Dalinar. If RoW really involves the conflict getting constantly bloody with constant casualties and battles, the Jasnah way of 'kill 'em all one of us is becoming extinct' may gain more and more popularity. Plus hatred of the enemy in general. (Rhythm of War and all that.) And Venli, formally of the 'to hell with everything, humans are dumb, gimme new forms damnation the consequences,' will realize the errors of her past and be the one to forge a real unifying coalition between Roshar's various races. (Her being the one to ultimately fight against the Rhythm of War.)
  11. I'm not even a fan of the NFL anymore, but the Super Bowl got me thinking. What's the best Cosmere Superbowl team you could put together? 11 on offense, 11 on defense, 1 head coach. No subs, no bench. Just 22 for offense, defense and special teams. Additional rules: Your team has a limited amount of Investiture that they SHARE. It's not per person, it's per team. That Investiture can be converted to fuel any Cosmere magic system as needed. No obtaining additional investiture or unlimited power usage hacks. If your Investiture user normally requires time before using their power, that time must be observed. For example, a Steel compounder could take part of the team's Investiture and run like crazy, but normally a Steel Compounder would have to spend a significant amount of time moving half speed for some amount of time moving 2x speed. That half speed time must be observed, and remember, the Steel Compounder cannot be on the bench, because there are no substitutions or bench players. Only time the game clock is actually ticking counts towards this time. No Shards. No Hoid. No killing or intentionally maiming to reduce the numbers on the opposing side. Who you building a team around?
  12. How the orders handle waking up and getting to work: Windrunner: Work? No time to work when there are people to protect. Skybreaker: Would fly but there's probably some dumb law against that, so they waste their time stopping fully at every stop sign. Dustbringer: Always early. There is no traffic because they destroyed it. Edgedancer: Slides through traffic while flipping and doing acrobatics to make everyone stuck in traffic remember there is fun in the world. Truthwatcher: Already hit the lotto, no need to work. Lightweaver: Creates a replica office in their bedroom complete with replica work cloths and teleconferences in for everything. Elsecaller: Teleports, duh. Willshaper: Teleports, but not to work because that's not fun or an adventure. Probably end up in some forsaken part of the Outback or something. Stoneward: If busy, never leaves work and does not have to worry about getting there. If not busy, dreams about it being busy. Bondsmith: Convinces work to come to him.
  13. This one. If I get another: To Lift, "This is bacon. You're welcome."
  14. Someone had to say Words that we must all expect Yes, I am a Stick.
  15. It would be interesting if Cultivation ultimately decided she had to cultivate herself. Odium devoting tons of resources to crushing her, only to realize shattering her may set off events that lead to his own demise. Team Dalinar begging her to take a more direct role in the fight.