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  1. If the Chana=Liss theory is true, Chana dying next book is very likely in my mind. Jasnah is queen now, and undoubtedly Liss/Chana will have offers to assassinate her and her family. Per their discussion in WoR, this will at lead to on screen discussions. I can easily see Brandon writing Liss/Chana into the narrative in Jasnah's storyline, them becoming friends, only for Jasnah to make the connection and then kill the Herald herself. Would be a big Jasnah development moment (especially if it turns out to be the wrong decision.) Not sure how that would play into Moash soulstealing(?) the Heralds though. Maybe Liss/Chana gets caught in Shadesmar after death and Moash stabs her then.
  2. I am hope.
  3. Well, if we assume the Radiant oaths will relate to what the majority (or at least vocal?) use the internet for... Second Oath: "Everything I do I will post to the internet." Third Oath: "Everything I don't do I will post to the internet." Fourth Oath: "The cloud cannot die. I will preserve the cloud." Fifth Oath: "Rule 34."
  4. Well if the King's Drop is a Dawnshard, then Dawnshard's imprison Unmade...or put them in the slammer.
  5. This is a FANTASTIC idea. Though I'd almost like it better if Adolin still didn't have Radiant powers when it went down. My concern reading it would be that Brandon already did a Kaladin and Adolin vs. overwhelming odds battle. And both survived. It occurring again would send off major 'impending doom' sirens. But despite that, I really want to see this now and have both of them survive.
  6. Every time I re-read, I like him more and more. He's a great character to have alongside the superpowered, internally broken main characters. And I just love reading his generally happy, upbeat personality.
  7. Off hand the only thing I can think of is heavy amounts of aluminum, though I think that's been disconfirmed as the weapon that shattered Adonalsium. Alternatively, would an aluminum hat prevent a Shard's future sight from seeing you/reading your mind? Maybe get a bunch of people wearing aluminum to trick a shard into acting against its own intent.
  8. Rock will make them stew. Lift will steal that stew, consume half, and give Adolin and Shallan the other half. She will then proceed to consume the last half.
  9. Or rather, the ‘Hive Mind’ in charge of the Sleepless is the Sibling. And I put hive mind in quotes because I’m not saying a hive mind like the Borg from Star Trek. From a WoB asking if the Sleepless are Slivers: “…And this is actually an individual that's not a hivemind. These are-- This is an individual, single consciousness…” So not a hive mind, but that collection of single cremlings that supposedly have souls and minds of their own make up an individual Sleepless consciousness. From another WoB, around the same time, speaking of the Sleepless: “Hive beings who are constantly losing individual members, but maintaining a persistent personality spread across all of them, immortal in that as long as too much of the hive isn't wiped out, the personality can persist.” So Sleepless have the ability to spread their personality out and control a bunch of individual cremling members. These Sleepless ‘souls,’ as I’ll call them, have to come from somewhere. I’m saying these souls are created by a Master Sleepless (probably one that predates Shard arrival on Roshar,) and/or the Master Sleepless can coordinate to a degree amongst individual Sleepless. (Similar to how individual Sleepless coordinate amongst a bunch of cremlings.) A conversation between Dalinar and the Stormfather I’ve seen discussed a lot: “There is…a third sibling. They are not with us.” “In hiding?” “No. Slumbering.” .... “No! Leave them alone. You hurt them enough.” Taking ‘they’ literally, and it could easily be meant to describe the Sleepless. The Sleepless write the blurbs on the back of the book, constantly referring to themselves in the plural. But Arclo, in Edgedancer, refers to himself with ‘I’. Now, you can hand wave that away and say the end blurbs are written by a group of Sleepless referring to their race as a whole, but the very nature of Sleepless is many things becoming one. Why can’t there be a Master Sleepless above the individuals who would speak in plural? Now how does this relate to Urithiru? Chapter 68 epigraph My research into the cognitive reflections of spren at the tower has been deeply illustrative. Some thought that the Sibling had withdrawn from men by intent—but I find counter to that theory. (From drawer 1-1, first zircon) Chapter 70 epigraph Something is happening to the Sibling. I agree this is true, but the division among the Knights Radiant is not to blame. Our perceived worthiness is a separate issue. From the wiki: A series of related records left by an Elsecaller in drawer 1-1 of the Urithiru gem archive link the Sibling to the health of the tower city. The entries relate the decline of the tower's functionality (particularly with respect to habitation failures) to the withdrawal of the Sibling.[3][4] The author argues that the spren's disappearance was neither intentional nor a result of internal strife among the Knights Radiant.[3][5] The cause of the Sibling's disappearance is unknown. Urithiru is an inanimate place that seems to (when working) function like a living one. It would certainly help having a consciousness behind that, one that is used to coordinating between many individuals, be it cremlings or lesser Sleepless. More, in Edgedancer, Arclo mentions the idea that whenever someone goes unconscious, they effectively die and a new clone soul comes to inhabit their body once they regain consciousness. Seems a very odd thing to be placed in the narrative of our first ever obvious on screen appearance of a Sleepless. If Arclo’s creator/master/some being above him was deep in slumber (as the Sibling is mentioned being,) it would certainly be something on his mind. Plus, I like the idea that the ‘Sleepless’ are influenced/controlled/created by a mind that is currently ‘slumbering.’ (Heck, maybe that's why they came to refer to themselves as the Sleepless, because of whatever happened to the 'Master,' they are unable to sleep and/or access some other part of their abilities. Perhaps individual Sleepless can only access surges/spren when the Sibling is bonded?) Someone who knows more about timelines will have to answer this next part, but is it possible the scouring of Aimia is what caused the Sibling (Master Sleepless) to retreat from Urithiru? A return to its homeland or some sort of power reduction/forced slumbering based on what happened there? Do the timelines match up? tl;dr for this stream of consciousness theory: There is some sort of Head Sleepless who once ran/controlled Urithiru, and this being is the third Bondsmith, the Sibling. (PS. Has there ever been confirmation that there is more than one Sleepless active in the world at a time?)
  10. Has he commented on the 'secret project' listed on the progress bars of his website? Because if not, that screams Cosmere to me, especially in light of an elsewise two year gap
  11. Vasher will awaken a cupcake. Lift will eat said cupcake. Lift will become Returned Awakener Edgedancer Lift with Nightblood. Odium flees in terror. The remaining Cosmere books are Odium trying to recruit other shards instead of destroying them. Oh and Kelsier Ascends by picking up another shard, becoming protagonist of the Cosmere. Him, Lift, Kandra Wayne and Hoid go on many grand adventures and live happily ever after.
  12. I took it as Nin knowing he was insane, or going insane, and incapable of doing the right thing and opposing Odium. And giving Szeth the option to follow Dalinar was his way (via a loophole of his own beliefs) of doing what the sane part of his mind knew was right.
  13. Wherever he is, I'm sure Dalinar is going to publicly reveal what really happened to Evi. Which will bring Toh back into the story as a very angry brother-in-law.
  14. Food Spren. And I want to see what happens when Lift tries to eat them in Shadesmar.